New AG Wolf 1st 24 hours experiences and questions

cturnrdFebruary 14, 2012

We are coming to the end of our 2 1/2 month kitchen remodel. The appliances are in...well almost. We have hit a few bumps in the road the last week. Here are some highlights re: new 36" AG Wolf:

1) The Wolf arrived towards end of project- the space for range was 1/4" too small- so back out came the granite crew to shave off 1/4" of the granite.

2) The Wolf is now installed- I attempt the suggested "burn in" process for the griddle and oven. We had a custom hood built and they supplied the 1000 CFM ventilation system. Towards the last 15 min of the 2 hour process- weird horrible sputtering noises. One of the blowers burnt out. New one on the way. Can still use range but only one blower working. Sorry if I sound like an amateur- but when it comes to this stuff I am. I'm worried now that this ventilation system can't keep up with the Wolf?!

3) Forgot to mention in point 2 above that in the first five minutes or so of the burn in process of the oven, I'm noticing large amounts of liquid dripping from our new backsplash. I panic and call our contractor who calmly tells me that I always need to use vent system with AG wolf d/t humidity issues- even with the oven! Ok, welcome to the world of AG!

4) I'm attempting to "season" the griddle with my one blower. Trying to follow the instructions in the Wolf manual. It mentions heating the layer of oil on the griddle until see smoke and then turn off and let cool down before repeating the process. I've got this thing going for nearly 20 or more minutes- no smoke. Griddle is browning. Wolf manual mentions be careful not to use too much oil or will get gummy residue. I finally turn off after 30 min. What do I feel later to the touch- gumminess! Did I screw this up?

Feeling exasperated. Now off to learn the new Bosch dishwasher!!! That was a whole other story in itself!!! Any feedback on any of this appreciated!

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2) Sounds like you got unlucky with a bad blower. A 1000 CFM hood with the griddle should be fine. If you had the infrared grill, it would be a different story.

3) I'm guessing what you are seeing is, indeed, humidity. A gas oven will exhibit plenty of moisture on the backsplash until the oven heats up and the water is turned to steam. I'm also guessing you're coming from an electric oven. Enjoy the humidiity, especially if you bake. Breads, cookies, etc will all turn out better.

4) "Season" the griddle just as you would a cast iron skillet: dampen a wad of paper towels with vegetable oil. Swab the griddle with the wad. Heat the griddle on max until you see smoke. Once the hot griddle starts to seem dry, CAREFULLY rewipe it with the wad (wear an oven mitt or other substantial protection if this makes you nervous). Cool the griddle completely. Repeat entire sequence three times. Your griddle is now good to go. NEVER clean it with soap, or you will have to start over. Same goes for acidic foods, such as tomato, vinegar, or lemon. Be prepared to embrace that dark mahogany patina; the showroom-new gray is gone forever.

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ditto on the moisture--natural gas contains water. Sometimes it is "wetter" than other times, which is noticeable on our tile backsplash when we preheat our Wolf AG range. No big deal, I just wipe it dry if I notice it before it evaporates on its own.

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The gumminess is probably from too much oil. The oil should be applied as mentioned above. Just a light wipe is all you want. Less is best. Heat and repeat as already mentioned 3 or more times.

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Ditto on what cat_mom said... (HEY cat_mom, I've been out of touch, how are things?)

My AG 30" Wolf range with 5" riser completely drenches my glass backsplash when I use the oven. The hood dries it up after a little while.

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Hey hellonasty--email me--I'm having trouble with Auto-complete on Outlook, and can't find your email address.

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Wow, I didn't realize Wolfs put out so much moisture onto the backsplash- I have never seen any with my Therm or new CC.

It does sound like you over oiled the griddle. Take a scraper and scrape off what is there, hit it with a scour pad and some water when it is hot (be careful) and then try again.

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Just a couple of notes: natural gas does not contain water, water is a product of natural gas combustion. The moisture you are seeing is condensation. You will see condensation regardless of the vent hood.

If the oil has gotten gummy then it sounds like the griddle didn't get hot enough. It should surely be smoking if the surface temperature gets above 400 degrees. No oil is going to survive that. You might want to verify that your griddle is getting hot enough. A surface temperature thermometer is easily obtained at any cooking store. As for WHAT the high temp should be? Dunno, I would sure hope that you can hit at least 500 degrees if not lots more.

If it is possible to operate the griddle burner with the plate lifted, so that the burner is exposed, make sure you have a nice strong flame there.


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I am almost ready to purchase my 30 ag wolf. Does anyone know if propane gas will cause the same moisture concerns?

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