Volvo S80

shay13April 16, 2007

I'm looking for a good reliable, safe car for my 19yr old son.

I have found a 2000 Volvo S80 (83,000miles) and a 1999 Volvo S80 (59,000) miles for what seems to be good prices on either one. I went to JD Power and associates and these cars are too old to view any reports. I checked with Edmund's com, customer satisfaction is rated 7.7 for either. Are there other sites to view ratings? Barring there are none, any knowledge any one can pass on about either of these cars? Both appear to be well maintained with records. I just want the most reliable car.

Note, the 1999 really does have only 59,000 miles, the owner owns 2 vehicles and rotates driving them.

thanks in advance.

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The 1999 Volvo is 8 years old, but it has averaged only 7400 miles per year. If it sat in the garage over winters, this may be the best one body-wise. Maybe it has a low output engine. Not seeing these cars nor knowing the asking price, I lean toward the 1999 model for your purposes if the engine power is adequate.

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Even at those mileage amounts, the "most reliable" car will be the one which has been maintained the best. Try to get the service records for each car, whether the seller can supply you with a folder full of receipts and work orders or if you can run the VIN at a local Volvo dealer. If you can, find out what maintenance should have been performed at the most recent mileage interval for that car and see if it has been done and done on-time. Deferred maintenance is a bad thing.

Finally, find out what kind of travel the owners did. 83,000 miles covered mostly on highways is much easier on a car than even 20,000 miles of pizza delivery or runs to the store two miles away.

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I've gotten the service records and the 1999 appears to have been serviced at the recommended intervals. The owner is a physician and drove this one alternately with a SUV; city and highway. It looks great, kept in a garage when not driven and the asking price is $10,500 (Edmunds fair value was $10,095 and Kelly blue book is $10,470. Even though it is a year older, it appears to be very well maintained. I think this is the one I will make an offer on. Thanks for your input. I will get the VIN and call the local dealer.

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