Washing Engine

frankb_cApril 1, 2006

1. Do you use a high pressure system to wash off salt and ____winter grime off the engine?

What type of oil is used to "rust proof"?

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Wrap/waterproof your alternator in plastic.

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A bit riskier these days with all the gizmos. Additionally I'd stay away from the fuse box and computer.
Watch out for pressure. A high enough pressure can drive crud into places you don't want it.

I use a regular paint brush with extension and paint thinner. Can't get at all the spots but does a reasonable job and dries off quick on it's own.


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checking with my garage, who do a fantastic mechanical job.
They said "Don't" use high pressure.

The computer and electronics take a beating, and condensation is the worst of all.

Use motor Cleaner and regular hose only to "rinse" off, if you feel you must wash.

Guess Andyf is the way to go, thanks.

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