1979 Dodge B300 Van 360 for $1000

mister_hMarch 28, 2007

It's got 140K miles on orig engine/trans. Lots of new parts like alternator, catalytic converter, etc. Is that a OK price? This would be my first full size van and first vehicle ever made in 70's. What's the reputation of the Dodge V8 360 engine and trans in this era? I test drove for a few miles and it ran good. No leak, no smoking, no crack on dash board or seat, no major dent on body, just one clean cargo van w/o any side windows. I'm just going to drive it maybe once or twice a month to haul stuff. The seller is a coworker at work and he swears that it's good running van. I'm not too familiar with buying/selling used cars... What do you think? Should I spend little more and get one with a EFI engine? I don't know how reliable the carbureted engine is...

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The 360 engine & (torque-flite?) trans make up a tough drivetrain. The van IS approaching 30 years old, so there could be things that pop up & require repair. I would say that if it runs good, looks decent, and can pass inspection, its a STEAL.


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I think the price is a bit high for a vehicle that old and 140,000 miles. I would offer him $500.

As far as the 360 engine, it is a good engine but not the best on gas. If it has the 3 speed automatic transmission you should be ok. Avoid the ones with overdrive.

I have a 1989 full size dodge van V8 360 with 113K and use as hauler and campervan. So far it has been reliable. I paid $900

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