Accuracy and tire pressure and nitrogen -again

earthwormApril 25, 2006

And I would say that few , probably including me, do "religiously", check their tire pressures.

A huge error in the above story - the headline should read "Only 1 in 5 drivers DO properly check their tire pressures"..

And the forgotten thing about nitrogen vs regular compressed air is that far too much "regular" air is too moist, thus creating problems..

The compressors air source should be as clean and dry as possible; and more importantly a moisture filter should be used...

One more thing for me to work on, and I am far from the only one !!

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I don't think i've ever seen a commercial compressor that
dosen't have a moisture trap or water filter, how ever you call it. I myself have one on my home compressor. I don't
like seeing water squirt from my air tools. i don't think there is too much problem with water in tires anymore unless you fill your tire with a 12 volt car pump in a rain storm. i myself check my tires every day. I have to.
My wife and myself drive 60 miles one way to the city every
week and in 50 below temps. Cannot have a problem on the
road that is related to tires. that is either lazyness
or stupidity if you have a tire problem that a few pounds
air pressure would fix. don't get me started on nitrogen.
Too many old people out there that are not up to date and too many scientists that give you everything about nitrogen from A to Z but forget everything between. i use nitrogen in aluminum cast rims. no more leaks. Put a problem rim under water, with the tire on and inflated, and watch for bubbles through the metal. Put nitrogen in the tire and no more bubbles through the rim. go figure and i'm not talking about the bead either. i mean rim.
good post earthworm. keep up the good work. I didn't think
this topic would die. All the best guys and hope your summer brings you enough money for early retirement.

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My compressor has no water trap, as it is a cheap one - This I must fix!
The compressor at the bus place really pushed out the water! But I think these are exceptions to the rule..
Pumping water into a tire is not a good thing, even a little bit.
People who rave about the benefits of nitrogen point this out, but say nothing about the high cost, which could easily buy a compressor water filter/trap..

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