Island trim

barbarajaffeFebruary 8, 2014

My question is about how hard you find it to clean the stainless steel island trim that juts up behind a rangetop that's set in an island.
I have to replace the old Wolf rangetop in my island. The island is 4 ft deep, so the rangetop only comes halfway across. My current rangetop is flush with the top surface of the island. I'll probably get a Wolf again, but almost all the rangetops I looked at had the perforated trim, which is there to vent the oven part of a range. The rangetop doesn't need the vent, but the manufacturers don't care about this issue.
All I can think is that the messy way I cook, with spatters and spills, that trim will need constant cleaning. And with the perforations, that will be a real pain.
I'd love not to have the island trim at all, but the intelligent dealer I spoke to said he didn't see a way around it.
Any thoughts?

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I think you're worrying about nothing. I have a range with island trim and have never had to clean it except for an occasional wipe.

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actually I was just looking at the Wolf rangetop today and we had the exact same discussion! Even though my range top won't be in the island it has that same darn perforated strip in the back and I thought it could catch grease splatters, or a pasta boil-over, etc. There wasn't an easy way to remove it, and even if it was removed, it wouldn't be 'finished' underneath that piece.

Kind of a bad design I think. It's not going to stop me from getting the Wolf, but I did jokingly mention putting aluminum foil on it akin to putting plastic or bedsheets over a sofa like grandma did, lol.

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ok - I went and looked at a picture of the Wolf island trim and it is quite a bit different from the island trim on my DCS range. Still, you can probably just wipe it down and not worry about cleaning all the nooks and crannies. I went and looked at pictures of DCS rangetops and they don't seem to have island trim - you should consider those in addition to the Wolf. By the way DCS calls their rangetops "Professional Coooktops" as opposed to their "Drop-in Cooktops".

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