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slinkeyApril 2, 2006

Our '02 Jeep battery sounded weak when we started the car yesterday. (original battery w/70K mi)

Drove off, parked the car for 4 hours, went to start again, battery again sounded weak...backed up out of parking place and the car stalled out. Started up the car again, but this time it sounded weaker..drove off and everytime we stopped at a light it sounded like it wanted to stall out. We had to keep it in neutral and rev the engine to keep it from competely stalling. Got home, shut the engine, tried it, it started immediately...shut the engine, let it sit for 15 min...tried it again,...the battery was dead. NOW...three days before this began, we had a Hitch installed by U HAUL, and they installed the Hitch and Electrical Harness for trailer lights...Could this have caused the problem?...Or would this be something completely different?..We will be having it towed to Jeep and would like SOME insight before they look at it. Thanks for any help...

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Modern vehicles have electronic fuel injection and when the battery goes dead the engine gets no fuel.I feel that the automakers made a big mistake when they eliminated the gauge that told drivers if their alternator was charging the battery,same goes for the oil pressure gauge.The wiring harness for the trailer could have a short in it somewhere,if that's the case I'd take the vehicle back to U-Haul,but it sounds as if the battery has reached the end of it's life(especially if the alt light never came on).Installing the trailer harness was probably just a coincidence that coincided with the end of the battery's life.Most batteries last 4-5 years and at 70K miles I'd say that battery has done it's job!

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Apparently, you've got a 4 year old battery. My guess is that your battery died. Why not try replacing the battery to see if this fixes the problem before paying for a tow to the dealer? But of course, there exists a possibility of other problems such as a dead alternator. However, my bet at this point is a dead battery.

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Thanks you guys...we are thinking along the lines of your suggestions, that it is probably the 'old tired' battery.
We will check this out first and see...
jemdandy..I know what you mean about a tow and then the cost of having them doing their 'diagnostics' just to say it is in deed the battery!
nine7xbam...I really don't trust the U Haul guys with their opinion or admitting there is a wiring problem...To see them in action, you would know what I mean. We were sorry we decided to go with them, and not spend a few dollars more, and have another place do the work. Thanks again for the suggestions..

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Sounds like it might be the alternator..He stated he had to keep feeding the engine gas when he was stopped to keep it from stalling...Alternators unlike the old ones put out the same amount of amps and voltage at idle and higher revs.If it was the battery the alternator would keep the engine running normal even if the battery was disconnected...

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apr 2-7 with no replys. if my car was dead, i would get on it before 5 days passed. the easiest test is to start the car, jump it maybe, and check the voltage at the battery while it is running. 13+ volts will confirm your results.

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