California Beemer-Need Advice

andrea_san_diegoMarch 14, 2008

My daughter's old BMW doesn't run and will be too expensive to fix. A friend wants to buy it, rip out the engine and restore the car. According to the California DMV the car must be smogged before it can be sold but, it's a catch 22 because in order for it to pass the smog test it must be repaired. There must be some exemption from the smog test if the car doesn't run.



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You do have a Catch 22. Can you junk the car (remove it from service and de-license it), then sell the parts? Say, sell the engine and transmsision as a unit for one sale, and the remains as a separate sale? The buyer then has the responsibility for passing the smog test on whatever he builds when it comes to licensing for road use.

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I'd email DMV or go to one. They could tell you and would give you the proper form(s). You might be able to register it as Non-Op, sell it as Non-Op which would put the new owner on the hook for it. I went to and typed "buy" into search and got this among other things:

Salvage, Junked, Nonrepairable, and Abandoned Vehicles
... Salvage, Junked, Nonrepairable, and Abandoned Vehicles. Nonrepairable Vehicles; Branded Titles-Look Before You Buy; Consumer's Guide To Purchasing A Used Vehicle ... - 20k - Cached

which produced this; again among other things:

How To Re-register a Junked Vehicle
How To Re-register a Salvaged Vehicle
How to Obtain a Salvage Certificate
Lemon Law Buyback Vehicle

Should be easily do-able.

You are welcome in advance :-)

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It's funny. I had a 1600 BIMMER a long time ago. Any true BMW owner cringes at the word BEEMER. That's so Yuppie. When I owned it, the car was a BIMMER and the bike was the BEEMER. But in the early 80s along came the 318i and the Yuppies all had to have one and they bastardized the monicker.
BMW wasn't the only monicker ruined. Mercedes became "Mercy B" when all the wannabes bought the "Baby Benz".

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