carfax please

gary__April 5, 2008

If someone has a current subscription, please look this one up and post if there's anything note worthy on on it. 1B4HS28N7YF265898

My son lives hours away and wants me to buy this vehicle and deliver it to him. I looked at it after work and drove it around a while. Seemed ok but you never know for sure with used cars.

Thank you

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10 records would tell me to pass on this one.

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It's going to get a 'record' every time mileage is recorded which is every time it's registered, tested by DEQ, as well as recordable accident damage, probably a few other things. In this case I know it was purchased by the current owner from his son who purchased it used from a dealership. We're up to 3 or 4 records right there. DEQ testing will account for more. It all adds another line to the page. Got to subscribe to get the details of what those records indicate.

Thanks anyway.

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