Timing Belt - Application

franzjozefApril 14, 2008

I'm interested if anybody might know.... Contitech is releasing their new brand OIL RUNNER timing belt which is supposed to run inside of engine in the oil bath. Release should happen in the middle of 2008. Does anybody know in which application?

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News to me. I undersant using a chain inside an engine where it is lubed, but not a belt.

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What would be the purpose of lubricating a belt?Every oil soaked belt I have seen had to be replaced.

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This looks like something in development. Maybe someone is trying to replace the conventional timing chain with a belt, but this doesn't make sense to me. Possibly, the thinking is a cost reduction.

Physically, its merely a matter of changing the sprockets on the cam shaft and crankshaft to one designed for toothed belts, but from a mechanical designer's view, this makes no sense. Possibly, a belt would be quieter. However, a chain drive can approach 98% efficiency and a belt can not. Ultimately, a belt will need replaceing at the expense of removing a gasketed belt cover and all the labor required to get to it. An enclosed belt can not be inspected unless a port hole is provided. It does eliminate the seal on the camshaft extension. I would think that a belt tensioner is required, the same as for a dry belt.

Maybe this application is for a motorcycle engine. Look at the evolution of engine development in Japan and it seems they use motorcycle engines for their test beds. Several developments appear on motorcycle engines a few years before these are found in automotive engines (from Japan). To name a couple I know of: 4 to 5 valves per cylinder; Counter balance shafts.

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