Home Building Abberley Lane, Another 'Newbie' asks for help

mstnarabs654January 27, 2007

Hello. I have just joined the GardenWeb and am delighted to find this forum on Home Building! We would like to begin construction later this summer of 2007 or next spring 2008 - IF we can AGREE on all of the details BEFORE we ever begin to break ground!

Abberley Lane has become my "Dream House"!

For about three months now, I have been searching the Web for any photos of the 2002 Southern Living Idea House, ABBERLEY LANE, which has been built by other families across the country besides the Magazine's featured house in Georgia.

My husband is not as convinced as I am that this plan would be PERFECT for our wooded, lake-view, horse farm acerage with only a few minor "tweeks" without (his) major alterations!

I want to build it as close to the "Idea House" as possible. He wants to change so many features that I am convinced that the architectural integrity will be destroyed. He needs to see as many examples of this plan as possible before making our final decisions.


Does anyone out there have more photos of this house - finished or under construction, interior and/or exterior?

Any help will be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!

(Sorry my first post is so long and rambling!)

Thank you, and God Bless All...


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Have you thought of getting a copy of the magazine then contacting the designer himself for further pics?

He wants to change so many features that I am convinced that the architectural integrity will be destroyed.
Sorry to say this but welcome to the reality of building your own home!!! Building a home is a very personal experience. Compromise is good because sometimes couples have different realities....

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Somone else also posted about this plan earlier. Try this link. I posted a pic of my house there. For some reason I can't get you a direct link, sorry gotta copy/paste.


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Hello everyone! Thanks for responding to my first question! I have not been back on line until this evening! Wow, I really enjoy the way everyone is so nice and willing to help each other!

Since my first post, I have discovered 3 new houses in my area built with the Abberley Lane plan! All three made alterations to the original design. Two are brick and the other is grey siding with white trim. The grey sided house used 3'x6' windows instead of the french doors on the porch, all white porch railings & trim, and added a 3-car garage, too. It looks nice situated way off the road behind a grove of tall trees in its country setting.

HOME TOURS: We have been told that we might be able to see the inside of two of these homes next month! Maybe I can get some photos to post!!

CALCULATE BUILDING COSTS: Can't wait to have a free day with enough "spare time" to check lumber prices in order to calculate my cost to get this house "IN THE DRY"!

$$$$ "ROUGH IN", "FRAMED, IN THE DRY" $$$$:
I'm curious as to how much the material costs vary across the country! Of all of the people who have built this home, does anyone have any APPROXIMATE figures of the "ROUGH IN" cost of MATERIALS ONLY with the roof shingled? (This does not include any labor costs or "finished" items such as brick, windows, doors, hardware, cabinets, fixtures, etc..) Of course, the type of foundations used on each house will make this amount vary greatly!

PHOTOS: I have two photos of this house plan copied from a Real Estate ad that I would like to post for you to see, but I don't know how to get them here! I tried to "copy & paste" within this "message window" but it did not work. Any suggestions?

Thanks, MsTnArabs654

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We also found a house plan we liked quite a bit, and we wanted to make lots of changes too, while preserving the architectural integrity. What we did worked really well for us, and might also work for you. We contacted the architect and explained our situation. (He was in a different state.) He mailed us his portfolio of similar plans, not publicized anywhere, so we never would have found them otherwise. We found a plan that we actually liked even better than the first one we'd found! It reflected the same design attributes that attracted us initially, but was even better suited to us. However, we still wanted to make changes to it, which was no problem at all. We described our desires and he "tweaked" the plan to include everything - - yet maintained the architectual integrity and the elements of his style that we liked so much. His rates for revising an existing plan were much better than for "designing from scratch." He then gave us the option of having him do the full-scale details (structural, wiring, etc.), or getting a draftsman in our state to do that, based on his floor plans and elevations. He said he would provide any help needed to the local draftsman and answer any questions. It worked great!

Just wanted to share this with you in case this approach might work for you too.

P.S. It wasn't cheap working with such a top-notch architect, but we feel it was money well spent. A great house plan sets the course for what's to come.

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To: home_nw ... I appreciate you taking the time to share your information!

Sounds like you had a good Architectural firm to work with!

I'll try to find the address & phone number this coming weekend for Architect John Tee of Atlanta. Hopefully, Mr. John Tee will be as helpful as your Archtect was!


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we loved abberley lane, too. we even bought an initial set of plans to review, but the quotes from builders were too high for our budget. (It was about $100K higher to build that than the same sized house in a slightly different style.) So, we opted to go with a different one. But I still love Abberley Lane. I did find one pic of someone's version of it, but I don't have time to post right now but I will later.

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I found this in the POH last year-think it's the same plan. They even "named" the house Abberley Lane!

Here is a link that might be useful: abberley lane pics

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In response to: BeBetoKids....

Oh, thank you for posting the PARADE OF HOMES: ABBERLEY LANE Pics!!!! This version is really different from any I have seen so far as it is so elegantly appointed! I will copy and paste these photos in my folder for AbLn building ideas and photos.

It helps SO MUCH to be able to actually see many different styles of the same house. We don't desire to copy any one home, but rather choose bits and pieces here and there to create a custom look that represents our own family's tastes.

Much appreciation...MsTnArabs

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TO SEB921....

Hi SEB! Thanks for responding to my first question.

I saw the construction photos of your Abberley Lane home. It is SO BEAUTIFUL, even at this stage of the building process!!!!

Will you keep us posted of your progress with more great photos???

Tip: Take many photos of things such as...your wiring and plumbing locations while the house is framed in the studded walls, including duct work, too. The last house I built, I even photographed the trenches for footings, showing my yard stick in the trench to indicate the depth, as well as the ditch for the water and sewer in the event that we need to dig it up in the future! (Also, so we won't dig down too deep to plant trees.) Everything was documented in a photo scrapbook.

I even have fun photos of the carpenters at work! They became like "family" to us! I brought them lunch many times and we all got along just great! (Hope my next building experience goes half as smooth.....in a new area and don't know the builders here...who to trust, etc., so will likely be more difficult.)


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This house could be a charming juxtaposition of vastly different design styles or it could be a hodge podge of unrelated eclectic elements punctuated with modern cliches. It is the details that will make the difference. And believe me that's not an easy task even for experienced design professionals.

When I design a house in a traditional style I like to invent a story to help me stay on track when detailing it. I call it the "myth".

This house might have been built in Virginia in the 1650's in the style now known as "Postmedieval English" (although I'm not yet sure how the wings got so far apart) The original arched opening was a door since these houses had rectangular double-hung windows. After the main building burned in 1730, a new main house structure was built in the popular Georgian style. A hundred years later a neoclassical porch and French doors were added.

If I were to build it I would try to either separate these two distinctly different styles more or tie them together better. I would at least try to tone down the Greek pediment on the porch and spring for full sized shutters.

Unfortunately, constructing both elements out of the same brick makes it difficult to keep the overall design from looking like just another suburban modern eclectic "adaptation" with no appreciation for historical references. The design issue of exterior materials is a very difficult one. They should not be the same. Brick and stone would be better. Maybe even clapboard siding on the Georgian house and a dark red brick on the medieval wings.

To get it right I recommend hiring an architect to assist you.

To post a photo:

go to http://tinypic.com (it's free and no sign up is required)

select "browse" and go find your jpg, png, gif, or tif photo file and select it (it will be automatically downsized to 250K)

select the "upload image" button

copy the contents of the "HTML" window and paste it into the text part of your message.

Now preview you message. If you can see the photo, submit the message.

If you are unsure of yourself try all of this first at the test forum which is linked at the bottom of the main forum page. You might have to play with the dimensions of the original photo to keep the downloaded version from being too large since that sometimes stretches the text of all messages to the right (possibly off the screen)

It is also possible to copy the contents of the URL window and to then paste it into the "Optional Link URL" box. You must also type a description in the "Name of the Link" box.

Good luck

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We are currently building Aberly Lane. My wife and I liked the floor plan but wanted to change the exterior. We have 5 acres in the middle of horse country where we live. We wanted more of a farmhouse look. We added size to each room, windows, a basement, 3 car garage. Picture of the front is below, still need to add shutters, lights, paver walkway, etc to the exterior. Let me know if you want more details...

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I just noticed this post was active again.Well to answer some of your inquiries, our framing material costs are roughly 52K, roof 7K. We are using metal roofing materials for the porches, I don't have the numbers on that right now. House is located in eastern VA near Chesapeake Bay. The Boonies.

The exterior is still being worked on brick, cornice, porches, trim around the door, columns, and (full size!) shutters. I'll be honest, I'm not thrilled with the supposed decorative brickwork, but that's an issue that I won't get into. We should be insulating next week and I'm hustling to finalize some of my cosmetic decisions. And I have been photographically documenting everything that has been going on. I'm sure the subs think I'm a little nutty with the camera, but you never know when you'll need that so called obscure picture, that was taken.

I have seen a variety of changes made on the Ab. plan and mnthorse, yours is def. a favorite. I can't wait to show this to my husband, it's looks fantastic and epitomizes (to me anyway) what mightyanvil was conveying about "the myth". I'm sure it's just a beautiful inside-I'd love to see pictures.

Here's some pics from yesterday of our house.

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seb921, Here is a picture from the same angle as your last one. You'll notice the basement stairs, we made the family room 1 story, and a door we added where you have an oval window. The second picture is the room above the family room, we added a desk where the original plan has a doorway overlooking the 2 story family room.

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I just thought I'd post this site that I recently found with another version of the Abberley. The views are awesome. And the price is inexpensive compared to my lot and house!

Mnthorse, the trim work looks very nice in those pics. I love tall baseboards. Thanks for posting the pics!


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Abberley Lane is being built across the street from us. However, it seems to be only one guy working on it. They broke ground six months ago and are just now finishing up the framing stage. Roof went on this weekend. At this rate it could be months before I could include a photo for you! They have done away with the exaggerated facade on the garage and first floor bedroom/study.
Unfortunately, our Architectual committee doesn't seem to be doing a very good job of mixing things up in our neighborhood. The farmhouse next door has the same porch as abberley lane minus the pediment over the front door and we have General Shale's Salem Creek tudor brick, which is the same as the Spalding Tudor, frequently used on the Abberley Lane. So the house across the street will look like they just mixed our two homes together and came up with theirs!

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To MightyAnvil:

Indeed, details do make the difference I am a detail fanatic! When it comes to my architectural and interior design projects, everything must flow with historical accuracy and authenticity, too.

I want to tone down the Greek Pediment on the front porch, also. (I told my husband that this plan reminded me of a "hodge podge of architectural elements from diffenent periods in history"!) Parts of the house look Federal, Greek, Colonial, and the Garage Facade looks like some French-Influenced structures I saw in Louisiana. (I like to use one main theme, such as, "1800's Deep South"! But, which look from the Deep South will we end up with? Hummmmmm....time will tell as we keep on researching...)

Hey everyone, look for this home's sister plan, Amelia Place! It is the same basic layout with a French flair to the exterior. I am having a strong inclination to change the "side wings" of Abberley Lane to the hip roof style of Amelia Place and add a cupola with weathervane! I tried to insert a sketch of it but "failed". :-(

TO MntHorse:

To me, cupolas are a "must have" for an equestrian estate!

For months, I have been sketching variations of different garage styles for the Abberley Lane plan which include cupolas! After seeing your photo, my hubby liked your garage changes. It helped him to see what my drawings will look like on a real house! Your phto may help me get that Cupola after all!! In your photo, the stained doors on the front porch look great with the white siding.

MntHorse.....Your variation of Abberley Lane is beautiful!

mnthorse.....Please, post more photos!!! :-)

Our plans are to raise the foundation like Seb's and use a med/dark antiqued tumbled brick with inlaid brick pavers on the porch and walkway. Those large black hinged shutters and gas coach lanterns will add that special authentic detail for a "hitoric" feel to the front entry.

Seb....LOVE YOUR INPUT and PHOTOS!!! Your house looks so good! Keep us posted on your progress. I don't get to use the PC often, but am excited to see these posts when I can!

To all who have posted photos..... "THANK YOU"!


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I just found this post and would love to keep the thread alive. We have just committed to build Abberley Lane. This is after 2 long years of refining the original Southern Living plans. It is awesome to see so many variations of the same house. I love seeing the interior pics, because it is so hard to visualize the spaces in 3-D. We are trying to keep very true to the original exterior materials (copper roof, wrought iron railings and parapet walls) but we modified the interior somewhat (eliminated the hallway leading to the Master Bedroom and made a bigger pantry and added a laundry room.) I hope you all will keep posting progress photos. Good Luck!

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To konfusedkat: Yes, lets try to keep this thread alive! It's been a while since anyone has posted.

The photos posted so far have been nice. Do you have any photos of your own Abberley Lane building project?

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bumping this back up (sorry for those who are sick of seeing it)

i've followed this particular thread from the beginning as i am using the exterior design & build of the original southern living abberley lane house as my starting point for our 'forever' house we are scheduled to build in may of this year.

i have redrawn the floorplan according to what i want while trying to keep the overall shape of the abberley house.

we plan to have a walk out basement foundation & 3 car garage. it is so helpful (and fun) to see other's progress here. i hope you all will share your progress here :o)

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I am seriously considering building this house. I love it so much that I dream about it. We went to see the house built in a local neighborhood this week. It was ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! They also wanted $799,000 which I just about choked. (It did have a complete basement and a 3 car garage.) I videoed everything that I saw and the changes that they made from the original plan. Lindey, I would love to see your redrawn plan if you are willing to share. As someone else posted, I want to take bits and pieces of what I love and put together. Also, how much were you quoted per square foot to build? I want to get a rough estimate and make sure that I don't need to start looking for another plan:( I started to order the plan today from Southern Living. Thanks!!!

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hey sassy :o) goodness...that price is frightning! what part of the country do you live in & how much acrage(or lot size) was included?

i'm very happy to share the latest draft i've drawn up...we are headed to our camp for the weekend later this afternoon, so if i don't get it posted today, i'll get on it first thing monday.

i do have to mention though, that i really just used the shape & rooflines and started from scratch on the interior layout...it's the exterior of the house that i heart :o) the french doors across the front, that copper roof over the porch...yummy!

we are building across the street from our current home (which goes on the market officially monday) we were able to buy 95 acres...a lot of pasture, but the house site is just out from a patch of big old hardwoods and it naturally slopes :o) i'm just so excited! i'm rambling, i know...oops. anyway...our builder is an old friend of my dh & has a great reputation locally. he works with closesly on all his projects with a draftsman who i am meeting with in the next few weeks...i'll find out a lot more then & will share.

thanks for sharing...you wouldn't happen to have any pics of the house you visited?? would love to see any & all :o)

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Thank you! I would have emailed sooner but we just arrived home from my son having surgery at Scottish Rite.

The house only included 3 acres and was built by the owner (he's a builder in the area.) We live in the Atlanta area and prices for land is outrageous! He is building the house again in an "invitation only" community because he likes the plan so much.

I think I only took two pictures but I will look and see. If I figure out how to post, I will send them to you.

Have fun on your trip and I look forward to your email!

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Hello! I too am hoping to build the Abberley Lane and I found this website in my google searches!
I love seeing the photos of everyone's progress...if anyone has anymore recent photos I would love to see them.
Also, on another thread there was talk about the kitchen size and questions as to if it was a bit small or crowded. I am wanting to eliminate the wall between the kitchen and living room and make it a large open space...when I do that I want to move the island more towards the living room and possibly bring it around into a slight L shape.
Has anyone built the house or thought of building it with the kitchen open to the family room?

The second major change we are wanting to do is to floor in over the family room. I have 4 boys and I am excited about having a house where they can each have their own room.

Another change I am hoping to make is with the roof over the bonus area. We want to divide this space into 3 areas...a media room, an area for the kids (center) and a scrapbooking room for me in the rear. But in the photos I have seen (sl website and www.rockislandestate.com) they have knee walls that don't accomadate the furniture I have to put in those areas. I have submitted my plan and spec sheet to my builder and am currently waiting on his estimate, but I am wondering if anyone else has done anything to raise the walls a bit in this area?
I suppose I have rambled on enough but I am terribly excited about the possiblity of building this house and am happy that I have found a place with so much information!

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Hi all. I just noticed this thread came back to life, and thought I'd post something quickly. Our house is coming along nicely about 1.5-2 months left on the build. Its been a long stressful year and finally I'm getting excited, again, about it. I'll post recent pics sometime this weekend.

Just to quickly note-sherrivon1-we built our house pretty closely to the plans and had considered opening up the kitchen to fam room at one point, but the support for the open stair/hallway is on that wall. I'm not an engineer so there may be other alternatives for that. Now with the bonus room, and I may have mentioned it in another thread, we widened that side of the house by I think almost 3 feet, the roof height increased a bit (still matches the main house) and we dropped our garage ceiling so that we now have a small set of stairs going down into that part of the bonus area. That room is huge. I call it "the gymnasium". We were able to drop the ceiling in there because we raised the house foundation a bit. The windows in that room are up high-so you can't go peek out the window, but it lets a lot of light in. The middle room that you walk into is going to be a media room and has 5 foot kneewalls on the outside wall, but the opposite wall was made normal, straight 9 feet high so we can put furniture along there and, another straight wall was put up to divide for the "third" room at the back-my crafty crap room. The sq footage for our bonus space is approx. 1200 sq ft. We are just now finishing it out, its a mess, but I'll try and get some pics of it this weekend.

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Thanks for the follow up post seb...
I am dying to see your pictures, I will be checking back regularly!!
Since I want to floor in above the family room, we wouldn't have an open hallway upstairs, I wonder if that changes anything as far as the support? I have a back up plan if it isn't do-able the way I am thinking...but it is too hard to type out and explain so I won't!
Did you do a 2 or 3 car garage?
I talked to the builder about raising the roof a bit in the bonsu space because I wanted the knee walls to be more useable, but since talking to him I have decided I want to extend that side of the house out about 4 feet....I would love to see your pictures to see how that changes things. How did you do the opposite wall with the straight walls? Did that change the roof at all? In my crafty room (same spot as yours) that is one of my concerns because I have a couple of pieces of furniture that house my scrap stuff that won't be able to fit in there if I don't find a way to "fix" those walls!!
When it is all said and done with your 3 ft bump out and such, what is the sq footage of your whole house?
Thanks for coming back, looking forward to your reply!

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I am out of town right now but will post the pictures of the Abberley Lane that I saw when I arrive home.

The changes that I would like to make are to make the half bath/office area a laundry room and move the half bath to the intial entrance to the hallway leading to the master bedroom. We are going to eliminate the hallway to the master. I am hoping this will also increase the size of the closet.

Next, make an entrance to the master bedroom near the stairs off of the kitchen. It was a pretty wide area in the house that I toured and I want to eliminate the raised floor in that area too.

I would like to extend the master bedroom to the very end of the back porch and turn the closet nearest to the study's bathroom the basement stairs. The little oval window that is in this hallway was turned into a long rectangle one in the house that I saw. I loved this change because it let in more light.

The one thing that bothers me is how skinny the island in the kitchen was in this house. I have a pretty good picture of this at home. Seb, how wide do you think the island could be and still have ample room?

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Here is a bad picture of the kitchen in the Abberley Lane that I toured. I would like to make the island bigger to have bar stools.

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Just have a few minutes, but wanted to let you know that our kitchen island is 38inches. My kitchen guy said any larger and there would be issues with the walking space and kitchen guideline rules. The island in the above pic looks quite narrow, but the opposite counter-parallel-looks wide. We are putting our narrow countertop(24" i think) on that side so that allows for more island space, with some seating on the end. We are putting in a 48" range on the wall opposite where the sink is, so I wanted counter space closer to where the work triangle is.

I hate that oval window. Wish we had thought that area out better. Hindsight, you know how that goes!

I forgot my camera this past weekend, so no recent pics, but I'll be up at the house this weekend.

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seeing posts added to this thread makes me giddy! keep 'em coming. i'm working on an extension to my blog so that i can post pics more easily & i'll link them here once i get it going :o)

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Here is another picture that I found in the kitchen area. I think I was pulling at the ice machine.

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We have just found this plan and it's everything we want with a few minor changes. I've been unable to find any pictures associated with either the Abberley, Amelia, or Walkers Bluff. I'm looking for a 3 car garage, larger kitchen and island and increasing the size of the master closet. If anyone has made these alterations and have pics PLEASE post, including the floor plan. We live in Houston and this style of home is not common here. I have seen nothing like this plan

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I too am looking to build Abberley Lane. If anyone has changed the main floor to include a laundry room (especially konfusedkat)& closing in the upper floor above the family room, I'd love to see how you did it. I'm also considering just redesigning the interior of the house while maintaining the integrity of the exterior, so if anyone has done that, I'd love to see it.

Also, if anyone purchased the "Planning Set" of plans from Southern Living or John Tee, would you be willing to share or sell them?


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Found a wonderful gallery of images from a builder.

Here is a link that might be useful: Heritage Park Abberley Lane

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We just finished building Amelia Place, which is the sister plan to Abberley Lane. The only change we could find between the two plans was the front porch and dining room. We dug a full basement because of our sloped lot and moved the garage and gameroom downstairs, and the master BR to the front of the house.

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I know this is an old post, but i just found it. We are about 3 months into building this house in Mobile, AL. We have loved it since we walked thru it as a Southern Living idea house in Savannah, Ga. We mirror-imaged the house to sit the way we wanted on the lot (a little more than 1/2 acre which is practically a pasture in our area!). We shrunk it slightly in order to, hopefully, increase our ability to stay in this house forever! We changed the kitchen/den connection a bit. We totally kept the copper roofs in front and back, we kept all porches, we eliminated the far wing that housed a bed and bath and placed those above the fam. room. I hate those 2-story ceilings. we have tried really hard to stick with old-fashioned ideas so it won't look or feel new and/or cookie cutter. we hired an expert custom builder and so far, our work has been pretty close to flawless and speedy. will try to post some pics soon! let me know how your plan is coming!

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My wife and I are parents to 6 month old quadruplets! We're in Cajun country and have never seen this house around us. We absolutely love this plan with a few minor changes. We need a bigger laundry room and want to close in the family room to include a big open room for the kids upstairs. I encourage everyone to post new pictures to provide ideas to all interested in this house plan. Thanks!

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Well, it's been about 8 months since I first posted on this thread and about 7 years since I first fell in love with Abberley Lane. My DH and I are nearing the end of the modifiaction of house plan stage for Abberley Lane. We hired a local designer and brought her all the pics we took in GA of the original and made several modifications:
we pushed the garage section(only) over about 8 feet and put in a powder room and cubby area. This change allowed for a powder room near the garage for when DH is working outside and doesn't want to traipse thru the house dirty to get to the facilities. It also allowed for the front exterior of the house to be more balanced as the porch now extends 8' past both sides of the main house vs. just on one side. The garage also grew about 3-4' in both directions. We moved the entry from the garage into the house from the left wall (as you're walking thru the garage from the outside) and moved it to the wall straight ahead. The old area where the entry was is now a 9x9 laundry room. We also flipped the back stairs around and made them switchback vs. a straight run, the entry to the master bedroom is now accessed thru the kitchen where the staircase entry used to be. We eliminated the dining area in the kitchen and pulled that wall back even with the family room back wall and put the sink & dishwashers on that wall. Eliminated wall between family room and kitchen and made island 5'W x 9'L with seating for 5, closed in above family room to make 2nd master (old playroom that overlooked family room is now 2nd master's bath and closet), bath on 2nd floor is now a staircase to the attic with powder room underneath. Pulled front of house out 2 feet allowing for larger dining room and larger bedrooms for the kids. Added walk out basement with access under main stairs--walk out portion is under the study area.

If I can figure out how to scan the blue prints, I'll post them. I'll definitely post pics of the build as we go! We should be breaking ground soon--excited & scared to death at the same time!

If anyone else has any pics/modifications/words of wisdom, please post! Sablelee and Fourkidz--would love to see your pics too!

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Does anybody have any more information about Abberley Lane since the last post? We too are just beginning to work on our floor plan modifications for this plan and would love any and all information anyone is willing to share (ideas, build prices, photos). I have done extensive Google searching and have seen photos that way but knowledge of personal experience would be a huge help.
Thank you!

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Hi, We are currently working with John Tee Architects with the Abberley Lane plan. I would love to open more conversation up on this house plan. We also fell in love with this plan when it was the idea house years ago and are now just building it with updates on the floor plan.
Is there anyone out there still interested in chatting and sharing ideas or suggestions from any homeowners that have already built this home?

I am working on the kitchen and wanting to know the best alternatives. Seem like lots of people have made changes here. ?? Where to put refrig, sizes of island, to close off family room vs keep it open with a bar with seating?

Again, just wanted to open this discussion up again for anyone that is interested. We would love any input from experienced Abberley Lane homeowners.

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We too have fallen in love with this house plan but are at the very begining stages. We plan to start building in April so any modifications will need to be decided soon. With that being said, we would love to learn from anyone going thru this process or has completed their version of Abberley Lane as to modifications. We would like a main floor laundry, and best use of space so deleting hallway to bedroom for more pantry space. Any ideas adn suggestions etc are greatly welcomed! (and of course pictures! Brag here fellow Abberley Lane Lovers!)

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We have made so many modifications, but are making a version of the Abberley lane that is similar to mnthorse's home from 2007. I wish I could see finished versions of his! We have had to cut out some things and we are considering using some of the new vinyl siding instead of hardy board, but I'm so nervous! I wish I could see some good examples. As soon as we get the house in the dry, I'll post pics.

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For some reason I am not able to see all the pics even logged in?? Everyone keeps saying how beautiful seb's house is and I would love to see it as well. We too are in the early stages of building the abberley. I'm looking to move the stairs I think. Pics are the most helpful if anyone would mind sharing!!

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It's baaaaaaaaack! The Abberley Lane Newbie thread!!!

Hubby and I are getting ready to start building this plan with some modifications. I've really enjoyed looking at the photos posted from this thread and others.

Does anyone else have other pics of their completed Abberley Lane home they would care to share? I really haven't been able to see any shots of the foyer, like standing in the front door and looking straight ahead.

I'm so excited to see what all you wonderful Abberley Lane homeowners have to show! Thanks so much for sharing!

I'm also posting a link to an Abberley Lane that was recently on the market in my town.... Will give you all some more eye candy :)


Here is a link that might be useful: Abberley Lane College Station, TX

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I've attached a link to an Abberley Lane for sale in my area. It looks like they added a third floor/finished out the attic.

Here is a link that might be useful: Abberley Lane

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Wow, the tax assessment on that is sooooo low! The asking price (and previous sales prices) are 5-6 times higher than the assessed value. Is this the norm in your area? Our assessments are often times higher than market prices...

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Yes, this is fairly typical in middle Tennessee. Most of the assessments are based on drive by estimates-for good or bad.

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We are about to build the sister plan, Amelia Place, and just got our changes back from the architect. We opened up the kitchen by taking out the second staircase. That allowed for a larger island that looks into the living room. We also changed the master bath to have a walk-through shower behind the tub.
We cut the square footage down to 3602, but I'm concerned the upstairs bedrooms for our kids will be too small.

I would love to see pictures of this house or Abberley Lane if anyone has any. I've looked all over the place and tried these links, but haven't had much luck. We are building in West Tennessee.

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Post your re-arranged plan in your thread (that you started asking for pics) and we can comment to help you know if your bedrooms will be too small... Usually, if bedrooms are nice sized, but "too small" it is because of a traffic pattern/flow issue (too many doors/door swings/etc) than any other reason.

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Has anyone used the Glennfield plan by John Tee, which is similar to Abberley Lane and Amelia Place, I am looking at all three of these plans, but need to keep square footage below 3900 sq ft. Any pictures or ideas are appreciated!

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Hi!!! My husband and I are planning to build this beauty! We already have land and I'm very curious to see what the cost will be to build. I'm also trying to decide if I want to a larger fridge where archway is into family room.

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mrsfarmer, I'm building a heavily modified version of Abberley Lane as well. I think it is such a beautiful home. Good luck with your build!

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We are also building a heavily modified version of Abberley Lane. Main floor is opened up with additional mudroom, pantry, larger master bath, back hall, LR and DR will be offices, garage flipped to master side, etc.

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We have been looking at building Abberley Lane but do not want to order the plans just to find out the house is out of our budget. Can anyone share pricing? I like seeing all the changes. We (I mean me really) would like to make a few changes too. He is stuck on the original design. I want a bigger closet and laundry room.

I would love to see photos if anyone has them.

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Check out this link: http://www.oursouthernhomesc.com/2013/07/our-southern-home-summer-home-tour.html

This is from someone who built Abberley Lane and has added lovely photos of almost every room. She didn't change a thing from the original plan and has lived in it for almost ten years and still loves it. Quite a testament to its good design! If you look through her blog, she answers lots of questions about the house and seems very willing to share any info anyone might want. She also has a very detailed kitchen tour that you might find helpful. Just click on the "our home" link on the top page of her blog.

I am thinking of building Abberley Lane also and am also interested in anyone sharing pricing or more photos. This website has been a great source of info so far. I'm worried about cost (planning to build in central Missouri) and would greatly appreciate people sharing building costs (although I know they vary greatly by region).

Thank you!

Here is a link that might be useful: abberley lane interior & exterior photos

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