Depth and Height over toilet cabinet

gardenspiceFebruary 24, 2009

We are having a cabinet built to go over our toilet. (Not my favorite idea either, but we really don't have many options in this bathroom.)

Can anyone advise me on the depth of their over toilet cabinet and the distance to the floor and or distance to the toilet tank from the bottom of the cabinet?

I had an over the toilet cabinet in my last house and somehow we managed life without banging our heads, but I guess I'm paranoid!

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Hey there, new person chiming in.

We have one over our toilet in one of our tiny bathrooms. It's 50 1/2" from floor to bottom of the cabinet,19" from top of toilet tank to bottom of the cabinet, and is only 4 7/8" in depth.

No injuries to date!

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59.5 from the floor 39.5 from the seat and 13" out from the back wall. Yep hubby cracked his head one time but not since. I am going to eliminate this cabinet an do something with the side walls and a recessed cabinet this time. Think I will use the back wall for framed art or crazy fancy sconce. Kind of a surprize when you come around the corner.

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We mounted our 9" deep medicine cabinet over the toilet.. 50" or so from the floor. Neither of us have bonked our heads on it, but I have managed to leave the "tip down/out" cabinet door at the bottom open, and stood up under it. No pain, just felt silly LOL.

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Thnk you al for the answers!

JJaazzy - that is what I was afraid of, so I'll definitely not go normal depth.

You guys are great.

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