electrolux refrigerators and BS 30' Range

robbi25February 14, 2012

I am thinking of purchasing a blue star 30" range as well as an Electrolux french door cabinet width refrigerator with a bottom freezer, no ice maker on the door. I will have the internal ice maker. Would love to hear feedback from user of these two appliance.

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The bluestar you will not go wrong. In my opinion you can not buy a better range. It has super high output, plus super low output for simmering, looks great, easy to clean (even underneath the range) and reliable. You could not ask for more. Are you looking at the rnb or the rcs?
As for the electrolux, I have an electrolux side by side and although I have not had the dreaded temperature problems that many have incurred I still have had a few smaller issues. It is probably my least favorite appliance that I currently own. I by no menas hate it, but it doesn't inspire any passion. Problems I have had is the evaporator fan makes a racket(but works), one of the crisper drawers clips have broken and doesn't slide well and the piece on top that covers the hinges have some "marks" that appeared under the surface of the material. (Looks kinda like some sort of coating is delaminating).

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Robbi - I think I responded in kitchen forum
Love my elux french door fridge with the perfect temp drawer and LED lighting. It is so much fun to open and I have to resist temptation.
I use the perfect temp drawer to defrost items, bring ice cream to serving temp, and generally keep items fresh.
I have the fridge set up to open the right side and can access milk, OJ, yogurt, lettuce, veggies, and condiments without opening the left side.
I love the freezer - ice cream stays hard as it has a separate thermostat from the fridge.
I left in a hurry when my dad passed away and came back 2 weeks later to fresh milk and edible lettuce - quite amazing!
I have saved more than the extra cost in food savings!
I would not recommend the ice through the door - I know there are reports of problems - but for me, it was more of a space problem - I wanted more ice (think sports injuries) than the little thing could produce and also took up too much space.
And I don't even work for elux (or any appliance place!)
Good luck!

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