Anyone used an Abbaka blower on a wall?

kurtzicusFebruary 2, 2012

I'm thinking of putting an Abbaka HyEX 1400 cfm blower on an exterior wall. Has anyone done this?

I would be putting it on the wall right above where the kitchen hood. Anyone know if this would be fairly quiet? Would it for example be a lot quieter than having the fan IN the hood?

My other choice, since I'm doing new construction would be just to run the ductwork all the way to the roof...but it involves a couple of tradeoffs on the upstairs living space I don't quite want to do.

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We put one on the roof. If you don't have it yet, you will surprised by how large it is. I decided I didn't want something that big on a wall.

So we went up to the roof, and lost some space in a closet. Not ideal, but worth it for the sound reduction.

If you put it on a wall outside the hood it will be loud. I'm not sure if an internal fan would be quieter or louder.

Others should chime in here. Good luck!


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I don't have an Abbaka blower, or a blower on a wall just outside the cooking zone, but it occurs to me that two or three moderately lower cfm but smaller fans run at half speed would be quieter at 1400 cfm. Sizing and ducting would have to be carefully considered to determine what would fit. The only advantage would be if the airflow available from this setup were higher than from an internal fan or fans so the blade speed could be lower. Also, motor vibration might be captured by the house framing instead of the hood sheetmetal for a possible further benefit.


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I have a 1000 cfm Abbaka in the wall right now, providing excellent worksite venting as I do the rest of the kitchen renovation. I can hear it right now, in the next room.

If you really want quiet, running the ductwork to the roof and maybe using a silencer along the way is absolutely the way to go.

If the fan is on an outside wall right behind the hood it will be admirably efficient -- a very short duct run -- which may let you run the fan at slightly lower levels. And as fan noises go, Abbaka's is pretty good ... but it will not be "fairly quiet." You will hear it. And it will be only slightly more quiet than a fan in the hood.

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Thanks: this is helpful. I looked at the Abbaka spec and I'm going to run it up to the roof. The spec said keep total run less than 51 feet including each 90 degree turn as a 6 foot space.

I'm going with a 48" CC and I'm now going to use the Abbaka on the roof and a modernaire 48" vent hood. My total 10" duct run is going to be 30 feet long, but it will include two 90 degree turns. This means it will be 42 feet long as per the Abbaka spec (30+6*2). Hopefully the 1400cfm fan will get me enough cfm at the hood.

I probably don't have the brain power to do a static pressure calculation at the moment given a 10 inch duct.

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We have a similar setup - a 48 inch Capital Culinarian with a custom Modernaire hood insert in a wooden cabinet. I highly recommend that your hood be 54 inches wide and at least 27 inches deep. You really need that with the high heat and all of the smoke you will generate when cooking something good. This will allow you to keep the fan turned down lower which means less noise in the kitchen.


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Just following up on an old post - what do you think of the abbaka external fan now that you have had it for some time?

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