What is this called?

rob333April 25, 2013

I have this radiator and the where the two brass outlets are (I assume it's the drain) needs a new hose. I want to order it from Jim Ellis Mazda parts, but they don't have this radiator. Usually, I find the part number this way if I can't buy it off of them. I can do neither this time! Help, so I can order the right hose?

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The brass outlets are actually outlets for your transmission cooler line. Is the brass cracked/broken or is the rubber that is leaking?

(I'm currently an ASE master tech with former mazda dealership experience)

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As the post above said, those brass thingys are fittings for the transmission. Transmission fluid is pumped through a section of the radiator to cool the fluid. In winter, it also helps to warm the radiator faster. These hoses are different than ordinary radiator and heater hoses. The liner material has to withstand hot transmission fliud.

You should be able to buy these hoses at your friendly Mazada dealer, or you may be able to find bulk hosing at an auto parts store such as NAPA or AutoZone. Take that nice picture along to show the counter man which hose you need.

Likely, you will loose some transmission fluid when these hoses are changed. After the new hoses have been installed, start the engine to refill the lines and cooler and then top off the transmission fluid.

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Really? Because when I took off the old radiator to replace it--the hose ran from one outlet to the other outlet. Not outside of the radiator. And it had been like that for years. The car is 23 years old. Hm.

Which explains why the picture doesn't show it online. somebody just has it feeding back into itself because the outlets don't exist on manual transmission radiators? Maybe?

Here is a link that might be useful: Jim Ellis picture

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Yeppers. I don't need those outlets at all, I have a manual transmission. That hose isn't the one leaking, and now I've moved on in troubleshooting. I think it's actually coming from the thermostat.


But bro will fix it if it is. Glad to know I don't have to remove the whole thing again!


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Leaking from the thermostat or water pump? Let's hope you have a hose leak instead.

Have you identified what liquid is leaking? engine oil? engine coolant? power steering fliud? etc.

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