Blown fuse i think

isletlakeApril 5, 2009


I think i shorted something on my 2004 f350, i now have no gauges,windows,interior lights, no under hood light, speedo, tach, etc.

Alot of stuff for one circuit. I looked at all the easy fuses and i am starting to think its a main breaker of some type. I dont know how to check all these monster fuses/breakers.

Any one have any ideas thoughts or suggestions, my operator manual isnt much help.


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Look for a power distrubution center under the hood. Both relays and fuses may reside in there, at least, that's where the big 50 amp fuses are on my vehicle. You don't need anything special to check the fuses, just look at them. Sometimes, you can tell a blown fuse without pulling it out; If not, pull the fuses (one at a time) and take a good look at the fuse link. It'll be obvious if it is melted.

Sometimes, the fuse and relay identification is printed on the inside of the box cover. Compare the fuse sizes indicated to the acutal, installed fuses - these should match. Also, you may find a spare fuse stored in the distrubition center. It's usually a small 10 amp fuse.

Usually, other fuses are found (hidden away) inside the driver/passenger compartment.

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