Satina vs Stainless

rbanseFebruary 25, 2009

So we are purchasing a stainless steel range and a satina refrig (Maytag). My question is, can you tell the difference between the look of the two? Will they clash? They won't be right next to each other but about 4 feet apart on the same wall. We like the Satina because of less prone to fingerprints, and magnetic. Any opinions on this would be great. Thanks.


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I am wondering about this too, hope this will bump the thread.

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Well, for what it's worth. I compared two Whirlpool (they make Maytag) refrig's right next to each other. One was Satina, one was SS. They looked quite different, esp. if the range and refrig. are going to be on the same wall, only 3 feet apart.

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We have the satina finish on our Whirpool manufactured Kenmore fridge, and we're happy we chose it. As long as the fridge is not located *right* next to a SS range or oven, no one will notice the different in finish. This varies a lot according to what brand you're looking at (there's no way the LG version of this finish could possibly pass for SS!). It is so much easier to clean and does a great job resisting finger prints.

The one downfall to the satina finish is that it is more prone to scratches than SS. Our fridge is 4 years old now and we got it before we remodelled. During the course of our 1.5 year major remodel, the fridge was moved around several times, and it has one 1" scratch on it. Knowing everything this fridge went through, I certainly wouldn't classify the finish as delicate.

A picture for you:

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well I went ahead and bought a samsung sxs in the platinum finish, I put my fingers all over both the ss and the platinum in the store and the ss looked very fingerprinty as opposed to the platinum. I have 3 kids, I want to still like them at the end of the day:) I won't really have much stainless in my kitchen. . . just the top of my fratelli range, the dishwasher will be integrated so I think it will work.

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