93 honda prelude help!

teotikiApril 25, 2007

I have a 93 honda prelude. The brake dash light came on so I changed the brake light. The dash brake light still lights up every time the car is started and does not go out till the car is turned off again. Is there something else I need to check? Can it mean I'm low on brake fluid? Thanks for any help you can give me.. It's driving me crazy.


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Checking the brake fluid level in the reservoir is certainly something to try. My '98 Acura is very sensitive to this and the dash brake light will go on if it's the least bit low. However, there's a separate dash light to indicate a burned-out brake LIGHT. Don't know if you car has separate lights, too. If you find the fluid level low, pay careful attention to the type of fluid you add; Honda wants you to use theirs only. If you're not sure, or if the fluid appears to be at the "full" line, take you car to a competent mechanic or Honda dealer.

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Is it trying to tell you that your parking brake is on?

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jemdandy... no the parking brake isn't on for sure. I very seldom use it cause I tend to forget that I have and take off with it on.

steve... I checked the dash, there's lots of lights like oil, battery, doors,seat belts and the one the stays on says brake lamp. A bulb was out on the drivers side brake so I put in a new bulb. When I start the car the light doesn't come on till I step on the brake, that's when it comes on and stays on. Should I check the brake fluid? Your help is appreciated.


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That light will come on to indicate a problem with the braking system , usually low brake fluid . When brakes get worn and the piston that pushes the brake pads against the rotor extends outward , more brake fluid must flow into the wheel cylinder and brake lines lowering the fluid level in the brake fluid reservoir . Chances are your car needs new brakes soon , as well as more brake fluid . Brake problems can be serious and shouldn't be ignored , my advice - take that car to a mechanic as soon as possible !

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Folks, OP says the light on the dash says Brake Lamp, and I know that some Hondas have this, so I take her at her word. Did you check the center-mounted brake light? Do any of the 3 brake lights have more than one bulb? Does your car has a rear spoiler with brake lights mounted in it? Also, check your owners manual and see what it says about this light and the other dash brake light. If you're sure that all of the brake lamps are working properly, you should take the car to be checked out, just to make sure.

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Then I stand corrected if it's the brake lamp light and not the brake light . Probably a short somewhere in the system and I concur about taking it to a mechanic to get checked out .

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Also if the bulb you changed is a double filament bulb make sure you didn't install it backwards.

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Thanks for the replies folks. The light on the dash does say brake lamp. One out of the three on the left side was burned out and I put in the correct size and in the correct way. I had my son check and it lit up when the car was turned on and the brake stepped on. But the dash light remains on. The car does have a riser but no brake lights on it. There is a brake light on the rear window at the top and as far as I know it's working too but I'll check that out tomorrow morning. So I guess the concensus is it's a short and heaven knows I'll never find that. Guess it's off to the mechanics. Thanks for all you help and expertise. I do appreciate it.


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The most likely cause of a brake lamp warning lamp being on of course is that one or more of the bulbs are in fact burned out, or not working because of some kind of a bad connection. BTW, it cannot be a "short", because a shorted circuit means it has lower than the correct total resistance, and that causes too much current to flow which results in a blown fuse.

In short, shorts blow fuses. (Pun partially intended, :) VBG)

Other likely causes are an incorrect bulb, such as an 1156 (single terminal and filament) where an 1157 (dual terminals and filaments for both parking lamps and turn/stop in the same bulb) should be. It can even be because an 1157, which flows "X" amps might be installed where a 2057 should be. A 2057 in all ways appears to be identical to an 1157, but put a current probe on the circuit, and you will see they each draw a different amount of current, this is normally represented as the wattage of the lamp. This can be critical for cars that have illumination sensing devices. There is at least one other bulb that looks identical to the 1157, and the 2057, but once again the difference is the current load it has on the circuit (wattage), and it is exclusively for a particular feedback system. It is always necessary to look up what bulb is called for in a particular car. 194's and 168's are both a peanut size, with identical socket conections. But they are different wattage bulbs, which means once again that they draw different amounts of current. A 168 is normally an instrument cluster bulb, and a 194 is predominantly a side marker. If you put a 194 where a 168 should be, it will overheat it's socket and any surrounding plastics. Put a 168 where a 194 should be and it will be slightly dimmer than that lamp was originally designed to be.

Lastly there is always the chance that there is an instument cluster problem, or a problem with the lamp module. You would be best advised to seek out a technician familliar with this system to have it diagnosed correctly.

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I think I put in the right bulb. I took out the blown bulb and took it with me to replace it. I have no manual cause I bought the car used. I think you're right it's time for a mechanic to have a look see.
Thanks for all your information, who knew there were some many different sizes.
Thanks again for all the help folks.


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My h22a when in nuetral when fuel is increased the rpms cut off the engine does not turn of it just doesn't produced power. I have skunk 2 stage 3 shafts rebuilt head high comp valves titanuim retainers the works. Aem fuel rail stock injerctors n pump and car doesn't idle either how can I fix it

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Hello, I have the same problem on my 94 prelude Si. I put Spyder tail lights on it. and then after that the brake lamp light came on. any help would be apperciated. thank you :)

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