License Plate Photo Shield

iggieMarch 13, 2006

Recently I saw an ad for a license plate cover that will shield the numbers from overhead cameras being used in many places. I can,t remember where I read about this cover, can anyone help me?

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Why would you want to do that?

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Just be careful. Many states will ticket you if the cop following you notices these covers. Your plate must be clear and readable.
Besides, if you're a good driver why do you need this cover in the first place? Unless of course, you're NOT a good driver, in which case please stay away from me.

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Get the plate wet and throw mud on it. Change the pattern occasionally. Works like a charm.

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ya better cover more than the plate with mud, or look forward to getting pulled over!

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The Protector
Spray on Mud
Paint the whole car with invisable ink from the magic store, nobody even knows you're there.

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A clean car is the sign of a sick mind.

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A dirty car is a sign of a lazy ba&tard

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or an over worked driver.

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Old friend paints his car with aerosol cans of gray primer, touches it up whenever, washes bad stuff off with comet and no-scratch scotch brite pot cleaner things. Other than no shine, it always looks good.

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Just a comment on the safe driver comment. My DH got a photo radar ticket for being too safe. We were driving down one of the main streets of our town one night about 11pm during an ice storm. He was driving 18mph. The light turned yellow as we approached it on a 6 lane road. His choice was to try to stop and possibly slide everywhere or to keep going. He kept going but because his speed was so slow he did not make it across all 6 lanes before the light changed to red and the camera took our picture. Had he been going the speed limit on the road (45mph) he could have made it through the yellow light in time, but because he was driving a safe speed for the conditions he was ticketed. Also, our local police department has since increased the length of time that particular light remains yellow because there was only enough time for people driving 40mph or faster to get through the intersection once the light turned yellow and it was causing too many accidents from people slamming on their brakes. Since increasing the length of time on the yellow light accidents have decreased at that intersection dramatically. So anyway, my husband's safe driving on icy roads caused him to get a photo radar ticket. He could have gone to court and fought it, but the ticket was only $80 and he would have had to take a day off from work to fight it which wasn't worth it.

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Two choses, remove the plate and store in your garage, or two....obey the traffic laws! Geez.

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