mescury mystique, ignition key will not turn

esemilioMarch 1, 2009

For the past several weeks, the key was hard sticking into or removing from the ignition but once inserted it worked fine. I had squirted some WD 40 into the key hole; it id not seem to help. Yesterday, about 1/2 hr after running a short errand, I could not turn the key; the steering wheel and transmission are both locked. I jiggled the key, turned the steering wheel both right and left (locked, slight move), tapped on the key, pulled and reinserted the key several times.... nothing. I came across several articles on replacing the tumbler, but they all required the key to be turned to the on posisition in order to release the tumbler. Because the key will not turn, I cannot put it in the on position. Does anyone know the way around it?

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

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The WD40 might be gumming up the tumblers. After the solvent evaporates, WD40 leaves behind an anti-corrosion coating that is gummy. Try a standard lock lubicant.

Of course, there could be other issues that may cause your lock to jam.

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The lock cylinder and keys will likely need to be replaced. The shop has to be able to reprogram the theft deterrent system to accept the new keys.

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Thanks to those who followed up!

Here is the story. The mercury dealer informed me that they sell the ingition key as a set (ignition, doors & trunk) ~$250. I checked and several after market car parts stores carried it (~$35 to 65); Because I could not turn the key, the only way to remove the old lock is to drill out the "sidebar" in the lock so the key can be turned and the lock released from the steering colum. I called a lock smith who came to the house and did the work. Because I had a chip in the key, the lock smith had to re-key the new lock so that my old key would work the new lock. Cost: $160 for the locksmith and $45 for the lock.


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