2004 Eddy Bauer Ford

urleeApril 25, 2011

On my 1998 Chevy S10, all the red lights (battery,brakes,check engine, etc.) show on the Instrument panel as I turn the key to start the engine. Then of course they go out.

Does the same hold true for the 2004 Eddy Bauer Ford Explorer? I was told there are red lights but no red light for the Battery when turning the key to start the engine?

How can one tell if the battery is about to fail or is there no warning of any kind? In other words, can you take your vehicle as usual to some place, shut it off and come back out to go home only to find it will not start (dead battery) when it always started with no problem prior? (nothing left on to drain the battery of course)

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Does your Ford have a voltmeter on the instrument panel? If so, this may not be the best indicator of developing problems, but a good meter can show when the charging system is failing. With the battery charged and the engine running, it should show nearly 14 volts. If it shows 12 V or less, the charging system is not working.

Late model Chrysler vehicles have a built-in procedure for checking out instrument displays. It is activated by a series of switching by the ignition key. Check your owner's manual to see if you have similar.

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I have the Chevy S10.

The person who has the 2004 Eddy Bauer says it has all the red lights like I do except the battery one which I find hard to believe. That is why I am asking here.

I am speaking of when you first turn the key to start the engine.
If it uses the red lights, doesn't that mean a red light should go on if the battery is BO?

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PS: My instrument panel is ALL gauges but the red lights show when I turn the key to start the engine.
Those red lights come on when there is trouble!

Urlee (S10)

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