diesel suv

bill_hApril 5, 2007

just saw it today, with a manufacturer plate on it, hyundai veracruz suv with a diesel. about the same size and shape as the new gmc acadia. was being tested out of the ann arbor mich hyundai/kia design shop. driver says they should be for sale in the u.s. late 08 or early 09. about time someone puts diesel in a affordable midsize suv.

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Woo-hoo! Thanks for the report, bill!

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I just hope they are the new clean burning diesels. Because if they' aren't they won't be allowed in CA, NY, MA, ME, and VT.
I would buy a diesel tomorrow if they were allowed here. So I'm hoping for good news. But the Supremes have decided the EPA can regulate emissions and not need Congress, so the whole future is now in limbo.
I had a Bunny 26 years ago that got an honest 50 MPG. No gimmicks, no electric motors, no batteries. Just 50 MPG.

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We sold our bunny #2 about 5 years ago due to the fact that the body was going, but it still ran like a champ and got 50 mpg. Merging onto the highway required nerves of steel and on subzero days I had to wear my long johns...but I still loved her! DS is taking an autobody course at school ...wish now I put her up on blocks in the barn...

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My Bunny had the 4 speed, while another guy at work had the pickup with the 5 speed. Tha truck had good acceleration while yes, my Bunny had "same day acceleration". As we used to say "ZERO TO SIXTY...YES!"
But it really didn't matter all that much merging onto the Interstate in the morning. It was Rte 80 in North Jersey and everybody is going 5 MPH between 6 am and 9 am.
I am SO glad I moved away from there!

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With the new standards in place for all new diesels this year they should be available in all states. At least by 09 they should be. Even heavy truck diesels have to pass very low emission level now for particulates.

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