It's January 2014, how is your build? Part III

aries61January 23, 2014

Since part II is reaching it's limit, figure I'd start part III. Can't remember any previous month getting this much activity. I figure that January would have been slow. Boy was I wrong.

Enjoying looking at everyone build.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Jan 2014 part II

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Wow! I've never seen a monthly thread with these numbers. There's a lot of conversation going on, and that's a good thing.

As for Sherwin-Williams discounts- I registered with them and bought some paint a while back. I get emails with discounts all the time- some as high as 40%. At their prices, you need all the help you can get.

Still plugging along here- there's a lot of detail work in getting ready for drywall, and the weather has been so cold. It's 15 degrees on the main floor of the house this morning. That really slows things down, at least for an old man from Florida! I finally lined up a good drywall contractor, so once I turn them loose, I should make rapid progress.

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Well I posted in early January and now I can actually add a picture, lol! We have a somewhat unique situation where we have retained our builder, paid him a small percentage of the total price of our house, and he builds it. We don't pay the rest until the house is finished but the trade off is we don't have free reign to walk the property at any time since it is technically still the builder's property. However, we were able to adjust the plans to our liking by adding a pool bath at the back of the house, removing a half wall that separated the kitchen from the family room and other minor changes (outlets, lights, etc). We have already chosen all our finishes and fixtures. So now we wait! The lot has looked like this for a few days now with no progress and that's a bit frustrating but I have the feeling this won't be the first hurry-up-and-wait moment. Today is a "snow day" in Houston and the city is at a standstill so I'm sure nothing will happen today either!

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

um April, I think your problem is, they're doing it upside down! :) jk heehee....

I'm not sure I could handle that, not being able to go in and out and about. Well, I know I couldn't. One of the reasons I designed everything myself. I couldn't stand someone else having charge of it from the very beginning.

Autumn, awesome siding!! I love ours, it's a shade lighter horizontal on the bottom, b&b in the gables about that color.

rb... oh I hope we get to that point soon. I'm planning on taking my vacation over spring break and moving... what a vacation!!

tape & mud is almost done. I'm to have my main paint color by next week so they can spray the big room for me. I aimed to do the painting, have the paint crew do the ceilings, and the prime. But that big room is more than I can handle on my own I decided. So they are going to spray two coats for me. I think I'm pretty set on SW Perfect Greige...or at least that color card. I can't decide if that's too dark for an all over color, or if I should go a shade lighter to the Versatile Gray.
I have stuff that is brown & stuff that is I'm hoping this color will work with both.

Pretty much all of this needs to be the same color, b/c it allll runs together. Then I can go back and do accent colors later on.

Any advice?

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Ceilings will be white, textured.
Just in case that wasn't a given. :) lol

I want a wall color dark enough to not just look "off white" but not so dark that it will mask decor. I'm hoping for "warm"...

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Finally 50 degrees in the house, woot woot. I finished up my sweeping before mud today, in the daylight. Yes!

mushcreek-yeah, I think this is a pretty social group but maybe it's my chattiness filling up all this space. ;) I hope your blood thickens back up from being down south! 15 is cold for those parts.

lori-that looks pretty darn clean in there! I can see why you'd not want to tackle the big wall. It is daunting and very tall. I am glad we have 9' throughout - I should be able to handle that with little issue. I am okay with heights but NOT on a ladder or some rigged up scaffolding. No thanks. We are spraying primer (and back rolling) and then rolling the paint. That is the plan anyhow. March 1, March 1 - it looks like it's still a possibility for you! As for the siding - I guess great minds think alike. ;) ;) It does go well in the wooded setting we have too. Didn't want anything that really stuck out of the woods.

april-oh that would be hard. I need to see things to figure them out. I can't look at a piece of paper and visualize it in 3d. That would be near impossible for me to stay out!

Sooo, White Alaska is pretty much a budget buster which I already knew. Dh and I have to discuss just what we should do. Using a remnant of it's left overs for the master is out - almost $1k. Uh, no can do. I don't know what I was thinking but thought it'd be less than half of that. Ah well. I am ready to figure it out and move along so I can focus on laying flooring and painting.

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lol, I forget that GW flips cell phone pictures upside down! Guess I will need to get on the Photobucket bandwagon. Our builder arrangement works well for us. My Dh and I are so busy with work and kids that being involved in every minute detail would push us over the edge. And interior design is not my thing, fortunately I *love* what our builder does and the finishes we've picked so I'm confident it will turn out great with less stress on our part ;) We are able to see the house at any time though.

I can't tell from the photos but are all your walls the same color or are you trying out the Greige and Versatile Gray on different walls? The lighting makes it hard to tell. I love the neutral color though and I think a gray-beige is the way to go. It can support darker hardware (Orb) as well as nickel. The ceiling detail in the third pic from the bottom is gorgeous!

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renee-there is a home decorating forum and they are great with throwing out colors or knowing names right off the top when you describe what you are looking for. I'd give that a whirl. :)

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Ok I think the ice here in Houston has frozen my brain loribug. I realized after I posted that those were not paint colors you posted, lol! Of course not with the white stripes between the drywall (don't know what that is called). Crawling back to my warm blanket now...

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Autumn, yes I am very visual too! Doesn't make sense to me on paper until I see it in person. Fortunately, our builder has built this floorplan once before so we were able to tour the house and really scrutinize what would work for us and what wouldn't. That helped us make some of our decisions.

Is Alaska White the granite you were considering? Is there another stoneyard you could visit? Hoping another has a better price!

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

LOL April :)

I see where you could be confused. The ligting is different in several of those pictures.
I guess I just sort of expect people to "see - think" like I do... ha. scary.

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lori, Your sight looks so clean after the tape and mud. Your crew is doing a great job. I think painting the great room would be hard and having them do will go much faster. both the colors you are considering are great choices. I think since you have so many windows and tall ceiling you can pull of the Greige even though it is slightly darker.

Autumn, Yay on being 50 in the house. Is your hardwood already delivered? Are you planning to paint first or lay the hardwood first? Sorry about the White Alaska. I hope you can find something that you love in the budget. Hate budgets :) Just today I was having discussion on budget with DH and how we may want to scale back on backsplash and few other places.

Aprilh, Yes the way you are doing it is much less stress free but I am too much of control freak I guess to trust the builder with everything :)

Mushcreek, I think a good drywall crew is very important so glad you found some one. I am sure you will enjoy the house once it is all done due to how much time you spent doing everything.

Our taping and mudding is still going on. We should have been done with it today with texturing the walls on Monday but we decided to upgrade to smooth finish instead of orange peel texture which is so common here in California. So the mudding crew will be here a few more days. I hope they are done by mid next week. so we can get started on flooring and painting.

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great spaces, cool ceilings!

Word is they are setting our trusses on Monday. Coldest day during our project so we'll see.

We are at a standstill on the floors. I am honestly just not thrilled with any prefinished flooring choices. It seems plastic-y to me. It's causing problems with the hubby and I. I did promise he could pick them and I stand by that. It's just frustrating because we've got 1260-ish sq foot of wood going in and it would be nice if I could like it.

ah well.

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illinigirl - We have an open floor plan with LR, DR and kitchen and I wanted more tile but the cost was too much to do. So I went to our flooring place and found and engineered wood (we're going to be on a slab) from mannington - Mountain View Hickory in the color bark. It was about the only one DH and I could agree on. Now we are trying to find vinyl for the powder room, upstairs bathrooms, laundry room and pantry. Then I have to select entry way tile and master bath tile. Not looking forward to that as the ID they use is snotty lol. I have an appt tomorrow morning at 10:00.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

"I think since you have so many windows and tall ceiling you can pull of the Greige even though it is slightly darker. "

That is also my theory. I think I'll just go with it. My first instinct is usually good. :)

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good luck renee! We've had three selections appointments so far (exterior, plumbing, and floors) and by the end of each (3-4 hours long) I am a zombie!

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Our drywallers did not show up again today. They only worked one day this week. So frustrating! DH called the guy and he said they will not be back until the majority of the siding was out of the garage. The guy said they could not work around it and refused to put up scaffolding. I'm not a drywaller so I'm not sure why they couldn't finish the inside of the house in the meantime. I'm not happy. DH told the guy we need the inside done ASAP because of deliveries coming in.

The siding guys did not work today either because of the cold temps and wind. They did tell DH that they would work Saturday and Sunday since the temps are supposed to be better. We are hoping they do work and get a bunch of the siding out of the garage. It's not like we can move 7000 lbs of material.

I don't want to post a pic of the siding they've installed. It's primed Hardie Board. But the color reminds me of baby poop. :-) It looks putrid with the stone and doors. I'm gonna have to live with it until this spring when the painter can paint it. I couldn't find a pre finished color that I wanted for either siding or trim, so we went the primed siding route.

I've been creating mood boards all morning to see what interior paint colors to choose. I love the grays with green undertones and certain greens. Right now the front runners are BM Icicle for the area above the headband throughout the house and for all the ceilings. ID suggested and I like BM Dry Sage for family room. I was concerned it might be dark but she said all the furniture we selected would support that color. I'm not sure if I want the sage in the kitchen and dining areas. We do have a beam and ceiling height difference between the family room and those two areas. I like BM Natural Elements for much of the rest of the house except the master bedroom. Leaning toward BM Gray Mirage for it.

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The cabinet installers worked some more today. They finished installing all the bathroom vanities and they put the kitchen island in place. They still have to put the crown up and fix a few things with the doors.

Tilling is almost finished as well. The tiler said he will be working this weekend to finish up the master shower.

We will be painting the downstairs (all open) SW Useful Gray. Originally, I was going to go with SW Analytical Gray but I was afraid it would be too dark. The ceilings and trim will be SW Pure White.

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This is the "command center" off of the kitchen. There will be a roll out bench underneath. When the area is not in use, it closes off like a cabinet.

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Loribug, that is some really nice drywall!
Autumn, glad you've got heat and are moving along. So if you don't do the Alaska, which I totally understand re the budget, what is your next choice?
I was astounded to find that the quartzite counters that I was looking at were so much more expensive than the granites. We had thought to have the Viatera Everest on our kitchen island and both baths. Instead we've got remnants of some really gorgeous! granites going into both baths, one Sea Pearl, one Waterfall - they are premium priced granites, but we scoured the bone yard at the fabricators, and found pieces that were under $500. It would have cost us 3 times that to use the quartzite in the baths.

I too am having to get real about budget. And I'm going to stick with the original backsplash I picked out. It's a honed marble with blue azul insets that is unbelievably priced under $25/sf. And it looks good. I looked at several blue tile options, and they were up around $40/sf. There is really no reason to change, except that maybe I'm getting too used to looking at all our selections.

Today we met with the builder out at our site. He's suggesting a different heating unit - a Trane 17 seer unit, than is originally spec'd out - a Carrier or Trane 14 seer unit. I don't understand that much about it to write it out here. If I were making the decision I'd be doing the research right now, but dh is making the decision, so I'll let him figure it out. Anyone have any info?
It looks like our mechanicals inspection is set for next week, then they'll start the insulation. It's possible we'll be in in April, as they originally said.

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I can't remember who asked, akshars, lori, rb....our wood floor is being held at the warehouse where we purchased it. He said he would hold it until we are ready. I suspect by the beginning of next month we will have our door hardware so we can lock it up and then we can have it delivered to start acclimating.

mlweaving-we had a short discussion about it this morning. I don't know what my second is since the 2nd was the same price as the White Alaska. :( What I liked about the Alaska is that it has enough white that A-matched my cabs which are a soft white and B-it still picked up the tones in the gray stain and the wood floor. I am bummed. The remnant for the perimeter is still over a thousand more than laminate. So our choices are A-stick with alaska for the island and do laminate for the perimeter or B-change out the island to something more reasonably priced and use the leathered black remnants on the perimeter. I have went through the stone yards and I didn't see much else that I liked really well and of those they weren't that much less. Using the Alaska White left over from our slab would have cost $980 bucks for our master - that is definitely OUT. I think it's because it is 99", it's not small so it has a larger price tag to match. It would be great to get in by April. I like your original backsplash, a lot. So I hope you aren't bummed about using it! I don't know much about furnaces, sorry. We are putting in the same one we had installed in our last house. I can't even remember the name of it. ;D

lz-nice! I can't wait to see your command center finished. I liked the inspiration that was posted earlier too. I think we are going to live with things a bit before we figure out what we want. We have a couple of different spaces wired that we could use.

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Autumn, it's purely a personal choice, but if it were me, I'd get the Alaska for your island and do the laminate on the perimeter. You can even get a pretty good looking black leathered look laminate. And live with it for awhile. In a few years you can change out your perimeter counters if you come into some ready cash. And it'll give you a chance to decide if you like having the dark leathered counter. Meanwhile you'll have the piece you love as the center showpiece in your kitchen. And don't lament the laminate decision. They're really easy care and if you get good laminate they look pretty good these days. Not your 70's Formica anymore with those awful dots and swirls.

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I feel like I've been missing out! Too much work, too little time. Two pics snapped tonight to share. Hardwood flooring started going down tonight!! Yeah! And we righted the tub and temporarily set in its bathroom space.
I've been following along but have not had the time to respond and comment on all the cool ideas, awesome pics, and helpful tips.
Keep warm for those of you in super cold areas this weekend.


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jen-I have to laugh. When I first saw your flooring pic (sideways on my monitor) I thought it was a rec room with a climbing wall or something, lol! Love the color in your bathroom (what is it - sorry if you have already shared) and nice tub!

marjorie-thanks. My ultimate #1 was using the same granite for both island and perimeter but even the least expensive choice was too much. We have stepped back again and before talking remnants that was our plan - laminate on perimeter and alaska white on island. Fabricator mentioned remnants and aggressive pricing (and it is but just not enough) so I thought we'll see. So why pay an extra $1,000 for dark granite when I can fairly easily find something similar in laminate for the perimeter? We need to stick to our plan and forget about what we thought might be an opportunity to go all granite. Funny how quickly you can lose sight of the 'plan'. I really need to make this decision so I can move on from it. Sooner rather than later we will be painting and I still have a few rooms undecided. We had a couple line items that we thought we'd come in quite a bit under and they DID come under but not as much as we hoped. We are still hoping to come in UNDER budget so we don't end up borrowing as much as we requested. Plus we still have closet and pantry shelving, more excavating when we are finished and then there is grass, underground sprinkling and landscaping, oh my!

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As you can see I am avoiding my workout in favor of surfing. ;)

Renee-I found these two gray green's. They might work?

BM Coastal Fog

BM Paris Rain

The complimentary colors they show with them are a gray and and olive.

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mlweaving, I am no expert on hvac systems but from what I read when we were trying to choose 13 seer or 14 seer is probably the code in most states. It is 13 seer in California.From What I understand the higher the seer the better efficiency and saving in energy bill. If you are in hot and humid climate and use AC quite a bit it might be worth it to move to the higher seer. I remember some one on the board saying it is most of the time work it to upgrade to 15 or 17 seer but not over that. I think you can ask your contractor for a calculation on how much you will save in energy bills by going to 17 seer.

Autumn, Yes it was me who asked about the hardwood. I agree with mlweaving on sticking with your original idea of white Alaska for the island and choose laminate for the rest instead of changing the whole counter to something you are not 100%.
Good luck with the paint choices. I am planning on relying on the ID for the paint choices so not doing too much research. She know knows I like blue grays and gray-greens so hopefully she will choose a few I like and then search for pictures based on that.

Jennybc, Love the green in you bathroom. We may use a green in our bathroom too. The flooring looks great.

I need to finalize the lighting this week if possible. We just selected the kitchen pendants but nothing else is confirmed.

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Sorry in advance for being a thread hog. We are pretty much snowed in and mostly have been since Wednesday night so there is only so much laundry and baking a girl can do. Good thing the build is only 3 miles away and the route pretty protected from blowing and drifting.

Thanks for the input on the granite. Budgets are a pain in the neck but totally necessary. Haha! It will all work out how it has to and I am sure I will love it. I am loving our cabinet color choices and I think the alaska really sets it off. Still working on figuring out the backsplash.

akshars - what did you choose for pendants? Ours are my absolute favorite our of all of the fixtures we have chosen. Our main area for paint will all be the same but I want a punch of color in the office area and the powder room so I'm trying to see which way I want to go. So far I am drawn to blues and teal/aquas. This house is trending so differently from our last home I find it interesting. Our last one was very earthy colors, floors and furnishings. This one is much lighter and more airy.

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Sorry the pic was sideways!!! I hate when that happens and I don't ever catch it on my phone, only on laptop-which there hasn't been any time for.
The bathroom was a random choice from valspar paint cards I was lugging around for months (along with SW).
Bath: lyndhurst celadon green 5004-1b
Master: Lincoln cottage lattice green 5003-2a
Just a few steps away from each other.

More hardwood today... Aching everywhere! But also enjoying it. Can't wait until its done!

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Ugh so sorry the pics are screwy!!

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Illinigirl - I spent 4 hours at the flooring place but we got everything picked out. DH stopped in for about 10 minutes long enough to say he was fine with whatever I picked for colors. He is going to think about how he wants the tile around the wood stove and going to check the code requirements for it too. But we will use the same tile that is in the foyer area.

I picked carpet for the master, upstairs guest rooms and sitting area/family room. I hate the builder grade stuff but to upgrade was $7/yrd and my DH isn't going for that. Said we can replace it in 5 years with what we want.

Selected SW Etheral Mood for LR, DR and Kitchen with an accent wall in LR of SW Jogging Path, trim and kitchen cabinets will be SW Panda White. For the Master BR I chooses Enigma for an accent wall with jogging path. Upstairs will be Etheral Mood with and accent of SW August Moon. Both guest rooms will be Jogging Path. Our builder gave us 3 colors and trim before he would charge for a paint change.

For the Master Bath I selected tile by Raja in Himachal White using 18x18s staggard with a dove gray grout. I selected Same tile for master shower only using 12x12s staggard with a row of diamonds and between those Marazzi crystal stone in purple (really looks more burgundyish). Our granite for the master is called SF Reel which has that burgundy in it. They are going to do a permanent seal in the shower so we don't have to regrout. This was an upgrade but it's worth the $ to not have to worry about it.

For the backsplash in kitchen I picked Marazzi Forest green in 4x12s staggard with a divider of Romance collection listelli dot in venetian bronze.

Foyer tile will be the same forest green used in backsplash but done in 18x18s staggard.

I had to use linoleum in the laundry room, pantry, powder room and guest baths - wasn't to jazzed about that but with all the new stuff out it looks pretty good. Builder is putting formica in the laundry room due to budget.

I have all my lighting selected but will finalize it on Tuesday. Not sure about the outside lighting yet.

Autum - thanks for the green gray colors.

My DH is finally seeing reality on this house and he is really with me on breaking ground by the end of next month. The builder said he'd be ready once all the fixed bids come in and our financing is done. I just hope getting the permit doesn't take forever with it being in county not city limits.

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Jen, I love your "old school" tub. And your floors are beautiful.

Lzhwong, Your gray cabinets are awesome and the command center seems like a great idea.

Renee, you must be Ms Make a Decision on the spot! I wish I could get my act together half as well as you have!

Lori, greiige will be beautiful in that gorgeous great room. I have SW Amazing Gray in my current living room and it is pretty much the same, looks beige in the incandescent light but looks gray in natural sunlight.

Autumn4, some of your cold white stuff found its way to the swamp. Just as predicted, everything shut down and no work has been done on the house since Thursday morning.

The only paint color I have picked so far is SW Silvermist. It's a little bit lighter than Sea Salt. I don't even know for sure what room it's going in. I just like it so it's going in somewhere. I found out yesterday that our builder (who helped us with our pre-build estimates and final budget) only allowed $6000 total for kitchen cabinets and countertops. Yeah, if I made them myself out of my Uhaul moving boxes! He came up with this number AFTER I told him the countertops alone would be around 4k. He swears it can be done but I've gotten three cabinet estimates in the 14-15k range that I thought was a modest amount. Needless to say, I have to figure out where I'm going to come up with some more money. Bummer.

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Autumn, You are not hogging the thread you are keeping the conversation moving :) Hope the weather improves so you go out.
In regards to the kitchen pendents there was sale on Restoration hardware and the lights i had been looking at for a long time were on 50% sale. So I went and ordered them on the last day of the sale. The only issue I am not finding a perfect chandelier those pendents. I have a couple of choices and if those don't work I may return the pendents and get something else. We went lighting shopping today and I am posting a the options below so if you have any input let me know.

Renee, Good going on making all the flooring choices in 4 hours. we spent days on it. I think sometimes being limited to the only one or two stores helps us make a decision faster. Hope the permit process goes faster and you

Anyone has an opinion on the my lighting choices please do chime in and let me know.

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With the cold and snowy weather, our progress is a little slow. Roof to be shingled this week and windows installed. Autumn, I think we are around 6 weeks or so behind you, so it's fun to watch your progress and see where we'll be soon.

Everyone's houses look great!

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lzhwong-from the other thread so as not to muddy it - our arches will not be cased either. I can't wait to paint them!

april-ah, you have had a walk through of it built, that makes a ton of difference. It would still be hard to stay away but at least it won't be a nervous/scary reveal. Hahaha!

akshars-love your pendants - they remind me of mine. :) I like option 1 for a dining room light then option 3. We did make it out to town last night to buy a paint sprayer. Dh's truck has 4 wd. That helps immensely. No signs of it letting up though. I am concerned no school yet again tomorrow and I have a 30 mile commute to work right along the lakeshore. :( Boo!

jenny-I have paints samples from every big box and paint store imaginable. Your colors look very nice together. We'll be installing floors soon so I know the feeling and I'm trying to gear up for the aches, pains and stiffness but yes LOVE at the same time.

jdez-I happen to have the paint swatch of silvermist amongst my short stack. I like that color too - it's in my powder room stack. As far as the builder and the cabinet estimate, ouch. I feel your pain. I hope so girl but my first reaction after I picked my jaw up was what in the world, what magic wand does he have? I hope he's got some connections that can make those numbers work! The white stuff is everywhere! It has more than overstayed it's welcome. As of January 2, I have had enough! Dh is already talking about having a winter home when we retire, lol! I think snow blowing 2 driveways in a winter like this has pushed him over the edge!

renee-you've got it all laid out! Awesome! I think if I had it all laid out too soon that would be all the more time for me to fret and change my mind. :( I wish I was more confident on my choices but until there is no turning back I am constantly doing the 'what about this' thing.

loess-yay! It is fun to track those just ahead of you. I give dh a run down every night at bedtime of who is doing what and if we've caught up or falling further behind. All in fun of course. Since we are taking over the work part soon you might very well catch right up in a hurry! I think given the winter we've had things are really moving along smoothly.

Granite. So I think my number 2 is actually a quartz that has the same tones in it as the Alaska White. It would save us about $500 dollars, no sealing necessary and all that jazz. I am wondering if it's too contemporary though and that the pattern is somewhat uniform. But is it worth the extra $500 for random movement in a gorgeous piece of stone that came from the earth, I don't know. I still have to buy a sink too and of course I wanted silgranit for durability and no scratching. That isn't cheap either.

Here is the oyster shell quartz. Dh has left it up to me.....yay - not really.

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jdez - I am a planner so to say this was quick on deciding is funny. We have been trying to get house plans done for almost 5 years DH designed our house and is slower than molasis in winter. I had a lot of my selections in mind before I went to the visit. Our builder only uses a handful of places so that makes it easier.

Autum - I am bound and determined to not make any changes but I know I will be tempted with such a long time before I actually get to see things happening. I may freak when I actually get to walk through the house after framing and then sheetrock. That may be when I start to want to make changes. But my DH said he will help me refrain from doing that LOL I love your cabinets and color choices. I am hoping that since I don't have a sample of our cabinets that I made the right choice with Panda White. ID thought Pure White was too stark white for cabinets and trim.

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Just a quick post here.
Akshars, those Sonneman pendants, your option 2, is what I wanted for my kitchen pendants for over the island. It was what I'd laid out in my mock up, 2 of them in the 16" pendant size. I just couldn't make them work with the dragonfly chandy I already own for over the bkfast table, so I finally had to give up on them. I LOVE them.
Here is a kitchen using them.

If you get them I'll just live vicariously through you!
However, I also have to say that I don't love any of the options above with your RH pendants. Sorry. I did see one similar to the candelabra/drum shade one on the ads running on the sidebar here awhile ago, maybe available through Mayfair, that might look good with the RH pendants. If I find it I'll come back and post it late. What I don't like about the one you posted above is all the square parts - doesn't go well with the roundness of the RH pendant. I'll also link a picture with a chandy style mixed with pendants similar but different(!) to yours. Maybe an arm chandy with no shade?

Lisa, ohh, tough decision. What I like about the natural stone is the variation of colors. The quartz you've got is so color limited. Have you looked at the LG Viatera Everest quartz? It has more colors, including tiny ming green quartz flecks.

Just a thought.

GTG, dh is standing over me wanting to go out to house to mark height for electricians for front lanterns. We've looked at so many houses around here where I swear the top of the lantern is only 60" off the porch height - way too low IMO, so our builder told us to mark where we want it.
And this afternoon we're going to a matinee. Haven't seen a movie in ages. ;)

Here is a link that might be useful: another_lamp_combo

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I like both the quartz you posted and the one mlweaving posted as an alternative. We have been trying to narrow down the counter choices this week as well. I do like quartz as I find granite a bit too busy for my liking. So, in other words, uniform is a good thing in my eyes.

So, tell me more about where you DH will be spray painting. My DH needs to spray paint a lot of interior doors, and he is reading up as to how to prep the area so the paint goes on the doors and does not make a mess everywhere. In our case, we are living in the home, so it is challenging to find a good spot to paint away from where where our belongings are located. Likely, we will use the garage and wait until it warms up.


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Autumn: I like the quartz option that you posted but that LG is really stunning. I don't think I've that one before. I'm using quartz (Silestone Lagoon) because I like the uniformity that you get with quartz.

akshars_mom: I'm also using the Clemson pendants over my island. I'm using this chandelier in my family room. I had a ton of different choices that I was contemplating. Our interior designer helped us narrow it down. There is a matching linear pendant light that we might use over the breakfast table but we will probably purchase and install that later.

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So what kind of kitchen sinks are you all going with? SS, porcelain, Granite, copper, farmhouse? Blanco is so expensive but I like the Cascade Precis and went with a 33" sink base (so dumb I might add) so I am limited. There is also TruGranite that is much more reasonable but I haven't heard much about them so I am leery.

marjorie-I think LG is out of our price point but I will check it....there goes that ming green again, ah so lovely. This quartz is Color Quartz by Stone Design? I need to break out of here and do some browsing and get some leg work done!

OntarioMom-oh boy, I'm not sure how you are going to do that while living there and in this weather so not so great for ventilation?? The plan is to spray in the basement. We are going to try our hand at spraying the interior doors, the trim and then we are going to spray the primer and the ceilings. I will be painting the walls with brush and roller after the primer is dry. The sprayer came with a DVD and we watched that this morning. The cleaning process is something else and recommends a hose - we don't really have a way to do that right now so large pails it is! Doing it ourselves will save about 8 grand I think? We could buy multiple sprayers and throw them away and still come out ahead. Eek.

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Wow $8000 grand in savings doing the painting yourself is sure motivating. We will need to wait until spring to spray paint the doors. No worries as we haven't even got the insulation and drywall up as we are DIY most of that (our project is getting the turtle award for sure). Let me know how the spray painting goes. I can't believe you have to clean with a bucket. Can you plumb for a hose in a hurry? We have a hose and functional plumbing in 1.5 baths given it is a reno/addition.

My kitchen cabinet colours are similar to yours. My island will be a raisin brown and perimeter cabinets will be a very light greige (so a little more colour than off white). We had thought to stick to one counter colour, but find some counters look great with the island cabinets, but less good with the light perimeter cabinets. Your idea of using stone on the island and laminate on the counters is worth considering for us too. Will you choose a very simple colour for the perimeter cabinets?

Is anyone else using two different counters as well as two different cabinets?


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Autumn, Glad you could go out and get the sprayer. 8000 dollars saving is quite a lot. In regards to the counter top the quartz you posted goes well with your cabinets. Personally I like a the natural movement of the Alaska white but either of the options will work in the kitchen.
Yes the RH pendents are similar to your pendents. What is the chandelier you are using? I also like option 1 the best. For the sink I am using a stainless sink. I bought the Kohler's 45" stages. We did the opposite of what you did went to big for the sink.

Marji, I love the Sonneman pendents to. I was thinking of using the 22 inch over the dinning table. Thanks for the honest opinion on what you don't like. I don't think DH will go for the open candelabra. I will look a little more. If I use some thing else for the dinning I may use the Roxy pendent in the living room.

lzwhong, Your family room chandelier looks great. Are the shades on the chandelier made of silk or glass. I do not want to use a "cloth" like material on the shades. Can you share where the light is from.

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Carol-yes, very simple for the perimeter, I have a few laminate samples but I'm going to definitely talk to the ID before making any decisions. I think mlweaving is also doing 2 dif cabs 2 dif counters. We have the plumbing but it is so cold the exterior pipes would surely freeze. ??? It's been about 10-20 below for windchill and this week we are supposed to be at single digits real temp. Bah. Hopefully by the time we are painting we can 'warm up'! I will let you know I am sure, lol! I am hoping we get the hang of it quickly. We have always done our own painting but we have never sprayed. We'll see.

akshars-I ended up with this that I liked AND dh liked. He didn't like any of my other choices. Here is our dining room light (and it does have cloth):

So today I decided to take some view shots.

This is from our bedroom - and the snow is SO pretty from the INSIDE but enough already:

And the white stuff in general - the back of our lot:

From the covered porch:

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This weather is crazy isn't it?
Went to see Lone Survivor this afternoon. It was a really difficult movie to watch. Just be warned, if you want to see it, it's bloody and violent.

OK, Autumn, I don't mean to say that I don't like your quartz, I just think it's very matchy matchy, It does match very well. I don't think you would be unhappy with it. I guess I'm just at the point where I would like it to be more "interesting". Personal preference. And budget is def important. If you can swing the extra for the Alaska then that would get my vote, if you can't, or decide to put those $ elsewhere, then no big deal. BTW, I really really like the split stone that I htink you've decided on for the fireplace wall. It's just beautiful, and a bit more dressy/refined, less earthy than the other choice. It does give a different direction to the interior.

Lzwhong, all your choices are so beautifully put together. You are going to have a really nice home. Very serene.

Carol, Lisa is right, we have white perimeter cabinets with soapstone counters and blue painted island cabinets with a light quartz countertop. I will put here the caveat that I was told not to do that on the Kitchen Forum. Did it anyway.... I am repeating the blue cabinet color across the room on the living room side with the built-in's flanking the fireplace. And over there we have yet again another stone - it's a limestone with fossilized oyster shells in it, and is perfect for our coastal home, yet wouldn't work for the kitchen as limestone is a bad kitchen counter material.
You may be getting the turtle award, but think how satisfying it will be when it's done that you've done it all.

Renee, I made all of our decisions in advance, then have spent a lot of time researching and double checking, and have changed my mind on some of them. If I'd had to live with my first choices I probably would have been just fine with them though- except the lighting choices for both the back stairs and the front stairs. We didn't really know what the ceilings would look like after they were framed out, and so the lighting on the plan didn't work. At least you've seen your house built already.

Akshars, I hate telling someone I don't like their choices, but I did because others here told me mine weren't working when I asked, and I avoided making mistakes because of it. I chose what I loved but not what necessarily worked well together. Oh, and I got told quite bluntly that my powder room fixture was "boring" and I should keep looking. So glad I did - I found the perfect pendant with tumbled "sea glass" dripping from the fixture. It's fun and perfect for our coastal vibe I'm trying to get going here. I love that Kohler sink. By the time I found that I already was committed to a 36" sink base, again, too small for the Kohler stages. But what a great sink!

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Autumn, I really like your quartz choice and think it works well. I also like that quartz is so durable.

The winter photos of your land are gorgeous, we are up in Alberta and have had such warm temps for a while that the roads are all clear from the snow melting. Such a change for us and interesting watching the news seeing how much is falling down south.

Akshars_mom- I really like #1, #3, #4 with #4 my favorite, but I like a bit of bling. :)

Jennybc- The claw foot tub is awesome and so are your paint colors and flooring.

Lzhwong! Wow, that kitchen is coming along nicely and I also think your command station is great!

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Autumn, I like the oyster shell quartz, but prefer the Alaska White granite. Especially if it's just on the island. We are using a white Kohler Whitehaven farm sink which I got a GREAT deal on at on black Friday. Love your outdoor view pictures! You've got way more snow than we do.
Talked to the builder on Friday and he thinks the house may be ready to move in by the end of February. I'll believe that when I see it!
This was Saturday…

We didn't have much cleanup to do and were just enjoying sitting around watching it snow. We put cardboard the size of the island on the floor to try to visualize what it may look like. Silly

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I forgot to answer the sink question. We will be going with a Cristadur granite double sink in the steel color, similar to the Silgranite sinks.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cristadur Sinks

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akshars_mom: The chandelier is Visual Comfort ( SL5812PN-NP). Unfortunately, the shades are parchment paper.

They installed one of our furniture vanities and they forgot to put the legs on. How hard is it for them to rip up the side splash so they can attach the legs?

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Thank you for all of your kind comments about our home. I've spent countless hours going over our selections and budget. With 2 little ones, it's been tough trying to juggle everything and we cannot wait to be finished.

All the cabinets have been installed except for the main sink cabinet. The cabinetmaker was waiting for sink to arrive before finishing off the cabinet. Hopefully, he finishes tomorrow. I'm going to schedule the countertop fabricators to come template later this week. The main sink will be the Kohler Whitehaven and the prep sink will be the Kohler Stages (33'').

I'm in the process of finalizing our paint colors. As I mentioned before, our entire house will be painted SW Useful Gray. I'm going to paint 3 rooms a different color (doing it ourselves). One of the rooms will be the playroom and I'm thinking of doing a yellow. Anyone know of a good yellow - not too bright and not too mustardy? The room is bright (southern facing) and one of the walls will have a large world map mural. I was thinking about BM Cheerful but is that too neon? Thanks!

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For a sink, I like Trugranite in silver. It's only about $100 more than SS.

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akshars mom, I am partial to your option 1 and 2 chandy choices, but we are using something similar in ours, so I'm a bit biased :) I saw you were looking for a shade not made of cloth - the Lacey shades are etched glass. May be something to consider?

Autumn - we are getting a single bowl SS in our kitchen. But all the appliances and range will be the same, so we figured why not? So the view of the snow from your house... just wow! Beautiful! I'm sure it would get old though. Oh almost forgot to comment on your quartz - I personally love it. I think it looks "granite-ish" and love that it can support light and dark cabinets and hardware.

lzhwong - I need a jaw-drop emoticon because I am in love with that vanity. Legs or not, lol!

Here's a question for y'all - are you getting soap/lotion dispensers installed in your kitchen? I would like to keep the counters clutter-free but the reviews on these dispensers isn't so hot. We are getting a Delta faucet and their dispensers are the pits (according to the reviews), plus they are plastic and I would like something a little more substantial. Suggestions? I'm ok with another brand as long as the ORB matches for the most part.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kichler Lacey

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mlweaving, Yes it is hard to say something is not going to work but I rather know the reason why and and look for something else before I make a decision. I showed the chandy's to DH for the first time and he seems to like the 2nd option the best. I was suprised actually by his choice. Option 2 with the 5 arms is a hudson valley 5 arm and it looks much better in their catalog and website than in the picture I posted. But still need to think before I decide. Glad you found the great sea glass pendent for your powder room.

Autumn, The snow pictures look great but I can see why it can get old soon. I like your pendent you chose. The reason I did not want a cloth pendent is that we all have dust allergies and I am trying to avoid anything that can attract dust.

lzhwong, Love the Vanity. Hope they can fix the legs. It must be exciting to see everything come together. When is your moving date.

Carol, the floor looks great. It is not silly to emulate the island. I think it is good to see how it will look.

aprilh, Thanks for the link to the Lacey. I like the pendent and will show to DH and see what e thinks.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Here I thought I was all caught up, thought I could just pop in and say something simple... lol

Lisa...I'm no help with the quartz decision. I really like the oyster shell. :) but I also like what marji posted :/
told ya I'm no help!

my sink is a 36" stainless farmhouse sink. DH said it looks like a bath tub. Well I'm tired of not having enough room to wash big pans! I'm pretty excited about it. I hope I love it!

awesome savings on the painting. I wish we were saving that much...I'm spending more b/c I decided to have them spray the big room. Idk what I was thinking, thinking I could tackle that room duh.... lol

I really like your dining room light!
I also am tired of the weather. Most of our snow is gone, some melted yesterday, but I think most of it just blew away. We've been gettting crazy wind!!!

lzh... like the family room light! ditto on what marji said about your home. So well put together! Love the command station. I kinda wish I'd thought of something like that with cabnetry, back hallway is going to be a perfect place to put a wall command center. It is not overly wide (just under 4') but the only things that really stick out are the wall pockets, and they are only 3" deep.
How in the world did they forget the legs on the vanity??
SW Useful Gray was one of my choices too, but I decided I needed the Greige...b/c I have browns & grays...
I'm no help on yellow. I grew up in a bedroom with yellow walls and honestly it is one of my least favorite colors. I'm sure you'll pick something wonderful!

April... love those light fixtures. Kichler is one of my favorite manufacturers. I really pushed them when I was selling lights. Loved their sales rep, and they have great customer service. Good recommendation!!

My sink was purchased in a combo that came with a soap dispenser. I immediately took it out of the box and trashed it. I kept the little pump part. I hate those things... I'm a mason jar freak, so I have cute 8oz square jars with ss pumps :)

jenn....of course I love your tub!! And that floor is AWESOME! You have everything so well put together also! I really can't wait to see pictures of your kitchen with that awesome sink find!! :)

OM.... I'm doing red cabinets, and a black island. My counter tops are the same though. Had I thought of doing what Lisa is considering, I probably would have...
we are using a different top in our bar area, but they won't be seen together.

Marji...I've heard Lone Survivor is very good. I love the Wahlberg brothers. We love Donnie in Blue Bloods...
I will have to make that one of the first ones we watch after all this house crap is done!! I'm hoping to talk DH into a bigger TV too (I know that sounds backwards, and I don't really even watch much. He always has it on, but I'm the "techy" in the house and I love big screens!!) idea ever with the cardboard, not silly at all. That is always a great visual. Your floor is beautiful!

I am so tired of this crazy weather, but I'm afraid I'm getting used to it. Although, pure to form, Indiana weather... yesterday it was 42. I fed horses last night with only a sweat shirt on and was sweating. Right now it is 4, "high" today is 6 around noon, then dropping to -10 overnight, high tomorrow 8, Wednesday, a balmy 20!! woohoo! Wind chills are considerably colder. ugh...

tape & mud should be done this week. Heat in house is wonderful. I went over yesterday, not really having anything to do but just wanting to be there. I can't wait....

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No school again today and doubtful tomorrow due to temps and still hazardous road conditions. I believe we are out of 'snow days' already. We are supposed to warm up to the 20's next week and I think it will truly actually feel WARM. We were shocked to see the mudders showed up today. It's nice and warm inside but the drive was I'm sure not pleasant.

carol and lori - not silly. We were at the house quite a bit yesterday just hanging out. It's so nice with heat and 'we just want to be there' too. :)

lori-we had a heart to heart reality check last night. I think my April 4 is likely April 30. :( We reviewed all of the things that we have to do between now and then and ugh. It's exciting and I am ready to get started but it is going to take a while. I don't know what you were thinking trying to tackle that spectacular wall, lol! I think it would be tough trying to apply even pressure to get a good consistent finish.

lz-I am no help with paint. In our last house we used a yellow for the bathroom and I quite liked it...until my MIL said she saw a green undertone (a green undertone with yellow paint is kinda icky like baby poo)! I didn't see it but after that I felt a little differently about, haha! Your kitchen picture, LOVE It! How exciting! Wow. You are so close. I concur, you have everything so well put together. Your style is more contemporary than mine but it is still so soothing, not harsh or stark at all. Sometimes contemporary reads that way to me but your home absolutely does not.

We had a soap dispenser put in our last countertop and I loved it. So I'll be doing that again. I believe it's metal. I ordered it with our's a Delta. I can look it up if anyone is interested. I think it's a love it or hate it kind a thing.

Single sink for me for sure. I had a 70/30 last time because I couldn't convince dh to get a single but since that one I've swayed him. We rarely used the 30 side so I figured it's a waste. I hand wash a fair amount but normally fill up the big bowl or pot with soapy water and proceed from there.

april-had a ss. I like the thought of a scratch free sink...but I'm not sure at this point what we will end up with. When dh sees the silgranite price tag he is going to flip a script. :0 I need to choose a counter material before I can choose a blanco color - I have the samples already though.

akshars-when I was 'shopping' I found a light that had glass shades. I will see if I can think of it and post it. It might be the one that was already posted above.

marji-is that everest color regional? I could not find that on their website at all and I found that odd. ?

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akshars-this is the one I was thinking of with glass shades. They have a 3 light as well as a 5:

Minka Lavery 1730 Series

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Our kitchen sink will be Kohlr 36" Whitehaven full apron front sink with the 60/40 smart divide/lowered divider. We are lucky as our Granite guy (friends with us) is giving us our granite, faucets and kitchen sink at his cost.

As for the weather here in Missouri it's been nuts too. Yesterday was 60 and this morning 1 with windchill of -11. We have been having crazy winds here all winter. Not too much snow as of yet but I'm sure if it's like last winter we'll get 24" in 2 weeks in February. Right when we are breaking ground.

Autum - love that oyster shell quartz especially with your cabinets.

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Thank you again for your kind comments.

Our project manager won't give us a finish date no matter how much I push him. My husband and I will throw out guesses and he will tell us which one of us is closer. Originally, my husband thought February and I guessed end of March. He said I was closer. I think definitely by mid April? What do you guys think?

Autumn: Love your snowy views! We don't get much snow from where we are. We did get some snow last week (barely 3 inches) and they shut down everything for 4 days! Thank you for the warning about yellow paint. I will have to look at some more pics of various yellow colors.

The cabinet people finished installing the master vanities. I will post pictures later. They are almost finished tiling the shower as well. As soon as the trim guys are done, the painters will be back to paint.

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Autumn, Thanks for the link of the chandelier. I have a few options now and will decide with DH.

Renee, Great that you are getting the Granite and sink at cost to him.

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lzhwong, Interesting that they won't give you an approximate date. I would guess early to mid March based on where you are. Or may be it is my wishful thinking since you are a few weeks ahead of us and I am hoping we are done by end of march :)

Lori, Are you still marching and chanting towards March1st?

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akshars - I hope you are right! We would love to be in by the end of March but my husband and I are both doubtful. Since our property is on the river, we have to follow very strict regulations for landscaping. Based on our impervious surface area, we will have to plant over 100 bushes and trees. We will not be able to get our certificate of occupancy until that is done and inspected by the city.

BTW, what kind of sod is everyone using? My husband wants Zoysia but it's over 2x the cost of Bermuda.

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Strange, I thought I had posted a few minutes ago. My apologies if my post shows up more than once.

ML Your kitchen with two counters and two cab colours sound lovely!! I am a blue freak. We will have a blue steel painted island hood, and then blue cabinets in our laundry.


I think you were the one looking for yellow colours for your playroom.. Yellow is a very tricky colour. I would want to go with a colour with yellow tones, but not a colour that read 100% yellow. Humble Gold SW 6380 is a good choice. Humble goes with gray and orange accents. Compatible Cream (SW 6387) is more vibrant, but still cream with yellow tones. It goes well with blues and greens. What colours is your furniture in the room, carpet, curtains, etc.


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Why oh why is every decisions so difficult?? We are currently struggling with our built-ins in the great room. We had thought to place a window seat beside the already installed corner fireplace, but are finding this hard. Any thoughts on this puzzle? Please see the link below for my question that I posted to the kitchen forum for their thoughts.



Here is a link that might be useful: My fireplace/window seat puzzle

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Akshars, here's some pics on Houzz of the Clemson pendant with a different chandy in the adjacent dining area. Interesting anyway.

Contemporary Kitchen by Chicago Photographers Marcel Page Photography

Farmhouse Kitchen by Millbrook Architects & Designers Crisp Architects

And then there is this - which looked to me like a "what were they thinking moment"

Eclectic Kitchen by Philadelphia Home Builders Robert kiejdan

This is the drum shade chandy that I was seeing in the ad from Wayfair that I was thinking would give you the drum shade type lamp yet also retain some of the round shape of the clemson pendant, not be so squared off

Its the Midtown Five LIght chandelier. However, it does have a fabric shade, so doesn't meet some of the criteria.

lzwhong, what part of the country are you in? If you can grow Zoysia you should also be able to grow Centipede. Don't know how the cost compares. - dh just looked it up - Centipede is a low-mid cost lawn, but is the lowest in terms of maintenance, water and fertilizer requirements. My biggest beef with Zoysia is the die off when it goes dormant and turns all brown.

I know all of you where there is big snow are going to laugh, but we may get freezing rain and sleet here tomorrow. It's going to paralyze this area. I'm not going to a board meeting tomorrow AM because it's over an hour drive and there are many long bridges between here and there. Those signs saying bridges ice first aren't kidding, and I have no inclination to either slide on a bridge or sit on one waiting for an accident to clear from someone else sliding on one. Some of the bridges are a mile or more long.
Carol, I'll look at your puzzle tomorrow. I'm tired.

Oh, almost forgot, Lisa, the LG Viatera Everest has limited distribution for whatever reason. It was introduced less than a year ago IIRC, and was only released to a handful of their regular retail locations. I know that in the South you can get it through Old Castle stoneyard - locations in several states, At Majestic Granite in NC, and evidently somewhere in KY as I just found this on Houzz! Cool, a pic of it installed in a real kitchen. Also just found it at a place called Kroy Surfaces

Traditional Kitchen by Louisville Kitchen & Bath Designers Southern Kitchens, Ltd. Co

It's not on their website, and

Here is a link that might be useful: LG_Viatera_Everest_source

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Mlweaving, Thank you so much for looking for pictures for me. I see what you are saying about the straight edges and do like the mid town chandelier and would do that in a heartbeat if it was not for the fabric shade. I don't if I am being too picky but knowing how frequently we would dust the light fixtures on the ceiling and the allergies we have I am not sure I want to go there. Ice is actually very dangerous for driving conditions especially in areas where we are not used it. I think it is a good idea to stay home tomorrow.

Carol, I understand your frustration about all the decisions. Hope you find a solution to the window seat. I am not very creative so do not have any suggestions.

lzhwong, I did not take the landscaping into consideration. But let us hope end of March works for both of us.

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Thank you for all of the sink feedback. :) If I step back the sink I want is only a couple hundred more than a decent SS. Not horrible but I am not sure dh will see it that way....a sink is a sink is a sink in his eyes.

lz-that is a mass planting - wow! Do you have a layout already of what you want and where? We will be using grass seed. We really need a gentle spring or it will be a complete mess with the snowfall we've gotten. We are on sand though and that is helpful. DH put underground sprinkling in all through college so he is able to do that also.

marji-thanks for the info. I will check it out but I think it might be tough to get here. No way, I'd stay home too. Ice is awful and ther are always idiot drivers that just don't get it making it much more dangerous for everyone else. I am on day 2 of working from home. My only office day this week looks like it will be tomorrow as I already work from home on Thursdays. Geesh. I am thankful that I am able to work from home and all of us are set up with laptops and remote access that makes seemless to do so.

akshars-that light that marji posted was in my top 3. Another that dh just wouldn't go for but I really liked it. I understand the allergy thing though.

All of this kitchen eye candy is making me so antsy for MINE. I cannot wait to start cooking in a better space (layout and aesthetics). I am tired of being crammed into this one tiny dark corner.

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Lisa, maybe this will sway him:
"SILGRANIT™ PuraDur™ II with the patented hygiene protection formula. Hygiene+Plus is a shield against dirt and bacteria, and makes cleaning easier. Thanks to the unique patented hygiene protection formula, SILGRANIT™ PuraDur™ II is antibacterial.
Tests confirm that the unique built-in hygiene protection reduces the growth of hygienically relevant bacteria by up to 98%. "

Is the slab of Alaska stone out now? If you do the quartz you've pictured above it'll be very pretty with your cabinets, and maybe the $ saved by not buying the granite will pay for the Silgranit sink? I think sinks are so much about personal preference. The zero radius sinks are so popular right now, but I can't imagine cleaning those corners. Those that have them love them though. And some people love gleaming stainless, some can't stand the water spotting.
I will say that my rep at the plumbing supply place told me that the Silgranit sinks are the Only Item she's ever sold that people have returned to the showroom after installation to tell her how much they love their sink.
I really liked the low divide Silgranit sink, but I want a white sink - call me crazy. And the white in Silgranit is not pretty at all. The greys and that mushroom color are pretty, the white, meh.
So I vacillated between a Kohler enameled white and one of the Franke (Villeroy and Boch) fireclay. Ended up with the Fireclay. And I know that the double variation that I chose is one only about 1 out of 500 people might choose. But I'm good with it, so that's all that matters. I believe the TKO's would recommend against my sink config too. Oh well.

so quick question: Who has to have landscaping done to close on house? We do due to ARB requirements. Obviously lzwhong does, wow that's a chunk of landscaping. Does anyone else?

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marji-no alaska is not out yet. I have it on hold for a month but with this weather and school closed I have not been able to get back to check it out yet again. It's about 25 minutes from here (in GR by the airport). As for the sink, I must approach it delicately, lol! Those do have many positive points but he is in the mind set of 'free ss sink with purchase of granite'. We did that last kitchen and it was fine as we were doing a 'facelift' to sell but I don't so much want to do that this time. I have had a config like you show above - is it a done deal? The small sink is 'challenging' and very splattery. I found it not very useful for ME but you may love it. We also had the disposal hooked up to the small side and I would not do that again - I'd put it on the larger side. I loved the large sink though and that is what has pushed me to the single sink side. :)

I don't think we need landscaping to close on the house - or at least I HOPE not since that is not even on the radar at this point.......

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I haven't posted for quite some time, but I just wanted to stop by and say hello and tell you all that I'm enjoying your photos.

Rough electrical and plumbing are done at our house and next up are in-floor heating coils, insulation and then drywall. Cabinets are ordered.

Good luck, everyone, and stay warm!

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Hi Autumn, Yes, it's a done deal at this point, since the plumbing supply ordered it yesterday.
My rationale:
I wanted a BIG sink, one that would hold my large roaster flat. and I want another bowl so that when my large roaster is in it I can still have sudsy water in a bowl and not have to drag out a tub. It's my compromise for not having a cleanup sink and a prep sink. This sink gives me a bowl as large as many single bowl sinks, and the small side is exactly the size sink I've been using on the boat for 4 years! It's small, but it's perfect for cleaning a bunch of veg's, or filling with suds and washing out of it. So I know it'll work for me. The disposal is going on the big side, although I've gotten used to not having one, and since we'll be on septic I can't put a lot down the disposal anyway.

You get a Free sink with purchase of granite? not around here.

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Well the mudders didn't come last week, but according to my husband it looked like they dropped off more supplies and I am crossing my fingers they will be starting today. Also we got our master tub replaced, so no more crack! Downstairs they had delivered all our trim and interior doors. :) I can't wait to see them! Hopefully we will be painting this weekend. Getting so close! Our builder says if everything goes well, should be done in a couple of weeks after the mudding is done. ahh, it's surreal!

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marji-we are on septic also so only bits and pieces down ours but I hated using the tiny sink for dumping while rinsing for dishwasher loading (to catch said bits and pieces in the disposal). I found that awkward and a pain since as you said, you can really soak some large things in the big sink. Then I'd have to pour that large amount of water down the small side after all of the cooked on bits had softened and lifted. Grr. I think with the disposal on the big side, a non issue. I felt like I was constantly jockeying water and sinks. I know - around here a few places do offer that, free sink or $ off a sink. I'd prefer $ off a sink if anything. More checking on my part before we discuss it.

Have you seen mgagmom's backsplash? I think it has ming green in it. Anyhow I have always liked it and it has a bit of fun in the pattern. I'll link it just for browsing purposes.

Mpagmom's Kitchen

kelli-awesome news about the tub! Wow - a couple of weeks after the mudding? That is great news but yes unreal. What a difference a couple of weeks makes!

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

I'm sort of still chanting March 1... but maybe thinking March 15 might be more realistic. We actually have until March 18 to close the loan.
I think they've already given us a slight reprieve on our outside stuff since this weather is insane.

Our stone is there...but obviously needs better weather.
Hopefully the gutters/downspouts will be able to go on as soon as we get a little warm up. Supposed to do that next week, but every time it warms up a bit, it snows. gah...

I think our push now is for our temp CO so we can close the loan, and then escrow the stuff that still needs to be finished. I'm not exactly sure what all that means, but I'm crossing my fingers it works!! :)

I'm packing and cleaning at home, so I think we'll start moving some boxes to the attic, out of the way. At least that makes me feel like things are moving along!!!

I'm with ya Lisa, every time I cook in my current kitchen I say "oh I CAN'T WAIT until..."
The suspense is killing me!!!

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Lori, Good that you have the buffer till March 18th. Great that you have already started packing. We have a lot of our stuff in storage already so packing should be faster this time (or I hope)

The mudders are not hear again today. They were here yesterday but not today. At this rate we will be two more weeks doing this argh! I am getting impatient. They are ordering interior doors today/tomorrow so they are ready for it as soon as drywall is done. Flooring also should be here as soon this is done.

Someone asked about the landscaping but we do not have to do much before occupancy here. we will probably do it slowly once we move in at least that is the plan for now.

My Parents just confirmed that they will come to visit us from out of the country for 5 to 6 weeks starting April so we have to be done before that. Hope we can do that.

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Akshars-no mudders by us today either. Not terribly surprised. I hope you are in AND settled for your parents visit!

I just got an email from the KD, cabinets are due in this Thursday. Yay! Except we are not ready. I hope they will hold them for a bit....

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No mudders yesterday or today. They even called last night and said they'd be here this afternoon. Nope, no show. :-(

Got an email today that our trim and interior doors are ready to be delivered. The guy is going to try and delay a week. Geesh, get that drywall done!!!!

We had a meeting today with floor and tile guy. Ended up changing the flooring in the laundry room. And, DH likes the tile I picked for spare bath and wants it in master bath for floor and tiled shower. Changes my choices for granite. The paint color still goes well. I'll make final decision tomorrow. I want to think about it another day.

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Not sure what is it about the mudders :( Looks like a lot of us of are going through the same pain. I Can't wait for the drywall stage be done.

Autumn, Hope your KD can hold your cabinets for some time. Mine has held them for 2 weeks today but today she said she may have to move to storage :(.

Hoosier, Hope they can hold doors for you.

All the tile we ordered for the bathrooms is here and and is ready for pick up but we have no place to store them properly :( I am hoping we can delay pickup for a few days so the drywall can be done.

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ashkars mom,
Congrats on getting those pendants 50% off! I love those and I'm sorry I missed out on that sale....I will have to keep my eyes open better (those exact pendants were among our top choices)

Autumn I do think that quartz looks great. I hear you on liking something with more random movement though. Pretty views!

I am planning on a soap dispenser for the Dawn, with a never MT. I mentioned it to the Ferguson's lady and she never heard of it and I saw her writing it down to look into to sell in the future. I've never had an undermount sink before so not having that little defined spot for hand and dishsoap makes me a little apprehensive, lol.

Tile store tomorrow for us.

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hoosiers-not a change that creates a chain reaction design change. :( You seem so calm and relaxed about it all.

illini-love love the undermount sink. I think that is what I liked most about our granite countertop in the last house. :)

We are planning on ordering our tile by the end of this week also. That is at least FIRM.

No worries on the quartz/granite discussion, all opinions are valid and I don't take offense. I still don't know what I am going to do. I need to get back to the granite yard and look again (I am going to really look at the bottom portion for any fissures and see how I feel about it's touch and how smooth it is). Maybe talk to ID again when we discuss which laminate to put with whatever I pick. I have a meeting with her next Tuesday to finalize counter tops and paint. I keep wondering if in 6 months when we are living there if I'm really going to think much about it since they are both nice ??? I need to decide so I can also continue my back splash search as well.

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I know a couple weeks just doesn't seem possible. Stopped by the house tonight with a flashlight because the doors and trim were in the basement. The kitchen cabinets were also delivered. Took a picture of my 3 panel doors and I'm in love!

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Well for once, I'm on the other side of the mudder issue... lol
our guys have been there faithfully, but there are only two of them, so they've been there over a week... it's ok, I'm taking deeeeep breaths and crossing my fingers. A couple weeks ago, mid March seemed like it was coming up fast. Right now I can kinda see the light at the end of the tunnel. But like Jennybc could be a train... :)

I went to Menards last night and got the tile for the master shower & tub. I really like it. It's almost exactly what we have now lol

I got a text from my little brother last night. Well...younger, he's been bigger than me since he was
He asked his gf to marry him at our house on Christmas. They are planning a wedding for June of 2015....guess WHERE they want to have it???
Our new place, of course. At least I have over a year to get things the way I want them...and a goal to work towards to keep me going!! Oh boy....

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People I am out of cookies and no school again today. I will be baking, there is just no way around it. lol!

Not sure if mudders will make it today or not. Snow has stopped but now we are dealing with black ice and too cold for salt/sand to work. Hmmm.

kelli-yay! Ours are due to arrive on Tuesday, so exciting!

lori-well from one project right into another! You have a beautiful setting for one. :) We have been looking at big box too and found our fireplace stone there (Lowe's in this case) for half what other places were charging. Woot woot!

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Love your arches! What website did you order them from? Thanks :)

BTW I love your house!

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Thanks for the compliment Ray-
We ordered them from Archways Made Easy. They were custom measured soft arches but they also have a universal for $19.95 that we used in one space (stairwell). Easy to deal with, easy to install.
They are 2 separate sites but I believe the addresses are the same. ??? Anyhow we ordered 2 from the easy archways and the kit from the other. The kit is not an eased arch if that matters.

Good luck.


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Kelliethee, The doors look great.

Autumn, Cookies Yum!! Love freshly baked cookies.

Lori, Glad you are not having issue with your crew. It will good to have a goal to make sure the house is ready for the wedding. I always seem to do move faster when I have a goal/deadline.

Hooisers, Yay on the mudding crew being there. We also have them here today. I am also hoping they are done by Monday. So lets hope for the best.

Got some bad news today. The furniture style Vanity we ordered for our guest bath was delivered to the warehouse and the sales lady called to tell me the vanity was not up to her standards (bad paint job) and the marble counter top we ordered had a pin hole in it :( They can't get a another carrera top until end of April and that will be too late for us. I need to find a solution for it now :( I really liked the vanity.

This post was edited by akshars_mom on Wed, Jan 29, 14 at 12:37

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The mudders are here, the mudders are here!!!

DH kind of told them they need to be done before Monday! :-) We'll see how that goes. I was looking at my photos and they delivered drywall over a month ago and started hanging the day after it was delivered. That seems like a long time. Our house isn't that big!

Siding guys are here. Glad to see them, too!

I decided to change the tile in the master bathroom. Made sense. The hall bath is on the small side. It just made sense to make both baths with the same flooring. Still undecided on granite for master bath vanities. Called the guy this morning. I had to send him our updated vanity drawings to figure cost. The hall cabinetry has changed a bit since we had them hold the Golden Sand granite remnant. I like it because it matches the tile so well and has green specks. I'm using those BM gray with green undertone paint colors in the house. I don't particularly like dark granite. The other choice for master is New Venetian Gold. He said if we chose that color, the price would stay the same. If we go Golden Sand, it will be more since it's a higher grade.

And, I was the one who picked out everything before we bid out the house! I'm usually pretty good at making decisions so it's not stressing me out.

Lori, that's exciting about a wedding at your new place!

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No work at all this week. Something about ice and working in the rafters being too dangerous. On the bright side, I might not have to write any checks this week.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

lol Icy rafters don't sound much fun at all... :)

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kelli… your doors are great! I would think so, they are just like ours. What will your trim look like?

Loribug…. what tile did you go with for your shower? I'm having a tough time with tile. Don't know why, I didn't have a hard time deciding on anything else. We (I) finally made a decision about the mudroom /hallway/second bath tile, but I can't decide what to do with the master bath. Maybe I should just do it the same as the rest. We are using Ragno Riverstone on the rest.

They are putting up our trim this week and the cabinets are supposed to be delivered on Friday. Hope it doesn't snow or he'll never get up our lane!

These are the closet doors in the mudroom….

We went over to the cabinet makers to take a peek, here are our drawers

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Carol- The trim will be the same color but we are doing the "ranch" style trim. It's a little more square and the trim on the floors have a rounded edge. Budget was a little tight so I couldn't get the mission style of trim but I'm happy I could get something different than the usual colonial standard style.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Pretty doors & trim Carol!! ;) I'm doing the same style trim. My doors are two panel with the bead board, all knotty pine. We are going to leave them natural, and finish them with clear coat.
The trim is also knotty pine and will match the doors.

Let's see, tile....I went to Menards Tuesday night, looked at the boards that said "In Stock" picked Mohawk Sanborn in Noce. Got the 2x2 mosaic tiles for the floor and an accent border, 12x12 tiles for the rest and bullnose. In & out, half hour. Loaded in the truck, took to house, unloaded. :)

Haven't I told you guys I don't mess around?? lol

I'm being over ruled on my flooring, but that's ok. Flooring has given me more trouble than anything. I want it to look like old wood, it has got to be resilient, and not very expensive. I’ve kinda blown my money on other things…I do NOT want expensive floor.

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Carol, I love your doors. What width is the trim around them?

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Carol, love the doors and drawers! So exciting!

Lori, I'm telling you I can't believe you did that in 1/2 hour! I found several tile patterns we liked at Menards. Did you get the 11% Rebate? DH lives at Menards. I've filled out so many rebate forms lately!

We are doing about the same thing for our shower tiles. Going with the Marazzi Vesale Stone in Rust. 2x2 Mosaic for floor, 2"x3-1/2" diamond decorative band, and 13"x13" on the walls. We have a 42" wide bench in the shower on one end and finally decided to go with the 10"x20" tiles with a bullnose for that since we are using the same size tiles for the bathroom floor.

The siding crew got a lot done yesterday. They finished the garage side on Sunday. I'm posting a pic below - but PLEASE remember that the siding is going to be painted. This baby poop prime color is driving me nuts! :-)

They finished the front yesterday:

They still need to finish the west side of the house (to the right of the photo below) and the remainder of the rear of the house.

Then as soon as the shakes come in, they'll install them in all the gables.

Shakes but not this color:

We are using this color for shakes - Sable Brown

And, they need to build the columns on the front porch, too. Once the siding guys and drywallers are done, the stone guys can come back and finish a few areas of the stone around the house, install stone on the columns, and stone the fireplace. I can't wait to see what that looks like. I kind of designed it, so I hope it turns out okay.

Today looks like another good day to work on the exterior so I hope they show up! Plus, we need for them to get as much of that siding out of the garage as they can.

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Hoosierbred, yay for progress! And I can envision the shakes in that beautiful sable color. It will look great!

So the only 'progress' we have so far is piles of dirt added to the lot with some other piles of rebar and asserted materials. Anyone have and idea of what is about to happen here? We do slab foundations here in these parts ;) I just can't figure out what the holdup is.

We are meeting with the builder today so maybe he can shed some light on it.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Hoosier...beautiful stone & siding .... :) I love it! Eventhough the baby poop isn't the right color.

I can't wait to see it with the columns. I'm waiting to see mine with columns too. Maybe when the weather breaks.

I did get the 11% rebate, mailed it off yesterday before I totally forgot to.
I've never really been a Menards shopper, but I'm becoming one. I've always gone to Lowe's b/c it's closer.
I ordered my interior doors & toilets from Menards, and now the tile. I even bought cat food while I was
That's what has always kind of cracked me up abt there is all the other randomness they have. It works though!

I'm really having a hard time sitting still lately, I need to be doing something I feel like. I've got all my stuff purchased, and now what... lol

I've been packing, but I get bored with that pretty quickly. We are only moving 5 minutes around the corner. So most things will be moved a truck load at a time, put away, and head back for more. I'm packing all of the decor, and still have lots to go... lol

OH!!! My mason jar lights were delivered yesterday!! I can NOT wait to see them hanging...I'm ready NOW. lol
The entry way light is made out of an old rusty tractor seat, with jars hanging from it. oh the wait is KILLING me.....

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Oh and April... looks like they're bringing in fill dirt to get your foundation up to grade. Or that's what it looks like to me anyway. Not 100% on that! :) Anything is better than nothing!

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Oh and April... looks like they're bringing in fill dirt to get your foundation up to grade. Or that's what it looks like to me anyway. Not 100% on that! :) Anything is better than nothing!

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mudders have been there but I have NOT so I haven't seen what state it's in. :( I think they may have one coat done. I did make it to the tile store today. We are ready to order flooring, still working on back splashes (but I don't have to order that RIGHT now). We are having a very brief lull in the snow action. The kids did have school today but back under weather alert for tonight. Blah.

hoosier-I kept picturing something totally hideous with your baby poop description - while it's not in a finished state I don't think it looks as bad as you think. Love the color/style you chose for the finished product!

april-any light shed? Progress IS progress. :)

lori-you are a can do kinda girl! Woo hoo, check it off the list! I have been to menards before to buy a home improvement type item that they did not have and instead walked out with dog biscuits, trash bags and a bag of M&M's..... As for packing, I think it will be awesome to just pack, move, unpack. Right now I am pretty sure we will have a big mess on our hands. It's been so long that we have packed things that I have no idea where they are AND have no recollection of packing them! Any new pics of your dormers??? Huh huh huh?

kelli-nice! That is our door style and cabinet drawer style also but painted for both. You must have a flurry of activity going on now to get in there so soon. I bet you can't wait!

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Loribug and Autumn thanks! Per our builder tonight, that is fill dirt in our forms. The foundation will be post tension slab and it is scheduled to be poured THURSDAY!! Woohoo! We also talked about other minor changes - adding built-ins in the game room, adding a Rev-a-shelf trash can drawer, soap dispensers, changing the hardwoods, etc. We really need to finish all these decisions. Just when I think I'm done, I see something on GW or one if my friends will mentions a cool product and that gets me thinking :). He said the change order needs to be FINAL final by slab. Otherwise, things can get messy with vendors. Fine with me, I'm ready to move forward!

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april-woohoo! That is awesome! GW gets ya thinking about a lot of things......

We ended up making a quick run to the house last night to check it out. First coat of mud on! Yeehaa! I am ordering tile today and picking up primer

Lori - I forgot to say, we also happened to pick out in stock tile. I didn't know it at the time but was thrilled when they told me a 2 day lead-time to get it from the warehouse across the state. Woot woot!

My arches - oh my arches. And the dining room. I think they sand today and then second coat of mud on Monday:

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Looking so nice, Autumn! The arches look great!

Our drywallers said they put the third and final coat on yesterday in the house and did a little work in the garage. They told DH they didn't have the right tools with them to do more in the garage. We do not know what different tools they would use in the garage. Geesh! However, they said they are doing final sanding in the house today. They said that would take 1-2 days. Who knows how long before the garage is finished. Prior to yesterday they had only put one coat of mud on it. You guys seem to be going faster than we are in this phase. But maybe it's me wanting them out of there!

The siding crew finished installing all the lap siding and trim yesterday. And built 1 column. The shakes came in and are being delivered at 8:00 this morning. They will start to install them today. Can't wait to see them up in the gables.

It will be good to finish this January build and move into February. One step closer to completion!

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Autumn...awesome arches!! :) love them, and I'm typically not a fan.

Flooring....ugh. So I picked out a vinyl sheet that I love.(floor that I saw in the living quarters of a horse
I originally looket at lvt, but I couldn't really find what I had in my brain. So then when I give the info to my builder, asking for a square footage so I'd know what to order. He tells me he hasn't really lined up anyone to do the floors. huh??
So I get on the phone...texts...& face book. Need a flooring person NOW!! We have another friend that is a contractor, and we've used several of his subs, so he gives me the info for his floor guy. They all decide that my vinyl sheet isn't going to work..yadda, yadda, yadda.... fine with me, I just want it to look like that, be VERY resilient and not cost an arm and a leg. ha...
So when I get to the house last night, there are samples and one of them is almost, almost!!! exactly what I had picked. Now just waiting on the ball to drop on the price.
I really hope it works. He also brought a carpet sample, and I easily picked on of them. I can't have too many choices. I really like it!!

The girls are picking paint colors for their rooms, I think we have gotten them pinned down. I had them write their names on the color swatches.

Mud is done, ceiling texture should start today, sanding over the weekend hopefully and primer/paint starting early next week. I'm hoping to con some friends into helping next weekend to paint the rooms we're painting.

Mudding is a slow process that seems like nothing is happening, but we're all getting through it, aren't we!! Have patience Hoosier (ha funny, that coming from me!!)

dormer eye candy:

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Oh and sometime in the last couple days, gutters have miraculously appeared!! woop woop!

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Autumn- Isn't this weather ridiculous? Earlier this week was the crazy cold, yesterday it got up to 32 degrees and it snowed and drifted and then again today it's negative 6 and windchills of negative 15.

Our mudder has been there.. but he is the only one doing it so I'm not sure how fast he can get done. Our contractor has been on his tail though. I think the flurry of activity will be after the mudding is all done. We have everything we need at the house so it's just a wait.

lori- Menards is the big thing around here, in our big city we have two of them within 5 miles. haha! Any time my dad goes to the city, HE has to go to Menards. He buys all his cereal there. :)

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Ok remind me where y'all are kelli & autumn?

sounds like Indiana weather. It's actually above freezing right now, feels like a heat wave. lol

cereal from Menards... that made me laugh out loud for real.

I'm hoping we get a flurry of activity after paint is done. I'm waiting on floor & cabinets....which are major, obviously!! Everything else is there.... or ordered at least.

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I am at my wits end. 7 days, 7 days stuck in this rental, one day of school - YESTERDAY and today another snow day. DH works all weekend and will likely not get out on time due to weather (police officer), I am going to be a nut case soon, very very soon. I did get groceries today - we were out of everything - and I quick ran to the tile store and ordered before we are snowed in again. The main roads are good but last night the wind started again and the side roads all blew shut. So first a 2 hour delay and then shortly thereafter they called it. We are expecting another 5-9" starting tomorrow. I can't take it, I can't take it! The area is rural and the main road out of town is open in spots so when it gets windy it drifts terrible. I took a pic to send to my family this morning (they live in the middle of the state and don't get lake effect or the blowing and drifting) - this is the side of the main road and that is a power line. The snow is over some of the street signs in different places. But hey, we have pavement for now! They have been working on pushing the pile back so they have a place to go with the snow that is to come. The other side of the road is only about 2 feet deep.

kelli-it is amazing how warm 20 degrees is feeling. We had that bitter cold too and it just hurts to be outside! I hope you warm up soon. We haven't seen 30 in weeks and they are saying February - colder than normal. We need that ground hog to do the right thing and see NO shadow! The sign on one of the local churches says: "Whoever is praying for snow - please stop." LOL!

lori-West Michigan. I always say I can't imagine living anywhere else but my imagination is starting to grow......and there are palm trees and such in the picture. Hahaha! Thank you for the dormer pics! I want one in my bedroom. I am sure your girls are going to love it!

With the mudding - do you think they do one part and then they have to wait a whole 24 hours for dry time - so mud then wait then sand then wait and on and on? I am not sure then they plan to be done with ours.

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Autumn, The arches looks great. I think you are right about the mudders having to wait until it drys before then can sand/do another coat. That is some picture of all the snow. I can understand the frustration with the everyone cooped up in a rental with no school and no outside activities to do. This has been an extreme winter for most people either too much snow or record high temperatures (for us). Glad you could order the tiles when you could.

Hooiser, Your siding looks good and the colors you have chosen are great. Hopefully you will be done with mudding soon.

lori, the dormer pictures are great. Can't wait to see the pictures of the light fixtures installed. Looks like you can start painting soon. Hope the floor pricing is in the range you expected.

April, Yay on foundation :). GW doe give you ideas on what could be done and my DH says ways to spend more money :). But I think it is good to know what are the options we have then realize after we are done.

Carol, Love the doors and the drawers. You are getting there.

Kelli, Your door look great to. We have also had one or two mudders doing the work so it has been slow moving but we are at the end and hopefully you will be there soon to.

We are done with the final coat of mudding yesterday. One final sanding that needed to be done (either tomorrow or Monday) and then we are ready for paint and interior doors and trim :)
Our apartment we are renting is getting filled with tiles and light fixtures. Hoping the garage will be done next week so we can move stuff there.

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akshars-sorry - I had to mini vent there. This is an unusually rough winter for sure. It's taxing on everyone. We haven't moved any of our 'stuff' over yet either. I am waiting for the locks to be on and secure and then I think we can store all of our fixtures in the house. Too many stories of things coming up missing to just leave it without having the house locked. Besides a ladder and a few minor tools it's empty for now.

Anyone know if your mudders are also wiping the walls down or are you doing that yourself? I think we will have to do that and I'm wondering what the best process is.

This post was edited by Autumn.4 on Fri, Jan 31, 14 at 13:03

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Autumn, I asked the same question about wiping the walls down before paint. My daughter said the painter would wipe them down. But that's a question we want answered. Cause I already know I can't do it. If painter doesn't, we'll need to get someone to do it. I can vacuum and sweep and wipe the windows off, but not the walls.

We've been lucky to have our pole barn already built before we started the house. We are storing all our stuff in there. It's cramped in there, especially with DH making the cabinets.

We have no room to store the trim and interior doors. That's why they have to go inside the house. Plus, DH wants to glue up the cabinet doors a couple at a time and let them dry overnight in the heated house. The pole barn doesn't stay very warm with his electric heater. He had the lines run for radiant heat in the pole barn, but we don't have the other components installed yet.

Apparently what I've heard about vinyl being a lot faster and easier to install versus cement board is true. They installed the shakes in the three front gables in two hours this morning.

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Ashkars- I'm in southwest Wisconsin, right on the Mississippi. We had some negative 50 degree windchills earlier this month and this week. Even my 2012 Civic had a hard time turning over.

Autumn- 7 days? wow I feel for you. 30 degrees yesterday was a heatwave! Everyone was outside running! I can't see the pictures on this computer but our snow piles are higher than our cars now. Weird to think that some winters a couple years ago we barely got a trace of snow.

lori- No really the Cocoa Dynobites (Menards brand) taste as good as the real cocoa pebbles! no lie!

Well no painting this weekend. Husband called the contractor and the mudder can't get the spraying done due to the knockdown ceiling.. something something. That's okay though. Our contractor, though is still pretty anxious because he thinks his wife will be having their first baby next week so he would really like to get the cabinets in. We aren't really pressuring him, especially since we just had our baby last summer and know what a blur it is! Hopefully we'll be able to paint Wednesday night since the electrician plans to put our lights in. It's going to be busy next week.

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hoosiers- I love it! It is gorgeous! :) I really like shake siding. Well since we are painting I am trying to figure it out as I think it will be up to us. I don't foresee the drywallers doing it. Friends of ours have radiant heat in their barn - it sure is nice. They use their barn a lot and it really makes a difference. You can easy have a gathering or whatever in the fall and if feels pretty good in there.

kelli-I know right! The year we decide to build we get MORE snow than average instead of less like we have the past few years. Yes - snow is taller than cars and some street signs. I think of that light winter fondly. We bought a new snow blower that year and only used it twice! That was AWESOME! :) Our ceilings will be a light 'crows foot' (like what keep getting more pronounced around my eyes). We need to have the lights put in for painting too - another thing to add to the list.

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Autumn, please don't worry about the venting. That is one reason the forum is for. In regards to the wiping down. I did not even think of that. I am assuming the painter will do it but I will have to check.

Hooisers, the gables look great. Glad you have the extra storage in the pole barn.

Kelli, Looks like a bust week ahead for you. I can't wait for the next few stages to start.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

AWESOME Hoosiers!! :)
Wait. I'm a Purdue grad....that sounded all wrong lol

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HAHAHA! Loribug, you are cracking me up!

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aaaaah! it's happening sooooo faaaaaast!

I have about 10 days to prep for electrical walk through. Help!

The framers are working on the roof which they said takes them 4-5 days (they started that yesterday). Shingling may start before even the framers are done, then maybe just maybe windows by the end of next week.

E-walk through on the 11th. We have asked for two audio video proposals and we like one guy very much and our friends used him with great success also. But we need to decide for sure who we are using very soon. Exterior and interior doors are not ordered yet either. Appliances need to be finalized soon and I have another meeting with the cab designer next week with so much to go over as well. Then the tile selection meeting (it was supposed to be Wed but i had to reschedule due to snow day).

oh my.

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I love your arches!

winter.....what can one say? I am usually pretty tolerant of winter here but this is so ridic. And I saw another set of days around 12 degree highs again late next week. sorry but wtf?

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Wow! You all are coming along great (besides the winter set backs). Our build is supposed to start in 4 weeks, depending on the weather. Can anyone tell me what happens first and what I can expect in the beginning? We live a few states away from our build so I will not be there for the first 3 months of the process (which actually might make it go faster!)

Thanks everyone!

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from my recollection here is what happened first:
tree clearing
foundation molds placed
pouring of foundation
power/water lines run from street
molds removed, floors poured
curing for about 3 weeks
electric run to house
(that's where it ends for me because that's where we are at).

Our builder paraded a home where the couple built it from California- we're in Michigan- it was gorgeous- you can do it too!

my suggestion- work on as many aspects as you can with the kitchen especially, but any other selections you can like appliances, looking into your allowances and what they mean for lighting, electric, floors, cabinets, heating and cooling needs, etc. the more you get educated beforehand the less overwhelming the experience will be.

good luck!

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Thanks Illinigirl!

I just picked out all my appliances, flooring, and cabinets. I have my budgets for all of my other areas, etc. We've been working on this build and getting it ready for 2 1/2 years now. I am learning so much on GW and from all the friends I have who have built custom homes. Honestly, some days I think it would be less stressful if my builder just gave me 3 choices in each category to choose from. lol.

My builder is AWESOME and will call/Skype me every week for our weekly builders meeting once he gets started. The first major decision I have to make while I am here is my windows. I've already picked Adobe as the color but will be finalizing everything else as the time draws closer.

I fly to Utah in 4 weeks to make more decisions. YIKES! So many more to go!

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Thanks Illinigirl!

I just picked out all my appliances, flooring, and cabinets. I have my budgets for all of my other areas, etc. We've been working on this build and getting it ready for 2 1/2 years now. I am learning so much on GW and from all the friends I have who have built custom homes. Honestly, some days I think it would be less stressful if my builder just gave me 3 choices in each category to choose from. lol.

My builder is AWESOME and will call/Skype me every week for our weekly builders meeting once he gets started. The first major decision I have to make while I am here is my windows. I've already picked Adobe as the color but will be finalizing everything else as the time draws closer.

I fly to Utah in 4 weeks to make more decisions. YIKES! So many more to go!

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robyn-I read your post and thought, hmm, so much really has happened since we started that I'm not even sure anymore! It seems to go very fast and very slow at the same time? I think illini's pretty much got it down as I remember. I am all about 'give me 3 choices', that would make things much easier, lol! The trick I think might be making a decision and then sticking with it. Hahaha! Will they send you pictures of the progress? It'd drive me crazy to be so far away (not that you can help it), but your builder sounds fantastic.

illini-if it makes you feel any better I thought the electrical walk through went really smoothly and not near as challenging as I thought it might be. The electrician had some really good suggestions as well and we did defer to his experience on many things. Some things needed discussion but most placements just made sense, ya know? BUT, I will say that afterward, as in the very next day I went back and already started getting confused on this and that. Hahaha! Did we do this? What is that? Do we need a plug here? Lol!

jdez-I like the brick you like on your other thread. And OF COURSE it's out of budget, that is just how it goes. ;) I'm with you though, if you can find a way to get it IN budget then it's definitely worth investigating.

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Thanks Autumn! I am hoping that by the time I move there, at the end of May, the fun stuff will begin. I'm okay with missing most of the framing process. My sister lives 4 miles away so I am thinking she will be over there just as much as I would be. :) I already told my builder that once I got there I would be over all the time! He told me that would be GREAT!

Is everyone doing wood flooring in their kitchen? I was planning on it but might change to tile. Anyone?

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Lzwhong, can you tell me the color you painted the island? I looked and could not find where you mentioned it. We are also painting our island gray or gray/blue. I like how yours is soft and subtle.


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Robyn: Our island is SW Summit Gray. It picture kind of looks a bit blue but in person it's a true medium toned gray. We are doing hardwood throughout the entire downstairs (including the kitchen). The mudroom and full bath will be tile. I have hardwood in my current kitchen (with 2 young kids) and it has not been a problem. If you like the look, I say go for it.

mlweaving_Marji : We are located in southeastern Virginia. I called several sod farms in our area and none of them have Centipede. I did read online that it's a hearty grass and affordable. I will have to do some more research next week. Thank you for your suggestion!

We had a big snow storm (at least for our area) and I haven't had a chance to go out to the house to see what progress has been made. I hope the trim guy is almost finished and possibly started the coffered ceiling.

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Was going to reply but I realized it's February 1st ! Reply posted in that thread!

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