High Heels and Hearts for Valentines Day

phonegirlJanuary 31, 2013

Here I go thinking outside the box again and sharing!!! Have you ever wondered how new colors
evolve for the different Holidays? Who says red and green is just for Christmas? I don't! So...
thought I'd share the start of our Valentine tree at the office.

Not the best pictures. I'm painting green and pink cupids to add also. Let me know what
you think. Check Yes or No!haha Some days I think I missed my calling orrrrr those guys
in little white jackets will be coming soon to take me aways! Have all of you heard the song
'Hell on Heels' by Miranda Lambert? I LOVE IT and that was my inspiration to do this tree.LOL
Life is just to short to miss out on the FUN!!!
BTW, for those who don't know me. I've been married to the same guy for 39 years.

Stay warm and safe.

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Punk, nobody ever accused me of holding back my opinion. I definitely think that life is too short to miss out on the FUN! :O) and I've been stuck with the same shmuck for 30 years... I was just a kid when he suckered me in. :p

Through the window it looked a little "christmas-y" to me, but in the photos where I can clearly see the ornaments it works much better. I just LOVE those red shoes! (or are they pink?). I like the green hearts, but wouldn't some black bow-ties looks just FABULOUS with those heels?! get right on that, would you?! lol!

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Oh punk...this is great!!! Love the white tree...love the 'lovable' decor & the teddy's! OMgosh, you just made me smile 'big time!' Should put smiles on your customers' faces! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Punk...I love it GF and I love you always 'thinking
outside of the box'!
That tree w/those red heels are Def You!..
I think your customers and the people working there must wonder what you'll do
next..must be a fun place to be - especially w/you there..

I also love your thinking..Life's Too Short to Miss Out on the Fun! So true and it shows ALWAYS in everything you do.
Thanks for a fun post.
BTW ...my Vote is 'YES' !!

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So cute!! I have those same high heel ornies in hot pink. Mine are on a hot pink tree that has several Hallmark Barbie shoe ornaments on it. Its all shoes and Barbie shoes, so I guess it doesn't necessarily have to be Christmas??
Anyway, this is just perfect for the holiday and I am sure all of your customers enjoy it!!


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I'll bet that your customers will enjoy your tree. If I may make a suggestion, I think the red tinsel garland makes the tree look a little Christmas-y. Maybe you could use ribbon with hearts printed on it instead? I hope my suggestion doesn't seem too forward. I'm so enjoying all of the posts on this forum and I don't want to offend anyone.

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fun2bhere...we're always open for suggestions here! When I read party's comment, 'but wouldn't some black bow-ties looks just FABULOUS with those heels' ... I thought, YEAH, that would be cool! Ok, punk...where can you get some black bowties! LOL! You rock, girl! Jeanne S.

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Nobody puts Punk in a stinkin' box! LOL.
Thank heavens for that, otherwise we'd miss a lot of fun here. ;o)

Its 2 am and you've got me grinning like a Cheshire Cat over your tree and your comments! Tho if I go to bed and dream about red high heels, I'm going to hunt you down!

You sure give your employees and customers a lot entertainment, cheer, and probably tons of smiles. Makes you sort of priceless in my book.
hugs, Karen

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Punk, Your tree is totally awesome!
Where did you find those red shoes..I NEED them!!!
It's a definite YES on the pink and green cupids.
Yep this tree is FUN, FUN, FUN.

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My vote is a big YES also. Love those red shoe ornaments, how fun. I agree, I bet it would be so much fun working with you or even just being your customer. Luvs

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PM, oh I so agree w/blk bowties!!! I will keep that in
mind for next year. To busy this year to get them made I'm
pretty sure. High heels are red. Thanks for the great idea.

Jeanne, so glad I made you SMILE! You seem like the kind
of person who wears a smile 99% of the time from what I

Jane, Yes, I knew I could count on you! Ya, everyone
really looks forward to seeing what's coming next. This
really adds to the fun. The full time gal who works
for me is so into decorating and that really helps.

Candy, oh I would love having pink high heel shoes. The
only color left was red so I didn't know what I was missing
till now.Sigh!!! I love using pink and green together. Oh
Goodness, I love pink with most colors.haha
Your tree sounds beautiful. How about sharing it with
all of us?

Fun2bhere, I love suggestions so don't ever hesitate to
let me know what your thinking. We made 65 heart bows
like the ones you can see in the 1st picture and tried
them before using the heart garland. We both agreed the
garland looked better so we used it. Funny how we thought
the same as you till they were up.

Jeanne, if I had more time and a material store close by I
would buy some plain blk material and then some with
polka dots for the centers and whip them up. However, it's
60 miles to run get some so till next year the bow ties will
be on hold.

Oh Karen, your so fun. Nothing warms the heart like fun
times shared w/friends. Love it when you sound like the
Karen we love. Hope your Fibro is as good as it can be.

Luvs, a BIG YES, so fun! I've always been a little reserved on
here and try not to show or share what goes on at the offices.
The gal who is working full time now at my office is so much
like me when it comes to decor. She doesn't have room to store
decorations at home so loves what we do at the office.

You are all so wonderful to be a part of. Your comments
keep me getting out of my chair and trying new things.
Now I will try to do just that as soon as I finish
reading all the posts here.LOL

Stay warm and safe DF's. Our snow has left and the sun
is shining here today. Just beautiful out.


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