xmas tree skirts

party_music50January 10, 2014

Hi everyone! I'm still taking down and packing away xmas decor and the snow is coming down like crazy outside. :p

I have a beautiful reversible quilted xmas tree skirt that was made for me by my sister and given to me as an xmas present many years ago. I love it -- but sometimes I wish I could use something different for a change. :o)

Last week I was browsing on-line and stumbled onto a Christmas Tree Shop on-line shopping site (didn't know that existed!). I decided to order a new tree skirt for myself and one for my other sister. Then I got to thinking that a variety of xmas tree skirts might make a nice generic xmas present for next year. I ended up ordering EIGHT of them! lol! I received the order and I cannot believe how nice they are for the price! Got them at 50% off and a $2 discount on shipping, so total price was under $25. Do you think that it's a dumb idea to give xmas tree skirts as xmas presents? :p Anyway, I would highly recommend these based on my experience! NOTE: on-line sizes say 42" or 44" but every one I received is marked 48" which is even better. I just hope they're big enough! I think my sis's is 60".

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I think it's a wonderful idea to have a variety. I don't always have the right color I'd like each year. After the gifts start stacking up it doen't seem to matter tho.

So tickled you found them at such a great price! And they sent larger than advertised is another great bonus! How about sharing some pictures for us to ooh and awe over?

Stay warm and safe. Punk

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Need pics & website! LOL! Cool, party! Jeanne s.

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Hi Party..first off, I'm sorry you weren't aware of their website...
It's great if you
don't have a store near you.
I shop CTS all the time...and have for over 30 years.
Both my DD and I have bought tree skirts from them and they are quite
beautiful. So I think anyone who receives one as a gift - will love it.
Not a dumb idea at all.
Like Jeanne....I'd love to see pics !

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Jane, I had no idea you could shop CTS on-line... there isn't a CTS near here!

I'm giving a link to the CTS Seasonal page -- I got the Applique Santa Skirt for my sis and the Snowman Skirt (now sold out) for someone else... but it's so pretty that I think I'll keep it for myself. lol! I also grabbed 6 of the Fleece tree skirts and they are very nice.

I haven't opened any of them. They're each still stapled to one of those big cardboard hanging things and packed in the original shipping box. They'll have to wait awhile before I can get to them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tree Skirts

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First of all, the CTS doesn't ship to California. RATS!

Secondly, I think the tree skirt idea is great. A lot of people have a second, or even a third tree in the house. One always thinks to get a skirt for the main tree, but often the other trees are an after thought, and people end up putting a small throw or a couple of towels under them.. So I bet those skirts will be very appreciated.

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OA, that's how I felt about having extra skirts. :)

Are you sure they don't ship to CA? I just searched for shipping info on their site and only found exceptions outside the 48 contiguous states.

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First I LOVE LOVE LOVE giving Christmas items for gifts. I gave all my god children a Fontanini nativity, piece by piece over the course of their growing up. I gave my sister a tree skirt and ornaments mostly hand made as a wedding gift. It is perfect for a young couple just starting out IMHO!! Second thank you for the information on the store. I look at Bronner's on line but this looks like a gold mine!! Thank you!!

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OMG! I should have waited..... I just looked and the stuff I just bought is now 50% off what I paid!!! :p I need to remember to check back often!

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Party...sorry you saw your tree skirts for less than you paid...
I have to say, that whenever I've gone there after a holiday, they kept reducing items lower and lower each time I went.. I did buy a tree skirt - a white aplilique one, that was originally $9.99, for $1.99 and earlier in the week it was $4.99 and was Glad I didn't buy it then.
I have to say though, even if you don't get prices as low as the store,
you'll probably have better luck finding it online than in
the store ...which is hit or miss after a holiday.
Ladies ..have faith that one will be opening near you. If you have a
BB&BY....most likely a CTS will soon follow!

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Wow, I have been so envious that many of you had CTS near you.
Now I find out there is an online store!!!!

Could mean trouble for me in the future, LOL.

TFS, I think,

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