Fuel Injectors Clean or Replace?

buckyMarch 14, 2010

My 96 Buick is now 14 years old but has only 135,000 kms on it. It doesn't idle as smooth as it did when new and my mileage had dropped off just a bit. The plugs and ignition wires were replaced at 100,000 kms as part of a major tune up I had done. My question is: When should the injectors be removed and cleaned or simply replaced. The car is still running really well except for a wee bit of rough idle and poorer mileage.

Appreciate your advise or recommendations. Thanks: Bucky2

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Replace with a matched set. JMHO.


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Has the Throttle Body and the IAC seat ever been cleaned. Those two things can effect the idle. I would do that first before replacing the injectors if it hasn't been done.

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Fellas: Thanks for the reply to my inquiry.

John: I will take your advise and replace rather than clean injectors.

Bob: The IAC valve was replaced when I did the plugs but the throttle body has never been serviced. How do I go about cleaning the throttle body?
Thanks: Bucky

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This would be a 3800 engine (the other engines are basically the same procedure). Remove the air duct hose from the air cleaner to throttle body. If the MAF is attached to the throttle body disconnect it (if the TPS and IAC harness is in the way disconnect them and move them out of the way). There should be four stainless steel screws that hold that front housing to the throttle body (try not to drop those screws because you can't retrieve them with a magnet). The MAF can stay attached to that housing. What you are doing is getting to the butterfly or throttle blade. Once that is exposed I use carb. cleaner and soak everything down and start wiping it with a shop rag. Start with the blade closed and get as much as you can. Then prop the throttle wide open and clean up the rest. I have a 9/16 socket that I use to prop the throttle open. The reason GM's get gummed up around the blade is they have their Vac Ports right there. And all the oil vapors from the PCV are drawn to that area and cause that area to build up with gum. And eventually the throttle blade can't close all the way. Thus causing poor idle. Also check all of your vac hoses for cracks.


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Thanks for the information Bob. I have the supercharged 3800 V6 engine. I'll do this little project when the weather warms up a bit.

Appreciate your advise. Bucky

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