Are all warming drawers created equally?

Kitten1313February 6, 2013

I've decided, given our hectic lifestyle, that I must have a warming drawer in my new kitchen. That way, when my husband works until 10 pm, the chicken parm I made won't dry out in the oven or toughen up in the fridge! Do they mostly all have the same features, or is there a stand out one?

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You have mentioned getting a steam oven. If you do, they are supposed to reheat well. Also, some of them can go to quite a low setting (my Gaggenau manual says down to 85F), so they can be used to warm if not being used to bake.

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I'll link a thread below with lots of good info. As always, Plllog is a font of knowledge which she presents in a very easily understood manner.

I bought a panel ready 30" KA unit and installed it in the forbidden under-the-oven-stack location. I specifically wanted a unit with the moist/dry function so I could keep crisp items like waffles crisp. Plus, mine has a slow cook function so can be used in place of a crock pot.

Personally, I wouldn't keep items in the drawer longer than about 90 minutes or so. My manual, and a couple of others I read when researching before purchase, says not to hold cooked food for longer than 60 minutes. I find the food quality deteriorates at that point, but I think the manuals' recommendations have more to do with food safety. I'm surprised that I rarely see any discussion of the maximum or appropriate food holding time here when WDs are discussed.

Here is a link that might be useful: WD explanation

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thanks a lot! 90 min would be plenty for most uses. I would definitely want one to keep crisp items crisp.

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I've enjoyed using our WD for the past month in our new kitchen. I decided to go with the Miele because of the open sides.
When I pretended to get casseroles out of other brands, the sides limited my ability to fill it fully and still easily grab things. When I was looking Miele was the only one with open sides but that may have changed.

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The Gaggenau, bosch, thermador units have open sides too.

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