Warning:Quaker State Oil Filters

andyfMarch 25, 2006

Better check your filters really close. I used to simply blow the insides out just incase I get a piece of paper or something else inside. Apparently the auto MFGs may have a valid point when they say you shouldn't use products from other sources.

Went out to buy an oil filter for my new ranger and found the 10$ price tag for a Motocraft filter a bit steep. I looked at a Quaker State filter and just happened to run my finger in the thread hole. My finger was coated with a grey film that I recognized as oil and particles of steel about the size of 600 grit paper. I put that one back and started to open all the filter boxes of my type motor. They were all the same except one was worse and had 2 grains of larger size particles clearly visible.

Can't imagine what this stuff would do to close tolerance crankshaft journals made of bronze. It would be just like sandpaper on them. In fact the bronze would absorb the particles and act has a holder for the them. It is scary to think that this stuff is on the "Inflow" part of the filter. If you think they allow this much care for the part of the filter we can see, what else do they botch up and we don't know about.

I bought the Motocraft filter just the same and the thread portion was just as clean as a whistle. Can't remember how many times I used Quaker State on my other trucks.

This problem is clearly a lack of cleanliness on their part and shows the lack of quality control and sincerity when they state they produce a reliable product. Can't get into their site to let em know, guess their server is down.


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Here's some info on the subject.

Here is a link that might be useful: oil filters

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Thanks guys. That is REALLY news you can use. I've also heard bad comments about Quaker State oil over the years.

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Our customer that know us, don't question my oil change and lubrication pricing. We use the top of the line filters and oils exclusively, which means for some vehicles we use nothing but the O.E. filter. Our lowest priced service is close to $30 and some cars go over $60. We sell a Quality service, and have no concerns after the fact, ever.

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that page quotes that wix filters are a dana product, not true anymore, afinia is the new parent. we service their PC items, and it is a real P.I.T.A. to work for them now...

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Hum, I've used Fram after-market oil filters for years. I don't know how long they've been in business, but I've been changing my own oil for about 50 years. Never seen anything like mentioned on the opening of this thread. I did have a Sears filter with a bad weld which caused the filter to leak, leak a lot meainging I saw it on checking on the start-up after the change. I have run some engines for 200,000 miles on Fram, or similar filters and have had no problems. I have used Castrol oil most of the time for the past 35 years. I think it is one of the better oils. I don't have any proof other than the results I've already mentioned.

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hey guys, i have been using quaker state filters for 6 years in my 2004 chevy truck, and now i see this about some gritt, in the NEW fillter? thanks for the warning, and i have 10 of those babies left, i will check them REAL carefull. i change oil n filter @ 3k sharp. now i am worried.

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You do know this post is 9 years old?

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