Spot the code violation

PeterH2February 17, 2013

A couple of people have already pointed it out in the comments section, but see if you can spot it for yourself.

Here is a link that might be useful: Article on Houzz

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It may not be a violation depending on the materials used.
May not even be functional and may be there to massage a different problem.

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I'm not sure but I would worry about setting those cabinets right beside the range on fire.

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It's the raw wood plank directly above the range used as decoration on the hood. Dumb as all get out. I sure hope they don't wok-cook. Plus, I don't even like the look of it. It doesn't go with the kitchen and is very "affected". The hood is pretty on its own.

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I'm going with the cabinets to the counter surface immediately beside the range.

The wood is a possibility, I guess, but its hard to make out where it is (front to back) compared to the burner surface.

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Fori is not pleased

I got as far as "builder's grade kitchen in Rancho Santa Fe" and decided it was a phony article.

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Someone posted this kitchen on the Kitchen forum to show the arabesque tile. That space is schizophrenic to me, and I dislike it for many reasons. The ridiculous cabs that sit 1/2" from the range on either side not only are a fire hazard but also a stupid look with ridiculous function. Or, better put, non-function. If anyone actually used that kitchen for cooking, they'd be cursing the designer in no time.

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I don't know about code violation but I specifically remember when we built this house 7 yrs ago, the KD looked closely at the specs for my range and here they are.

There should be a minimum of 6" between the side cabinet or combustible and the side of the range. It is right up to the edge. Several here already mentioned this. Is this the code violation?

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IDK about the code but that is one ugly kitchen, if you ask me... LOL.

And I never say such things, seriously.

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ha ha, I totally misread your initial instructions and I thought this was "count as many code violations as you can". I could see the landing zone was missing to either side of the range. Then, I also wondered where the outlets went on the range wall, as there is no evidence of plugmould. And, I was suspicious of the Title 24 compliance of the room, as those cans don't look like LEDs or CFLs. Perhaps, if real, are the real reason there is the issue around the hood --- this is an unpermitted renovation.

I agree with some of the posters. I think another tone of white would work best, and they really missed an opportunity to make that island grey to match the wire-fronted pantry. I do understand they were trying to mix finishes, but I don't think the full effect works for me.

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1. It's not a "builder grade kitchen" - owners were unhappy with the original builder kitchen !!! Hence the re-do .

2. the wood board IS NOT a violation, you may not like the look , but it's not a violation or a hazard.

3. Re: title 24 - I don't think we can be sure that this project wasn't started before t24 was implemented, that range is pretty old, and even if it was re purposed - cycle times between these projects starting and then being photographed and subsequently published can be years. This could have easily started before the current regulations took effect.

4. Elect, outlets are inside the offending cabinets and drawer.

5. Those cabinets are too close to the range. - Your prizes are in the mail.

n.b. - remember, custom kitchens are just that - custom. They only have to fit the owner's taste and pocketbook - not a bunch of internet lurkers'.

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Congratulations all of you who said the cabinets adjacent to the range are the no-no. Wolf specifies 6" minimum clearance to flammable surfaces at the side. I don't believe the cabinets and their doors are made of non-flammable material.

One fine day someone may stick a large pot back there and set fire to the cabinets.

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Even though the design is pretty poor, I don't think it's as bad as people think.

The pot would have to be huge, touch the cabinets, burner on high, and you'd have to leave the scene for several hours, and then the resulting temp MIGHT get high enough to ignite the cabinet. I'm pretty sure the flame spread on even that open burner won't reach the cabinet as close as it is.

The bigger problem as I see it is warping or discoloring of those cabinets close to the range along with it being too hot for the storage of the oils and spices that are undoubtedly stored within.

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