Power seat problem

cheerful1_gwApril 17, 2007

I have a 1996 Explorer. The power seat on the drivers side stopped working. The power seat on the passenger side is fine, all the other electrical in the car works. Could it be just a fuse, or a symptom of a bigger problem?

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Could be anything. Most seat assemblies have either one
motor and 3 electric clutch packs with reversing relays or
3 motors with it's own reversing clutch pack. Power seats are not fused. They use a resetting breaker. Can you hear the clutches engauge ? does your dome lights dim when you
hit the seat switch ? Usually the switch gets damaged as you kick it when you enter and exit the vehical.

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Nothing seems different. When I hit the seat switch, I don't hear any noise.

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main power failure. before the switch, after the switch, or
the switch itself. send it out.

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