12 Volt Wet Dry Vac

eric_92037March 24, 2008

I have a Roadpro RPSC-807 wet dry vac that plugs into your cigarette lighter. The only thing separating the motor from the water in the canister is a filter similar to material in a nylon stocking. IÂm afraid water can reach the soldered connections and motor windings (visible) and short everything out. Should I be concerned about vacuuming water with this thing or are some 12 volt appliances not affected by water? I emailed the manufacturer but they never responded.

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Your fears may be groundless.

Sorry. Just couldn't pass that one up. :-)

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If you're using it as intended, there shouldn't be a problem.

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12 VDC is low voltage, I'd guess too low to cause mush current , i.e., a short circuit, to occur due to water on the electrical terminals.

Doesn't sound like the best "Industrial Strength" design, but should work ok.

Now, a 115 VAC wet dry vac is another story, that should be protected from water.

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