Kitchenaid Dishwasher

ibjamminFebruary 10, 2014

I have a Kitchenaid dishwasher model no. KUDP02CRBS1 that has me baffled. My wife was running the dishwasher when all of a sudden the door fell open in the middle of a cycle. I pulled the dishwasher out to see why the door fell open and found both door support cables broke. I replaced them and hook the dishwasher back up and tried to start it. I selected a cycle and then pressed the Start button and noticed there was a green light next to the Start button that blinked continuously and the dishwasher would not start. I have looked through the troubleshooting guide and could not find anything that covered this problem. Can somebody please help me. Thanks.

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Try canceling the cycle to reset the control and then retry to start a new cycle

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the blinking light is a code. The number of blinks indicates the problem. If you search around on line, you can find what the code means, and how to reset it.

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The green light blinks continuously without stopping which I figured was not a code.

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Is the Start button the only one on the panel that doesn't work? Could be the button panel has coincidentally gone bad ... or maybe the connector cable for it loosened a little from the controller board from the shock of the door falling.

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The green light on every cycle button I push works except when I go to turn the dishwasher on by pushing the Start button and then it's green light just starts blinking nonstop like it thinks the door is still open. The dishwasher was working find until the door suddenly fell.

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I am not sure about the green light but we just had the same door problem. I ordered a new "door balance kit" and it was an easy, fifteen minute fix, that I did myself. Have you tried turning the breaker off to see if that resets the light? Good luck.

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On mine, the green blinking light meant the door was not closed.

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