Problems with Bosch double ovens?

repacFebruary 4, 2012

My sister-in-law has a Bosch double oven (one convection/one thermal). After less than 2 years, both ovens have failed--one requires a seal repair, on the other the latch has failed. Neither oven can function until these issues have been repaired. This seems quite soon to have such problems with supposedly high quality ovens. Have others had any problems with these ovens?

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I have a Bosch double oven - one convection and one regular. I hate it. Mine is about 7 years old but has never functioned right. It takes forever to heat up. Even at 400 degrees, it seems to take forever for anything to cook. The heat is completely uneven - things burn toward the front. The broiler doesn't seem to broil at all. I usually end up using my toaster oven instead. I had repair people out several times and they just insist there's nothing wrong with it, so I've given up. It was a huge mistake to buy this oven.

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I love my Bosch double ovens, 800 series, both convections. Mine has a fast preheat feature that really brings the time down to maybe 6-7 minutes to 350 from a cold start. Even results, large cavities, just about figured out all the doodads.

After it is shut off, it vents heat out of the lower front-righrt into the kitchen

So far, works very well.

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No problems yet. We have had ours for a year, one convection the other regular.

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