Sticking Parking Break, 2005 Chevy Colorado

jerry_njMarch 23, 2008

I have a 2005 Chevy Colorado compact pickup purchase new, and low mileage, under 10,000.

Last winter I had what I concluded was a sticking/frozen parking break. The symptom was when I released the foot actuated parking break and tried to back up, manual transmission, the truck wouldn't move until I gave it a lot of throttle and "rode" the clutch. Something banged/poped and the truck started moving, no more problems. As said, I figured something was frozen. Then today, with the temperature in the upper 40s, the same thing happened. Only this time it was worse, I tried first to back, then after checking the break release to be sure it was released, I tried to go forward, then again in reverse, when it again banged/poped and the truck started backing. Not other indications of a problem.

The factory warranty runs out in July, so I'm thinking of taking into the deal to have it checked...thinking I should in addition to describing the problem suggest it is a sticking parking break. It should be easy for them to check/lubricate/adjust to be sure. Then too, there may be a silent recall or allert or experience that will tell them what the problem is.

Advice welcome.

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The usual cause for your problem is water invading the cable housing combined with corrosion. The problem can be increased if the return springs on the brake shoes are weak or broken. To repair, replace the cables.

I did note that you had the problem last winter, then drove a whole season before it happened again. There is one other remote cause and that is water in the drum when the brake was set and then the water froze welding the parts together. This is remote possibility unless you drove through a puddle of water deep enough to wet the drum a short time before you parked. I rule this out since you said the temperature was 40 F the last time it happened.

Since your truck is under warranty, I think that GM owes you a repair (unless that is excluded somewhere in the guarrantee). In any case, it should be fixed. It's not going to get better.

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Thanks, jimdandy, I'll make an appointment with the Chevy Dealer's shop. It is under warranty, less than 36 months old.

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Dealer's shop was concerned about how the sticking occurred, with a particular interest in did I back up or go forward first. I said back up, always. There was at least some thought given to the GMC Auto-Locking differential in my truck. On this point they recommend changing that oil at three years, for me that's about 9000 miles, the shop said change anyway.

Back to the brakes, they did some adjusting and had to order a modification bracket of some type, seems this may be a silent recall issue, they expect the part(s) on Friday. All is covered by the factory warranty.

Anyone hear of problems with Chevy Colorado parking brakes? or the auto-locking differential? Anyone with a Colorado may also have problems with the parking brake if there is a factory adapter available.

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Well, the dealer fixed under warranty. On direct questioning the service desk man said "yes" the truck problem is a known problem, but"no" there is no general recall out. I guess that's because the problem isn't life threating. The job took longer than I expected, it was on the lift for over two hours. I was in the waiting room, but I could see from there when they brought the truck into the shop. On the work order I see to that they also turned the rear drums, may have said "polished". They then gave it an extensive test drive, about 6 miles worth.

So, people with a 2005 Colorado, keep ears and eyes open for any parking brake noise and lock-up, especially on first backing after a parking for more than a couple of hours. I'll look at the Consumer Reports experience on the 2005 Colorado, it may show brakes as a problem area.

One nice change, I looked at an Impala on the floor and reading the sticker I see Stainless Steel exhaust standard. I had SS exhaust on a 1990 Mitsubishi and after 15 years it was still factory original. For those of us who keep a car that long, SS exhaust is worth at least $1,000 in exaust work in 15 years, 150,000 miles.

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