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victoria321April 11, 2007

Is there any recourse agianst a dealership that has worked on our car four times to fix a problem and doesn't get it fixed, yet charges us thousands of dollars for repairs? we are over $6,000 now. We certainly can't afford a lawyer anymore, but maybe a big disparaging sign in our front yard. Is that legal? I want some money back! My sunfire only has 66,000 miles.

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What is wrong with the car? What is so wrong that it's costing over 6 grand to repair?
Why are you going back to the same dealer?
Either find another repair shop or get rid of the car as you may have put out more money in repairs than the value of the car.

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victoria this should be a real good story please explain in detail how you came to spend 6k on a sunbird with 66k. I doubt that you have any real legal recourse with the stealership, since the team of lawyers they have on retainage have written the repair contracts in the repair facilities favor. The big sign in the yard with disparaging remarks would mostly just make you look foolish I personally would not go that route. If you want to take action, (not as much fun but more likely to produce results) maybe a log book with every tiny factual detail and a copy of every work order/estimate would be more appropriate to reach your goal of monetary satisfaction. Any judge or lawyer will tell you that the one that produces with the proper documentation and backup paperwork wins almost every time. Once you have all your info gathered let your local high powered attorney person examine it to see if a lawsuit could be moved forward and won. Their may be a brand new shiny sunbird in your future now that would be nice huh?

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Is there any recourse for a dealership that has a disgruntled customer distort the facts of a service history? Now I'm not saying you have done that Victoria, but let me mention some things that I have seen other customers do.

1st. Combine all of the cars repair costs, even those relating to an accident/bodywork, and/or other services (brakes, tires, etc.) that were in fact needed and performed correctly, with what ever service that has not gone well in an attempt to embellish their story.

The lesson applied is "Two wrongs don't make a right", and of course if the dealer has had four attempts to fix one particular problem and failed that is a bad thing. But lumping every vehicle expense related to, or unrelated to that single thing unfixed is also wrong, and unfair. If one dollar of your $6000 total was for a legitimate service that was performed correctly, then you should recant your first statement, and provide us with a corrected number.

Now the second problem. You posted a question to the board, but your post is widely devoid of specifics as to what the unresolved symptom is, and what services have been performed in an attempt to remedy it. That makes us either have to speculate (guess) or frankly otherwise choose to ignore it. Auto repair isn't as easy as some would like to think that it is. The game of guess diagnostics has far more losing rolls of the dice than there are wins, that's why I don't play that game. So, especially for me you have to be very specific about exactly what the symptoms are for a real technician to be able to drive your car and verify the reported symptom and then go find and repair it. Basically anything you can feel as a problem, I also have to be able to feel, or sense the same way you do. That is the first step of any diagnostic routine.

Now for some targeted questions.

What kind of car? Make, Model, Year, Engine, Trans.

When does the symptom occur? Cold, as being ambient temperature cold, or engine running less than two minutes after startup. Warm, as in ambient temperature, or the period of time between two and four minutes after startup. Hot, once again as in ambient temperature and/or at some point in time after five minutes of operation after startup. If it does occur after five minutes, just how many minutes does the car have to run?

Specifically describe the symptom here_______________

Does it matter how long the car sits prior to startup for the symptom to occur?

Does it happen under acceleration, deceleration, idle, cruising at steady speed, coasting, climbing a hill, or turning?

Does the check engine light come on during an event? If so what code(s) have been getting stored?

Specifically, what repairs have been performed in an attempt to solve this symptom? DO NOT include repairs performed to solve any other symptom or service, post only the ones that were done for the symptom that has taken four repair attempts. Use your repair order copies for references if needed. With the right information here, I may be able to help you communicate exactly what the car is doing so the shop will stand a good chance of putting this problem behind you and them.

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