How to adjust frameless shower door

allison0704February 4, 2009

Does anyone know the trick to adjusting a frameless shower door? We've been in our new home just over three years and it needs adjusting (glass getting to close to tile at the top edge). TIA

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It really depends on the type of hinge. Your best bet would be to do a search of the manufacturer's website.

Some are not adjustable. Some can be adjusted slightly with set screws. In others the glass can be shifted a bit within the hinge itself.

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photos of the shower door and hinges?

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It is a custom door made locally, wasn't sold as a set.

I never noticed the screws on the back of hinges (inside shower when door is closed). Live and learn.

Tiny holes:

Screws on inside of shower:

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I think you have a vienna hinge.

You can loosen the two large screws on the hinge and readjust the door. Make sure you set the glass on shims so that the edges do not impact tile or anything hard. It is very easy to shatter the tempered glass (i know, i have done it)...

You can add more shims to bring the door to the level you want and then retighten the screws.

Here is a link that might be useful: Instructions for hinge

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Thank you! We will be careful.

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No sudden movements! And have a helper.

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Until you get it adjusted, make sure someone is home when you shower. DH and I rented a condo after we sold our house and before we moved into our current home. The condo had a lovely frameless shower door. Once while DH was showering, the door slipped and he was stuck in the shower. He yelled, I heard him and between the two of us we were able to open the door and get him out. The owner had it repaired, sorta. Two weeks later, the same thing happened to me. The second repair bunch installed heavier duty hinges, or something. After that, if no one were home, I'd shower in the guest bathroom because it had a curtain!

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