Problem with free standing tub filler

lewisohFebruary 3, 2014

We recently completed a master bath renovation that includes a Victoria & Albert freestanding tub and Cheviot Tub Filler, Model 7565. This filler has separate hot and cold supply lines that are 7" OC. The filler is installed between the back length of the tub and the wall. We left about 9 inches between the wall and the edge of the tub.

Unfortunately, we have had nothing but trouble with the Cheviot tub filler and I think it's time to stop fighting with them and instead figure out an alternate solution.

Given my supply line configuration, I'm having trouble figuring out my options. Many of the tub fillers have a valve under the floor or behind a wall and then have only a single supply line showing "above the floor." That won't work for me and my two supply lines.

I don't know if the lines can be altered to come up through the rim of my tub instead of several inches behind my tub.

If my contractor constructs some kind of deck behind the tub, I don't know whether the supply lines will work with a Roman Deck configuration. Do I have to find something with hot and cold supplies that are 7" OC?

I know, I know. Hire a plumber to advise me. But I've already paid for FIVE plumbing visits to install and troubleshoot the Cheviot tub filler and I would like to gain some understanding of my options before sinking more money into this. And unfortunately, I don't have $3,000 to spend on this!

Greatly appreciate any input.

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If you're simply wanting alternatives to what you have that are in the same configuration as what you have, there areother fillers that are 7" oc.

I'm not advocating any of those in the Signature link because I don't know specifically what isn't working with your present setup that you are looking to avoid with the new setup. The Signature link was simply the first hit I got when searching the 'net.

So yes, there are other 7" setups out there.

As suggested by your contractor, you could build a pedestal to go behind the tub and hide the supplies if you were looking to go in a completely different direction. You could choose any type of filler you want, as the supplies could be hidden inside the pedestal so you wouldn't be stuck with a 7" setup.

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I'm a little gun-shy as far as trying another brand that I'm not familiar with. When I originally researched this, I went with the Cheviot tub filler based on not finding complaints. Boy, was that stupid. Because in hindsight, I didn't find glowing reviews either.

The Cheviot tub filler continues to run full force for about 6 seconds after shutting off the water and then drips for another 10 seconds, leaving a puddle of water on the floor behind the tub. The wand does the same thing. According to Cheviot, this is normal.

I'll be damned if I'm setting out a bowl to catch dripping water every time I use my brand new tub.

I have had good luck with Kohler, Moen, Grohe, and to a lesser extent, Hansgrohe. I intend to stick with something from those brands.

There is a comparable filler by Toto that's a stretch but probably no more expensive than building the pedestal, topping it with quartz, re-doing the wainscot, painting, buying a roman deck set etc. I need to find some glowing reviews about Toto!

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