Dumb gas line question

jellytoastFebruary 17, 2013

So I am installing a new gas range and trying to change the gas and electrical connections to fit this new model. We are on a slab, so the gas line runs down the wall behind the range. The specs call for the gas line to be no higher than 2 inches off the floor. There is a metal bracket that runs all along the back of the range and they want the gas line to go below this bracket. Problem is, the gas fitting alone is 2 inches high! Even if we cut the 2 x 4 plate that runs along the floor behind the drywall down to the ground and ran the gas line so it sat directly on the floor, there is no room to actually turn the fitting to make it tight in the pipe. If we left room for that, we'd be above the 2 inches! So anyway, above this metal bracket there is a generous opening that the gas fitting would fit into just fine. Since this opening is much more accomodating, is there any reason we couldn't run the gas line out in that area? I just can't figure out why the specs are so specific to that one small area, when there is so much more room elsewhere. Any ideas?

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My guess is that they want the gas line under the range so the shut off is acessible.

I'd contact the mfgr and ask them why.

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We installed an elbow in the gas line so the fitting/shut-off would be paralell to the floor.
Here's a mid-construction shot.
The gas line is along the back wall.

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With gas, never a thing as a dumb question.

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Thank you, Whit461. :-)

Will TV ... even as low as your gas line is, it is still too tall to fit in the "required" space for my range.

I called the manufacturer today and explained the problem that the valve was too big to fit underneath the 2 inch space. The rep said that only the gas pipe should come out there, and that the shut off valve shouldn't be located behind the range. That's news to me, as every house I have ever lived in had the shut off valve behind the stove. Plus, my gasline was installed by a licensed plumber and passed inspection without issue. When I asked where the shut off was supposed to go if not behind the stove, he said it should go in an adjacent cabinet. My gas line runs down the wall directly behind the edge of my cabinet run, so that's not going to help me.

I'm thinking now to put the shut off valve in a recessed box behind the range and then feed the flex line into the larger recessed area behind the stove. Any reason that won't work?

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With the range top removed, is the gas line connection visible.

You might be able to install the gas valve where it enters the range. Another words, gas line comes up wall, 90 degree ell, gas valve, union to range.

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The gas line connect on the range is near the bottom, on the opposide side of where the gas line comes out now. We were going to use flex line to reach it. DH has nixed the idea of the recessed box.

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What size pipe are you using? I was able to install one that was within 2" from the floor. I went through the wall with an elbow, then had a short nipple with a second elbow to go parallel to the wall. Try going to a home store and find the lowest profile valve.

Another option may be to put the valve in an adjacent canine I recall some posts that mention that approach.

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> put the valve in an adjacent canine

I think the SPCA would have something to say about that! :-)

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Our plumber built a recessed box out of sheet metal directly behind the range and put the shutoff valve in there. Then ran flex tube to the range. If I'm not mistaken you are going to need flex pipe no matter what you do, otherwise how would you both install or be able to access behind the range without flex pipe? I don't have a pic of what our plumber did, but it is similar to this:

He wanted to put the shut-off in the adjacent cabinet but I didn't want it taking up space. As a compromise, he agreed to put a second shutoff upstream in our utility room which is more accessible than having to slide out the entire stove.

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dont' quote me, but there are some newer codes that talk about 'accessability' of the valve such that putting it into an adjacent cabinet makes the most sense.

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It is not feasible to put the shut off valve in an adjacent cabinet. The gas line runs down the wall directly behind the end run of a DRAWER cabinet, then corners to come out behind the range. The exisiting line that comes out behind the range was installed by a licenced plumber and was inspected and passed by the city. It is up to code having the shut off valve behind the range, as sliding out the range to access the shut off valve is considered "accessible." Regardless, the shut off valve to the main gas supply to my house is directly outside the kitchen door, just a few steps away from the range, so shutting it off outside in an emergency is easy enough. Takkone, that recessessed box set up is what I was pushing for, but the idea was nixed by my DH who decided it was overkill for our situtation. There is a large recessed panel in the back of the range, and we have decided to raise the shut off valve a few inches to where it will slide into that area when the stove is pushed in.

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