I can't do a panelled Warming draw with inset cabinets?

marioncohen1February 21, 2013

When I was ordering my inset cabinets today and writing that huge check my KD said I can't use the panelled warming draw i ordered with the inset cabinets as it will not be flush with the other drawers and look like an error. I am very disappointed as I wanted a warming draw since I am losing my 24 inch double oven.. I can leave it stainless steel but it needs to go right next to the 30 inch Wolf and think it will be an eyesore.. Any thoughts. You guys help so much. thanks

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time to get a new designer !

one that can think and come up with real solutions, not one that can just sell or take orders.

but, I assume you wrote the check anyway so you are more than likely SOL.

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What is the model of the warming drawer? Do you have a link to it? Look at the specs for the drawer, and see whether the drawer will only accept overlay panels. That is probably what the KD is talking about.

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Sophie Wheeler

You just have the cabinets made deeper. Not a big deal at all in most upper end lines. Now, if you're getting some Chinese upper end knockoffs, that's another story. Then your contractor will have to do extra work and block out additional space behind the cabinets and you'll have to order an extra deep skin to cover the exposed sides of the blocking. It's still not a big deal for any designer than actually knows what they are doing.

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