Look out Theres An SUV vacumn ....

bulldinkieMarch 15, 2006

It will get out of control suck up pets,jump on furniture,definitely kill everybody......Just thought Id warn you all.

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will it suck your wallet dry, and destroy the enviroment, like the real thing??? hahahahha

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Yes, they are most evil and can attack families in econobox cars without warning.
Driven always by evil conservative types.
And jelousy and class envy is of course not an issue here.

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Could have fooled me.All you people talk about is SUVs,....not sucking my wallet dry.ha ha ha
Concentrate on other things once like war,the world issues.crime,
Im enjoying mine immensly....
hummmmmmthe vehicle that hit my hubbys truck was a van,the vehicle that hit my daughternlaw and left her lay was a Vw jetta,Most accidents I see arent SUVS..I dont have any problems you all say you have when I go away...Could it be YOU...........

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well you know i work 12 hr nite shifts and theres only certain websites we can get on the company p/c. you cant discuss politics or religion on this site, and the 1 or 2 answers about what oil to use in my 78 doodlebug gt. get boring.on the other hand the 70 to 80 answers on the evils of suvs, very entertaining! too bad we dont have a boating forum, man would i like to get the sailors wound up! i have a 26 ft formula, with twin v8s, sucks gas and serves no purpose, a hummer of the water! sail boaters dont shower. hahahahhahaha

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Ever notice the SUV debates get going when the gas prices go up?Good cheap intertainment I say.It got going again a few weeks ago when gas went up to $2.45 here locally.Today it went to $2.56 here locally.Should be very intertaining when the prices really jump during the summer travel season.

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i dont think you gonna see it much above 2.75 this summer, mabe a couple of spikes at 3.00, barring any major problems. i think most people have gotten used to the idea of 2.50 to 3.00 a gal.

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Barring any major problems?Whats the problems now?Except greed because they know they can get it.$2.75 is ridiculous so is $2.56 like it is now.So was $2.29 like it was most of the winter.Maybe im just cheap but Im glad I got rid of the gas gussler old truck last summer.My gas costs have went way down even with the high prices.But if it was $1.50 like it should be I would be happier.They go from one extrem to another.Winter heating fuel cost sky rocket.Now thats over so there back to there summer traveling SCAM!!!!!!!!!!But thats OK I have the right to complain.I do not drive a large barge anymore.

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ok j.d. you caught us, its a scam. all of us here are sitting around the office smoking rolled up hundred dollar bills, and picking out a new rolls, while laughing at you consumers.

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I can believe it LOL

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