looking for a quiet awd station wagon

elisa_z5March 12, 2014

Haven't been able to find noise information about the new AWD station wagons. My old Subaru (2004) is nice and quiet, but when I test drove a 2013 it was much louder. Does anyone have a recommendation for a quieter awd or 4wd station wagon? Thanks!

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The Honda CR-V is quiet and AWD is available. Used AWD models run about $1000 more than the same model in FWD. The AWD option has more drive line noise than the FWD.

At highway speed, tire selection is a factor in overall noise level.

I haven't looked at Subaru, however, the Forester is on my list and Subaru does AWD right.

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We have a 2011 CRV AWD EX-L. I love my CRV, it is great, but one of the complaints it has--is noise level! I consider it quiet, but others don't agree,lol

Parents have an AWD Toyota Venza, love it, and I find it much quieter than my CRV, and its more of a station wagon!

I prefer my CRV over the venza, much nicer to drive, can see at all angles better. The one area where I do prefer the venza over the cRV is the venzas V6 engine! Very nice! If I wanted the bigger engine in the Crv (one really can't)--I would have to go to their Acura line up!!

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jemdandy and airforceguy -- thank you both so much for the input!

Time to test drive a few things :)

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1 thing I should mention----Ensure you test drive the trim level you desire. Why:

When we initially looked at the CRV---the sales guy showed us the bare bones model! And we were like--not for us! and we moved on

1 day out of boredom and being that I love Honda/Acuras--I went to another dealer and the sales guy showed me the EX-L (top of the line minus a few options) what a difference!! Called the wife, she came by, test drove it and was in love!!

if you are in a big city with a lot of dealers--emailing the online salesguy may be ur best bet!! I emailed close to 20 Honda dealers in the DC area---told them exactly what I wanted and I planned to buy in less than 2 weeks time. And I wanted their BEST out the door price. Yes some just emailed back and said they would match the best price I would get. But I got some good offers. I phoned the top 5, to let them know I was real, and went from there!!

I armed myself with what was a good price by finding Honda CRV forums---and one 1 forum,they had a section called "What did you pay for your crv" There were a few in the DC area,with the same trim level, so I had a good idea! Plus there is a site called truecar.com that supposedly gets their info from banks and insurance companies!

So armed with the above info, I got a real good deal on my 2011 CRV EX-L--good enough that 1 salesman called me a liar when I told him the price I paid.

It is the people that do NOT do any research on prices, that pay too much, and allow a store to sell cheaper to u! Best of luck on the vehicle you choose and take the time to do the research!!

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We have a CRV-EX-L with Nav coming on a truck this week, and I am so excited! The local dealer didn't have color/interior we wanted in stock (we're in a remote area, but you can check most dealers' inventory online), and instead of the dealer getting it elsewhere, we;re waiting a few (LONG!) days.

Good sources for prices are Kelley Blue Book or Costco. Our Costco price was 100 below Kelley. I'm not interested in a brow-beating battle over the last one or two hundred.

Can't wait!

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Ensure u check out http://www.hondasuv.com/ and http://www.crvownersclub.com/ Lots of info and info on what other paid for their CRV.

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