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Pooh BearMarch 28, 2007

Just curious here,

I remember seeing an advertisement somewhere for some type of

battery restorer. It was supposed to clean out the sulfates

that had settled in the bottom of the battery and restore the

battery to good operating condition.

Anyone know the stuff I'm talking about.

Does it work? (asked skeptically).

Another question (stupid redneck question here)

Could I take an old battery and drill holes at the bottom

in each cell and flush all the sulfates and old electrolyte

out of the battery, then reseal the battery and fill it with

fresh electrolyte fluid and restore it to working condition.

Like I said, stupid redneck question.

Just curious. Thanks for any info.

Pooh Bear

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I've heard about the restorer crap. yes garbage. it's a scam. it does work to a point but the battery has to be in
pretty fair shape to begin with. As for drilling out the
bottom of the battery and refilling it. the only nice way i can put it is " are you nuts ?" when there are pounds
of crap at the bottom of the battery that is your insulating material seperating the cells. If the battery
ever comes back to life the specific gravity of the electolite will be so high you will have pure acid. if and
when the cells short out you have the makings of a pretty
good little hydrogen bomb. Bottom line. the new acid will
eat what is left of the battery's insides. don't do it.

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The plates get "sulphated" ie coated with lead sulphate. This inhibits and ultimately stops the charging process.

Try google with "desulphation devices" and also "sulphated battery plates".

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Pooh Bear

"are you nuts ?" Yes, certifiably.

There used to be a place over in Chattanooga that rebuilt batteries.

They cut the top (or bottom?) off and drained the case.
Cleaned out all the crud and stuff that settled to the bottom.
Not sure if they replaced the plates or not, probably did.
Then they resealed the battery and refilled it with acid.
They sold these batteries CHEAP. I never tried one.

Figured if they could clean one out and refill it,
then why couldn't I do it myself.

Don't worry, I'm too lazy to try it.
Just wondering if it could be done.

Thanks for answering.

Pooh Bear

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Yes poohbear. you have it right. They do cut the top off the old battery clean it out and install a NEW set of battery cells. this cuts down on the cost of the battery because they use the same case. i have used " rebuilt "
batteries with very good results. you are actually getting
a new battery in an old case. They do come with a warranty.
Well the ones i buy do. there is nothing wrong with them.
they work as advertized. some say the rebuilt ones are better than the new ones.

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Pooh Bear

I would think the case is the cheapest part of the battery.
I'll have to see if that place is still in business
and check it out (if I can remember the name of it).
I remember where it was at, just don't remember the name.

Not worth it to save a dime now if it
is gonna cost you a dollar later on.

Thanks for the answers.

Pooh Bear

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