1996 Nissan Maxima Stalling

ggalvApril 17, 2010

Right now when the car is near a stop or getting ready to slow down the car stalls. The motor heads were just replaced recently.

After this work was done on the car, I noticed that the check engine light was marking the mass air flow meter (MAF). Not sure if this problem had already been there or if it happend just after maintenance on the car since the check engine light had already been there.

So, I replaced the MAF. The new MAF seemed to work fine for awhile. But then later on after the water pump was replaced the mechanic said that the MAF was not working again, basically he showed me that when the car is on and the MAF is disconnected the car runs fine, BUT when he disconnected the MAF the car turned off.

So, I went to the shop and they replaced the MAF. I tried driving the car a little, and noticed that it was stalling at red lights and also when I was trying to park.

I really appreciate if you guys/girls can help me out in trying to figuere out this problem. Not sure if I have a bad MAF or if its another problem.


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Have the trouble code(s) been read?

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I have the same problem replaced the MAF, fuel pump the car still stall

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GM has an engine shut-off problem on many of their models. It is associated with a certain make of ignition switch. The problem is aggravated when weights hang from the key. Some folks have a load of stuff fastened to their keys. This problem may relate to yours.

Does a load of stuff hang on your key when it is in the ignition switch?

This problem likely does not show when the car is new, but develops as wear sets in.

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