Cleaning plastic headlite

hailefinnMarch 1, 2008

The plastic headlite covers on my daughter's car and my husband's Ford truck have a film on the outside. What is the best to clean them with? This film causes the lights not to be as bright.

I am new to this forum. Thanks for any advice you may have.

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It's not a film. UV rays and/or ozone have dried out and perhaps damaged the plastic. There are plastic polishes available at auto parts stores marketed by the same companies that sell car wax...turtle wax, Maguires, etc. I purchased bottles of 'novus plastic polish, no's 1,2, and 3' a few years ago to see what it would do. Works ok but requires some elbow grease if the plastic is in bad shape. Works easy on plastic that's not in bad shape. Should do my daughter's headlights myself one of these days. Been hoping she'd save her money and buy a new car before I fool with it because it needs so much more than that.

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Gary--thanks for the info---I'll check with a local auto store.

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The three part stuff works. It does take a lot of effort. Dont rush it. The first two steps, the sanding and buffing will take an hour or two!

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