Dairyland Insurance& accident claims ARGH!!!

loganladyApril 29, 2006

Hey has anyone had to deal with these jerks before-Dairyland??? My husband was broadsided by someone who is covered by them...CHP & NHP said the accident was totally her fault...husband is fine now but they have yet to return any calls or faxes about this claim. Our agent (w/AAA) is shocked at the lack of attention from them at all. She did hear that Dairyland is very slow on settling claims. Any ideas from people who have dealt with this as to how we can push them along? The accident is over 30 days now. Husband's truck finally got up in the rack at the bodyshop and they are looking at the frame to see if it is worth repairing or not. Thanks for any kind of info on this.

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If you had full coverage of your own, your insurance company should take care of your bills and deal with the other insurance company regardless. If you only had liablity there may be a problem. If the other driver was at fault (or not), had only liabliy, and DIDN'T file a claim AGAINST YOUR insurance company, your insurance company doesn't have a dog in the fight. If you file a claim with the other drivers insurance company, they can just send you a form letter that says their own investigation concluded that it was primarily your fault, have a nice life. In other words, go pound sand. Then you have to take the other party to court. Hopefully they're just slow, but it can happen just as I said.

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Man....isn't that the truth...I was in an accident almost a month ago with some jerk who passed me on the right after he jumped the curb and drove through the snow...sideswiping me, then he cut in front of me and slammed on his brakes...I had no chance to maneuver to get out of the way and rear ended him. The cops gave him the ticket but he lied so badly to Dairyland that they decided I was 30% at fault....you could have avoided rear ending him I was told....ya, ok, were you there?....the *&^$% I talked to was just that. She'll get a nice call from me after this is settled. Still waiting on a check to cover my damages....been over a week now...these guys SUCK!

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