A side trip to the TS

excessfroufrouJanuary 31, 2011

I'm in the process of doing a little remodeling project, but worked in a little side trip on the way to Lowe's. I got these neat things, now just to find time to use them. The rootbeer barrel planter is really old and still has the paper stickers on it. I thought the veggie house would be good with some rabbits. I got the little plaid plates with a garden project in mind, but may use them inside first. I found the Irish prayer plate just in time for ST P. and I can always use the clear plates. I printed those hydrangas off the "Graphic Fairy" site, love her stuff. Total spent $12


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Frou, love all your neat finds. The pictures are great you printed. Need to get off here and head to work but had to take a quick peek and so glad I did.


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What kind of printer do you have? Those prints are lovely.

I've seen the plaid green plates around before and have always admired them. The look sooooo "Spring".

The St. Patrick's plate is great. You were lucky to find it now. Perfect timing.

Can't wait to see what you do with the rest of your finds.

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What great finds! I especially like those plaid plates.

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Marlene Kindred

Great finds Frou! Love the plates especially! And, yes, what kind of printer and paper did you use for your hydrangea prints..they look good enough to frame.

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Frou, I saw a similar style house the other day at our TS and was trying to think where I could use it--then checked the price and it was kinda high so thought I'd wait and see if it lasts long enough to get reduced a bit. Lots of great details on those. You can use your new plaid plates for St. Pat's and lots of other tablescapes as well. They will sure mix well with other styles too. You are right, you can't go wrong on the clear plates, I was so glad I had some to use on my cute Christmas placemats this year. I love the Graphics Fairy too, and it is so wonderful that she shares all those images with us. I do sometimes hesitate to print things out because of the amount of ink it takes--my cartridges cost about $30 to replace, so I try to make them last so I can print out my Michael's and Joanne's coupons! Is that called "prioritizing"? LOL

Glad you found some many neat goodies, will look forward to seeing how you use them in vignettes and tablescapes.


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Nice score, frou! Looks like "Spring" has struck for you! I've never seen a rootbeer planter...quite unique! And the hydrangea prints are beautiful..will have to ck out that site.

I've found that photo paper works the best if you buy the same brand as your printer...& I usually buy the "best" quality photo paper ...I have an HP printer (an oldie, oldie)...& if you want "best quality" you have to set your printer to that, too. Yup, luvs, expensive ink!

Have fun, frou! Jeanne S.

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Now Frou, tell the truth.....
you actually went Treasure Shopping and managed a side trip to Lowes to cover up your fun. LOL.

Cute stuff, and don't work too hard.
hugs, Karen

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Love the plates with the green plaid border - you can use them for so many different seasons. I love Graphic Faries - her vintage prints are fantastic. Looks like it was a very neat side trip - they are the best kind :) .....


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Frou...such great finds. Love the plaid plates and that 'Veggie House' is adorable.
Did you use a special stock paper to print out your
hydrangea prints? Like Jeanne...I use photo print paper for that type of printing. Yours printed out beautifully.
I'm loving all your finds...They're great 'signs of Spring'!


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Thanks guys, I used plain old paper for the prints. I got a new HP Photosmart printer to go with my new laptop. I try to save on ink, but I plan to frame these for my kitchen. The plaid plates are pfaltzgraff and were 25 cents each. Luvs they had a house at another TS for $5 and I passed on it and then found this one for $2. And I bought thoses clear plates with your Christmas placemats in mind. Karen, maybe your right and it's too late about the work. Yesterday I painted the laundry room and laid most of the tile and tonight I finished the tile and grouted it. My knees may never be the same.

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Frou, great finds. The Irish Blessing plate was perfect timing! I agree the plaid plates are very versatile and can be used for lots of different tablescapes.
I have collected quite a few of the houses like your Veggie house. I use them in my Fairy Garden.
The prints are gorgeous!

Since I just finished putting away Christmas today, I haven't had time to do anything else yet.
I am very impressed that you did your own tile and grout work! I know what you mean about the knees.

I assume we can expect pictures of the laundry room soon?

Great finds and I sure am looking forward to Spring as it is supposed to be -18 here tonight.


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