Have you Gotten Ridulous Traffic Tickets?

mxyplxApril 17, 2006

This'll bring tears to your eyes....

46 years ago 4 of us were to drunk to drive so we were just sat in the car waiting to sober up. Cop guv us a ticket for drunken parking.

Same year the State Troupers pulled 2 of us out of the dance as drunk (Coffee County TN, dry county, you could get beer but not hard stuff [legally]), threw em in jail overnight as potential drunk drivers. Next day in court the first guy claimed to have only had 3 beers. The Judge conferred with the troupers and determined that 3 beers was drunk. The guy was then fined $30 for being drunk. We argued and testified to the judge that the other guy had only had 2 beers. He got fined $20 for being 2/3 drunk.

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No one has ever said that our criminal justice system possesses intellect, fair play, sensitivity, or anything good.
It is in need of reform, but I do not think we have the quality of people for this reform.
The trouble is, the "system" is based on income from fines, rather than accomplishing anything positive..
It is beneficial for the people to know the law.

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yea, 2 weeks ago left my car in the street, thurs morning between 8:30 and 11:00 when the street has to be clear, for cleaning. 50.00 bucks thing is they havent cleaned the streets in the last 2 yrs, city cutbacks.

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First of all, how old are you? And it seem like everytime someone(that you are speaking of) is drinking or has beer or is drunk, you are in a car.
Not good!
My son works for the legal system and where he is there are alot of kids in there for underage drinking and drunk driving.
God Forbid something should happen.
Please be careful!

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A lecture. There's always some goddy goody 2 shoes at a low point in their humor cycle gotta give a lecture.

Well I'm 72 and God knows how I got this old being such an irresponsable drunkard. Lay a guilt trip on me why don't ya!

Sharon, (what a pretty name, one of my daughters is named Sharon, its my favorite name for a woman) read the post carefully. The first case the car was PARKT! Off road! We got there sober and became too drunk to drive so we DIDN'T! The ticket was for drunken parking, not drunken driving. The DA thru it out.

In the 2nd case the Staties drug 2 of us out of a dance hall. We were not in any car. They didn't know if we had a car or cars or how many or what kind. No car was involved. The charges were trumpt up to obtain GRAFT dollars. Line their and the judge' pockets. Period! They arrested 2 guys for something they MIGHT have done. That just cannot be done unless the cops are 6'12" and can pick up a guy in each hand like a suitcase.

Notice I said 2 of us. A couple of us hadn't drank a drop. I personally was scheduled out at midnight to drive a gasoline tanker and for damn sure wasn't going to drink any alcohol.

Couple months later they were cruising the dance hall again so I hid under the table just to cross em up. All I had drank was Pepsi Cola. They drug me in for being drunk in public. I peed and moaned b*tcht and complained till they guv me a blood and urine test. I don't think there was a breath test then. Zero %. They sure lookt silly.

Did you know that the legal blood alcohol content for a truck driver (class 1 or 2 license) is 0.04% on duty or off? Half of that allowed for humans.

And remember. No man is a total loss---He can always serve as a bad example.

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First of all I am far beyond a goody two shoes! I am just saying ANYONE who is drunk should not be in public. I don't think anyone who is intoxicated should have anything to do with a car.
As far as this post goes I just didn't think it was funny. I am sorry if I am a hard ***!
I have just dealt with too many tragedy's in my life.

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I once got a ticket (about 20+ yrs. ago) for changing lanes on a 4-lane city road without using my turn signal. It was about 5:00 am, not a single car in sight. The only one around was the cop, who must have been parked out of sight somewhere (eating doughnuts??). I tried to argue that no one was even around to see me signal, but he said it did not matter and I needed to get used to using it all the time. Guess it worked, since from that day on I almost always use my signal, even when no one is around (sometimes don't use it coming out of my subdivision at 6:00 am when no cars around). It seemed silly at the time, but maybe it was a good thing in the long run. I'm constantly amazed at how many people seem like they're ready to run a stop sign from a side street until they almost run into me or another car on the main street!! Mostly in suburbs. Also, I always look both ways right after my light turns green, to look for red light runners - seen too many of them.

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I got a $5.00 parking ticket because my tire was 1/4 on the white line. The reason it was on the line was because when I pulled in, the cars to the left and right were off center. When they left, that exposed mine.

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Well; last year my brother in law had his car stall under a traffic light partly blocking traffic.....so he does his civic duty and pushes the car from under the red light into a parking lot. Yep!! Cop sitting at a local Burger joint watches the whole thing and gives him a ticket for going thru a red light!! What a jerk for a cop...he said he should of left the car where it was and call AAA to have it towed.

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Bushy tree branches blocking stop sign in residential area.Cop wouldnt budge.Went back to stop sign next day,took pics,showed up with pics in court,case dismissed.

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