2007 bmw x5 vs. lexus gx 470

eamon2March 8, 2007

We're considering either a 2007 BMW X5 or a Lexus GX470 as our next vehicle to replace our Lexus LX470 when the lease is out. Although I love this car and would purchase it in a minute (only 29,000 miles and in great condition) we have to lease for business reasons. But this time we'll probably purchase it when the lease is up.

Does anyone have any opinions that might help us decide? We live near Philly and have a get away spot in the mountains and frequently transport 2 large, hairy dogs. The Lexus is a known commodity to us -reliable, roomy and very similar to what we now drive, but it's going to be redesigned in another year.

The BMW might be more fun to drive but since BMW is touting it as "all new, second generation" there aren't any reviews. And I don't know anything about run flat tires. The salesman told us they can't be repaired but must be replaced if they get a nail and go flat. So if you have some miles on the vehicle and have to replace one, don't you then have to replace at least 2? That could get expensive.

I'd appreciate any opinions from forum members.


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That's weird - I had caps in the subject heading but when I posted somehow the BMW changed to bmw. Odd. And when I previewed this post the same thing happened. What's the trick?

And I should have been more clear - we can't purchase our current LX 470 - but we will probably purchase which ever car we replace it with - in 3 years when the lease is up.

Thanks again

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If you're going to purchase and drive out of warranty be advised Beemers are typically outrageously expensive to repair, things like replacing a battery has been known to cost $1000. in some of their sedans.
Lexus/Toyota is synonymous with quality and being able to drive them forever with no serious repairs usually. I wouldn't be swayed by promises of better performance or what have you then again reliability and quality is of more importance to me.

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Thanks for your comment. I hadn't considered out of warranty repairs. The company I work for provides us with a new car every three years so I haven't had to deal with any out of pocket repairs for 9 years. And we have only leased Toyota/Lexus vehicles - a 4 Runner, a Sequoia and this Lexus.

Your comment reminds me of my Chevy Suburban days in the 1980's when it seemed like all I ever did was pay money to the Chevy dealership. But I'll be retiring in 2 years and providing my new car isn't a lemon we will either assume the lease payments or opt for an outright purchase at that time of whatever car I get next month.

Thanks again for the opinion.

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things like replacing a battery has been known to cost $1000. in some of their sedans.

Cite? I won't argue that fixing a BMW can be expensive. But a grand to replace a battery? That strains the imagination. I'd be really interested to see a link that has the whole story on that one. If there is a reference.

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