3 Used Altimas-Need negotiating help!

resabugApril 27, 2014

We are planning to purchase a used Nissan Altima 2-door coupe, paying cash, no trade-in. I have taken the following three out for a spin, and, being new to buying used from dealers, would appreciate any advice about the process!

#1 2011-40K-$17.9-fully loaded-small mom & pop dealership

#2 2011-16.8K-$18.6-loaded but no leather-certified from large Nissan dealership

#3 2012-31K-$16.9-base model-small dealership

We don't NEED any bells and whistles, but I am really drawn to the sunroof and fun extras (#1&2). It's a car for my husband and he is fine with the base model (#3) in light of saving $$.

I don't know how to go about negotiating...can you help? Thanks!

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Updated info from the CarFax reports:

#1- 1-owner personal lease vehicle, all good

#2- 1-owner person lease, 1 accident in 2012 with "front center primarily damaged, functional damage reported, airbags didn't deploy"

#3- previous rental vehicle

So this moves #1 up to the top of my list...even though #2 is now a "certified pre-owned".

Here is a link that might be useful: Car #2's online listing

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Google this phrase.

how how to negotiate used car price with dealer

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