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artesian79April 21, 2009

I'm having too hard of time getting in/out of my 95 Integra. Yes, that means -ack- I'm getting old, and it's time to sell the car to its next lucky owner.

I've looked at NADA and KBB, but their listings donÂt seem to match what I'm seeing Private and Dealer sales listed across the internet. I know the listing price isn't the true price, but for them to be off this much seems odd. I don't do this often, obviously, and need help.

The car is in immaculate condition and much better than what I see pictures for and/or at the used car lots near me. It has a bit over 100K miles which is low for an Acura, and has been well maintained and in accordance with AcuraÂs service schedules.

So is there a general rule of thumb that says how much off listing a used car probably sold for? As a buyer, do you expect to get x% off listing?

I have sold my house on my own and knew to look at sales in the neighborhood to price mine, so I thought I'd try that with the car. But getting sales data is impossible so I thought that I'd assume a set % under listing price.

I do not want to gouge anyone. I do not want to hand my car over for a song and dance. I do not want to hassle with this very long, but I have garage space and it can stay there sitting pretty for a while. The insurance isn't much, so that's not forcing me to sell.

Help? IÂd appreciate any suggestions on how to set the price or what to expect someone to expect in regards to negotiating down?

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I had the same problem in selling my Pontiac recently. The sales prices listed by different sources varied greatly. After much research I pretty much chose a price in the middle - sort of an average of all the relevant car prices I found. A week went by with no luck. Then I dropped the price slightly below what I calculated was the mid point. The phone started ringing and the car was sold for full asking price.

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I would recommend you post the car at as you can post it for free & thousands of people will view it so it might get you a good price there. Good luck selling your car :).

Here is a link that might be useful: Used Autos Classifieds

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